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Raw Recap 12.17.07

Raw recap from Buffalo, NY:

Raw kicked off showing highlights of last week's anniversary celebration with the selection of Raw's all-time greatest star. Vince McMahon announced himself as the winner, but was soon decimated in the ring. Mankind arrived first to deliver a mandible claw with Mr. Socko. Next, Undertaker came down to chokeslam Vince. And finally, Stone Cold Steve Austin arrived to have a beer with the chairman before stunning him. Stone Cold then announced that the greatest Raw superstar is really the WWE fans.

Jim Ross announced a main event tag match tonight of Shawn Michaels and Jeff Hardy vs. Mr. Kennedy and Randy Orton. Ric Flair will also face Umaga in what may be Flair's final match. A quartet of divas dressed as Santa's little helpers arrived to the ring for the opening match.

Maria, Mickie James, Kelly Kelly & Michelle McCCool vs. Jillian Hall, Layla, Melina and Victoria
8 Diva Santa's Little Helper Tag

Jillian began to sing a selection from her iTunes Christmas album as fans covered their ears.

Jilliian and Maria started off with Maria landing an impressive split and clothesline. In came kelly to continue the attack, but Jillian was able to counter and tag in Layla. The two divas then clotheslined Kelly down. Kelly escaped a move as Layla charged at her in the corner. Kelly then brought Layla over and Michelle came in to chest chop at her. Layla quickly tagged out to Melina.

Michelle continued the beatdown as she pounced on Melina. Melina soon recovered off the ropes knocking Michelle down. She then hung Michelle upside down in the corner and tagged in Victoria. Victoria tried for a moonsault off the ropes, with Michelle moving away. Michelled kicked Vicotira and was able to tag in Mickie. Mickie pounced on Victoria off the corner ropes. Mickie then ran over and knocked several opponents off the apron. After a neckbraker she failed at a pin on Victoria. Mickie followed with a suplex and then scored the pin.

After the win all 8 divas got involved in the ring, with Maria, Mickie, Kelly and Michelle whipping their opponents from opposite corners into each other. As the divas celebrated, a somber Vince McMahon walked down the ramp and entered the ring. Vince ordered the divas to leave immediately.

Winners: Mickie James, Maria, Kelly Kelly & Michelle McCool.

Vince McMahon discussed his humiliation on last week's 15 Year Raw Anniversary. Vince said every Raw superstar, fan and personality was celebrating while he was down. Vince said he didn't understand why everyone enjoyed this and discussed how this hurt him alot. As Vince stood in the ring, all of a sudden, Jeff Hardy arrived to the ramp and then came down to the ring.

Jeff discussed how WWE is heading to Iraq next week and made an analogy between Sadam Hussein and Vince McMahon as evil rulers who were hated. Jeff said Vince doesn't give the wrestlers or fans a choice and that's why nobody gives a damn about him. An upset Vince went over and sat in the corner of the ring looking near tears as Raw went to commercial break.

Raw returned with Vince still sitting in the corner of the ring. William Regal was at ringside urging Vince to leave the ring. Just then, Triple H's music came on, and The Game headed down to the ring. HHH tried to talk to Vince but Vince wouldn't respond, so HHH sat next to him. HHH apologized to Vince for ruining things last week. Triple H told Vince to leave the ring before the show is canceled. William Regal told HHH to give Vince some compassion and leave the ring.

HHH stood up and got into Regal's face. Regal said he would have security remove HHH if he didn't leave. Vince finally got to his feet using the ropes to pull himself up. Vince then snatched the mic from HHH's hand and asked Regal to go get Coach. Vince said Regal and Coach can go against Triple H, 2 on 1. Vince then said he hopes something bad happens tonight to all of the fans.

Coach & William Regal vs. Triple H
Handicap Match

Regal and Coach came to the match still in suits with Triple H also in street clothes. Coach and Regal both approached HHH as the bell rang. Triple H promptly punched Coach down then started to attack Regal. HHH delivered a knee to Regal off the ropes, and Regal rolled to the outside. HHH went out and slammed Regal face first into the commentator table. Coach came out and hit HHH from behind, and Regal eventually took control.

Regal tossed back into the ring and beat him up, then told Coach to enter the ring. Coach failed at an early pin, and Regal came in to hammer away at HHH in the corner. Regal whipped HHH to the corner then charged at him, with HHH delivering a boot to his face. HHH then started punching back and forth on his opponents. HHH hit a facebuster on Regal who rolled outside the ring again. HHH focused on Coach, but outside the ring Regal grabbed some brass knuckles. Regal went into go after HHH but he slammed him right down. HHH had both his opponents down and Regal left the ring again. Coach grabbed the brass knuckles off the mat, but HHH saw it and stood in front if him. Coach handed the brass knuckles to HHH and stood up. HHH smacked Coach on the head with them then delivered a Pedigree for a pin.

