Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Cena Sidelined for Unforgiven 08'

The Championship Scramble for the World Heavyweight title has been "scrambled" due to an unfortunate injury to one of the competitors. During Monday Night Raw, General Manager Mike Adamle delivered the news to fans that John Cena would require surgery due to a herniated disc. The injury was suffered during his match against Batista at Summerslam.

From WWE.com:

Three-time WWE Champion John Cena will be out of action indefinitely with a herniated disk in his neck. Requiring surgery, this injury is the result of several Batista Bombs delivered by The Animal at SummerSlam. According to WWE’s Dr. Chris Amann, who reviewed the MRI results with Cena, the injury sustained by the Chain Gang Commander was considerable with large disk herniation.

Adamle announced Cena's replacement for the Scramble as Rey Mysterio. Fans who've watched Raw in the past few weeks realize that Mysterio has been part of the mysterious story with Kane. Kane revealed he had Rey's mask inside a burlap sack he was carrying around. Kane claims he crushed Mysterio's spirit and soul somehow, prompting him to keep asking "Is he alive or is he dead?" It's be interesting to see how that plays into the title match.

Best wishes to John Cena as well, as he recovers from a devestating setback and surgery.

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