Monday, August 20, 2007

Raw Preview 08.20.07

Tonight's Raw comes with Summerslam arriving in about 6 days. We should expect more developments as the superstars look towards their big matches at the upcoming Pay Per View.

This past Saturday, John Cena defeated Carlito on Saturday Night's Main Event, making him tap out to the "STFU". Randy Orton decided to interrupt the victory celebration and attacked Cena, tossing him from the ring and then RKO-ing him face first through a steel chair. How will the champ respond on tonight's show?

On last week's Raw we also saw King Booker give Jerry Lawler a royal beatdown. Lawler had refused to crown King Booker last week, and instead told him of a Summerslam match that GM William Regal had set up. Lawler informed Booker that he would face the "King of Kings", Triple H at the Pay Per View. An enraged Booker beat up Lawler and now questions why he has to face the Game at Summerslam. What will Booker do tonight? Will we see any comment/response from Jerry Lawler or HHH?

Last but not least, Mr. McMahon and Johnathan Coachman continue to investigate which WWE superstar is Vince's illegitimate child. Stone Cold Steve Austin appeared on Saturday Night's Main Event to inform Coach and Vince he is not Vince's kin. Austin then proceeded to deliver a stone cold stunner to both men. Will Austin be back on Raw tonight? Will we see the question of who Vince's son is answered tonight?

Tonight's Raw airs at 9PM EST on USA.

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