Winner: Triple H wins via pinfall over Coach and William Regal.

Highlight slideshow shown from last night's Armageddon WWE title match. Chris Jericho was thrown onto the commentator table and hit into JBL. Jericho was able to eventually gain the upperhand and put a submission hold on Orton in the ring. As it looked liked Jericho had the match, JBL entered the match and delivered a kick to Y2J's face, costing him the win. Jim Ross announced that Jericho has sent an open invite to JBL to appear on Raw so he can confront him.

WWE Rewind showed last night's tag title victory by Cody Rhodes and Hardcore Holly. Holly scored the pinfall after an Alabama Slam. Dusty Rhodes was at ringside and came in to celebrate with his son and Holly.

Cade & Murdoch vs. Rhodes & Holly
World Tag Title match

Cade attacked Rhodes quick to start things off Murdoch tagged in and continued the onslaught on Rhodes, but Rhodes flipped over his back then tagged Holly. Holly delivered a solid clothesline to Murdoch then chest chopes on the ropes. Holly went for the Alabama Slammer early, but Cade came in to grab his partner's legs and pull him down. With both men in they were able to knock Holly down with a boot to the face.

Cade and Murdoch tagged in and out to beat up Holly. Holly was able to land a dropkick when Murdoch ran off the ropes, and Rhodes and Cade tagged back in to fight. Rhodes impressively hit a bulldog on Cade but Murdoch broke up the pin. Holly came in and he and Murdoch went to the outside fighting. With Rhodes and Cade alone in the ring, Rhodes hit a DDT on Cade and picked up the pinfall victory.

Winners: Rhodes & Holly win via pinfall over Cade & Murdoch to retain the World Tag Team titles.

Advertisement show for the Raw 15th Anniversary DVD and the Raw Greatest Hits CD. Best of Raw CD includes 15 tracks such as The Rock, Rey Mysterio and Batista's theme songs. The DVD features 3 discs and tons of footage of matches and exclusives.

Flair came to the top of the ramp with a mic and told the fans he will never retire even though Mr. McMahon has put down the ultimatum to win or retire. Flair payed tribute to other legends such as Arn Anderson, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Batista and Undertaker who he wrestled with. Flair said he respects all the guys backstage as the future of WWE. Ric said later tonight he has a tough match and it could be his last one. Flair then promised the fans he will give his best fight whenever he's in the ring and thanked them for all their support.

Ric Flair vs. Umaga

Umaga shoved Flair to the ropes early, but Flair recovered and gave a "Woo!". Umaga attacked Flair quickly afterwards. Umaga knocked Ric to the mat then stomped on him and hammered down on him with a fist. Umaga delivered several standing headbutts then a kick to the back of Flair's head. Umaga landed a huge splash on Flair, but Flair escaped the pin attempt. Umaga began to apply the vice grip to Flair's shoulder. Flair got up and Umaga clotheslined him down off the ropes.

Flair finally rolled away when Umaga tried to jump on him with a knee. Flair came off the ropes and Umaga grabbed him to slam him back. Flair grabbed the bottom rope to break the pin. Umaga did a short suplex and another pin attempt. Flair continued to survive, and Umaga continued the onslaught. Umaga applied the grip to Flair's shoulder again, but Flair got up. Umaga punched him down in the corner. Umaga missed on a headbutt off the corner ropes, with Flair rolling away. The ref counted both men down, but they got to their feet. Flair started chest chopping Umaga, then went for the back of Umaga's leg. Flair knocked Umaga down and went for a Figure 4, but Umaga kicked him away.

Umaga kicked Flair out of the ring then went out and tossed him to the ringpost. With Flair seated against the crowd barrier, Umaga got enraged and went to charge at him for a hip splash. Flair moved away again and Umaga crashed through the barrier. With Umaga laying out in the crowd on the floor, Flair was able to roll into the ring to beat a 10 count. Flair picked up the mic to say one last thing "Woo!"

Winner: Ric Flair wins due to countout of Umaga.

Chris Jericho with a bruise near his eye was shown backstage on his way out to the ring.

Raw returned with Ross and Jerry Lawler discussing how Flair survived the last match in just 1 second,

Y2J came down to the ring and told the crowd last night he beat Randy Orton. Jericho said he won by DQ though and that's not good enough to become WWE champ. Jericho had footage shown of JBL's interference in the match. Jericho said JBL wasn't man enough to show up tonight so he'll have to head to Rochester for Smackdown. Just then JBL appeared on the Titantron. JBL said Jericho's wasting his time now and then said Jericho messed with fire by bumping into him. Jericho then told JBL that a lot of people near ringside get knocked into week after week.

