Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Reaction to Latest Raw

Following last week's big Anniversary show, which was easily one of the best Raws in some time, we had a bit of a let down show this Monday night. Vince McMahon staying seated in the ring corner for a good 20 minutes definitely was a time killer. While Triple H continues to lend comic relief to the show, it seems now he is being put into a role of helping other wrestlers look good by their wins over him. Example 1 is Randy Orton who beat HHH in that Last Man Standing match for the title. Example 2 is Jeff Hardy, as he's now headed to a title shot at the Royal Rumble. Example 3 is Ric Flair, who's in the win or retire phase of his career. His next opponent is Hunter, on New Year's Eve. Do we expect Flair to lose this match? Most likely not. I doubt Triple H will just lay down for a pinfall, so it should be an interesting contest. It had seemed like Triple H was going to be in the title match at Wrestlemania but recently his stock has seemed to be sliding.

Raw also featured a lot of tag matches this past Monday night, which was different. It most likely was to let all the superstars get involved in the show somehow prior to next weeks Tribute to the Troops special. It seemed like filler though, as tag matches can tend to follow similar formats of the one partner taking a beating until he can finally tag out. We also had a new team formed of Carlito and Santino. It sets things up for them to get into a feud down the road. The WWE writers seem to be using this story lot in mixed tag teams lately, as two guys partner up but aren't best of friends. We see that with Miz and Morrison, MVP and Matt Hardy and now Santino and Carlito.

JBL and Jericho had a lengthy segment on the Titantron to build up their feud. It makes you wonder if JBL will start as a commentator on Raw, or just come out to the ring to talk trash ducking Y2J, or if he will be involved in matches. That also makes you wonder what is going on with the Smackdown show. They seem to be losing talent or sending it to other shows. Chris Masters we all know was fired due to the drug policy. Ric Flair had been on the roster, then left for several months and now is on Raw. Matt Hardy's sidelined with an injury to recover from. So we have Edge back along with Taker, Batista and then Rey, MVP. It seems as if the WWE feels this talent will be enough to carry the show along with the recent "talent exchange" with ECW.

I'll be extremely surprised if Jeff Hardy wins the WWE belt from Orton at the Rumble. It's looking as if WWE wants to give Orton as many opponents as they can until Wrestlemania or John Cena returns. In all fairness to Jeff Hardy his stock has been on the rise and he should put on a great show again at next Pay Per View.

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