Monday, August 25, 2008

Raw Preview 08.25.08

Tonight's Raw comes a week after a Championship Scramble match was announced by Mike Adamle for Unforgiven. In the match, CM Punk will enter the ring as World Heavyweight Champ and face four competitors; John Cena, JBL, Kane and Batista. A 20 minute time limit will be set for the match, and whoever scores the last pinfall of the match, becomes champ! Tensions will be running high as each of competitors will look to gain the advantage heading into the event. Who will be standing tallest at the end of Raw? Will Cena and Batista continue to feud? What sorts of matches will the competitors be in to prepare for Unforgiven?

As for CM Punk, the current champ, he suffered a non-title loss to Chris Jericho last week. With Jericho having won, he may lay claim to be added to the Scramble match. At the same time, Jericho caused a serious incident when he accidentally knocked Michaels' wife Rebecca to the mat. This came after Shawn Michaels announced his decision to heed doctor's advice and walk away from wrestling. Jericho wanted Michaels to admit it was Y2J who caused HBK to make this decision. Now Michaels has a new decision to make: Follow his doctor's advice and stay out of WWE, or make a return in the honor of his family and career to face Chris Jericho?

Mike Adamle was also successful at confronting the Big Red Machine in the ring and had him reveal the contents of his mysterious burlap sack. Kane revealed a Rey Mysterio mask, and added he has crushed Mysterio's soul. Now the questions run as fans and other superstars wonder about Rey Mysterio's whereabouts and condition. Is Mysterio alive or dead as far as his WWE wrestling career? When will Mysterio next show up?

Special reminder that Raw will air on Sci-Fi Channel at 9 PM EST, and re-air on USA at 11 PM EST Monday night!

See official Raw preview!

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