JBL angrily told Jericho he's not in the same category with the other people, JBl talked to Jericho about having respect for him. Jericho told JBL he'll be at Smackdown to confront him. JBL told him to reconsider that because he made a deal with Mr. McMahon. JBL said if Jericho comes to Smackdown he won't appear at Royal Rumble. JBL told Jericho the agreement is if Jericho messes with JBL again he will never be champion again. Jericho began to call out JBL as soft since he went to Wall Street. Jericho told JBL he's a wrestling after-thought not a wrestling God anymore. JBL then yelled at Jericho and told him he's coming to Raw to show him he is a "wrestling God".

Brian Kendrick & Paul London vs. Santino Marella & Carlito

Kendrick went at Marella early on with kicks to the face. London came in quick to assist. After a dropkick by London on Santino, Marella quickly tagged in his partner. Carlito came in and tossed London to the corner for a beatdown. London gained control and whipped Carlito to the corner. London ran at him then flipped him up with his feet. Kendrick tagged in to fly off the ropes onto Carlito. Santino got involved and London chased him outside the ring. Santino hid behind Maria, and Carlito took advantage with a backstabber on Kendrick.

After the match, Santino took the mic and announced how great it was for an Italian and Colombian to be a tag team now. Marella said he has the love of his girl maria, and Carlito loves to swap spit with men who aren't cool. Santino celebrated with Carlito looking confused.

Winner: Santino Marella & Carlito win via pinfall over Kendrick & London.

Backstage Todd Grisham spoke to Randy Orton. Orton said he beat Jericho last night from post to post and spared the fans. Orton said he's beaten a lot of superstars in his path and plans to beat Jeff Hardy too. Orton said he kills dreams and Jeff Hardy has never faced someone like him before. Orton said later tonight in the tag match, Jeff will find out.

Flair shown talking to a WWE staff in a locker room. Triple H came in to shake his hand. As they talked, Vince McMahon entered and put his hand on Flair's back. Vince said on New Year's eve in 2 weeks it will be Flair versus Triple H, with Flair's career on the line. Vine wished Flair a Happy New Year.

Jeff Hardy & Shawn Michaels vs. Mr. Kennedy & Randy Orton

The main event involved the continuation of last night's Kennedy vs. Michaels feud, and the IC champ vs WWE champ. JR noted that Mr. Kennedy injured his left hand in last night's match and it was shown taped up. Orton started off with an early shoulder block into Hardy, but Jeff followed with armbar takedowns. Orton tagged in Kennedy to face Hardy.

Kennedy began to hit Hardy in the corner but Jeff quickly countered. Jeff delivered several dropkicks and tossed Kennedy face first to the corner. Kennedy tried to whip Jeff to the ropes, but Hardy flew off them and splashed him. Orton came in, but HBK did as well and he and HBK spilled out of the ring. Hardy knocked Orton outside as well. Hardy was left in the ring as Raw hit a commercial break with Michaels, Orton and Kennedy down outside the ring.

Raw returned with everyone back to the ring. Kennedy slammed Michaels down in center of the ring, but HBK escaped to tag Hardy in. Kennedy whipped Hardy to the corner and Hardy went for a Whisper in the Wind. Kennedy moved then gained control over Jeff to bring in Orton. Orton started to punch away on Jeff in the corner, then center of the ring. After beating up Jeff, Orton tagged in Kennedy. Kennedy shoved Jeff around a bit to the ropes but Jeff rolled over to tag HBK back in. Michaels went wild in the ring with both he and Orton knocking each other to the mat. HBK flipped back up to his feet but Kennedy knocked him down with a serious clothesline. Kenned with blood on his forehead went for the pin but failed.

Orton came back in and the two men worked on HBK. Orton whipped Michaels to the corner of the ring and HBK fell over onto the apron. Orton continued beating up Michaels, then tagged in Kennedy again. Kennedy went to work on Michaels in the corner punching and kicking at him. Kennedy ran at HBK then delivered a solid knee to the face. HBK escaped a pin thanks to Jeff Hardy. Michaels back on his feet went for a Superkick but Kennedy countered. Kennedy picked up HBK on his shoulders, but HBK slid off then delivered a kick to the back of his head. HBK and Kennedy both crawled over to tag their partners in.

Jeff went at Orton flying at him off the ropes and knocking him to the mat. Jeff did a face first slam and had the pin, but Kennedy hit him to break it up. Michaels came over and went over the top rope with Kennedy. Orton and Hardy fought in the center of the ring with Orton trying for an RKO. Hardy countered off the ropes and hit Twist of Fate on Orton. Jeff finished with a Swanton Bomb off the ropes and took the pin. Hardy and Michaels celebrated the victory in the ring as Jim Ross said next week will be the Tribute to the Troops.

Winners: Jeff Hardy & Shawn Michaels win via pinfall over Orton and Kennedy.

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