Monday, February 25, 2008

Latest: Paul Heyman, Colin Delaney, WM24

Former WWE and ECW manager/GM, Paul Heyman is speaking out on the Chris Benoit tragedy. Heyman presents his thoughts in a new blog series which appears on the Sun UK's website called "Heyman Hustle". "I Have no Answers and I never will" comes as Heyman's first official blog entry and dissects his view on Benoit and wrestling. The National Ledger also has an article discussing Heyman's involvement and relationship with Benoit as well. It discusses how Heyman was head writer for Smackdown in 2002 and organized the show around Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero, both of whom he requested be put on the roster. Read the full Ledger article here.

According to wrestling rumor site TWNP-Wrestling News, ECW rookie Colin Delaney, has just recently signed a WWE contract. Delaney's been in matches for about 2 months or more now, being squashed by the likes of Big Daddy V, Mark Henry, Great Khali and recently Miz and Morrison. The idea for Delaney is he will be mentored by Tommy Dreamer, starting off as the weak, aspiring wrestler who needs guidance, then eventually become more of a competitor. (SOURCE)

Del Rio News Herald reports on the Wrestlemania 24 card. According to the site there will be an official Wrestlemania 24 press conference held at Staples Center where media gets to address the superstars and WWE about the event. Read more about WM24 at Del Rio News Herald.

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