Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Triple the Scramble, Triple the Fun?

On Tuesday night, WWE fans learned that they will be treated to (or punished) with 3 of the new Championship Scramble matches at Unforgiven. Each match will determine the respective title for that brand of WWE. In the latest announcement, Teddy Long said Mark Henry will defend against 4 competitors from ECW. After a series of qualifying matches, Matt Hardy, The Miz, Finlay and Chavo Guerrero all qualified for the PPV matchup. The Miz may be a surprise for this one, even though he's competed for the ECW title before. John Morrison and Tommy Dreamer both seem like more worthy contenders, as they were past ECW champs. In essence, we now have a triple main event for Unforgiven with 3 major titles contested.

Heading into the PPV, and with the announcement of this 3rd of the same matches, fans may become bored at the concept. Is it triple the excitement and action, or triple the boredom? Even though it's new, it may have been smarter for WWE to have 3 different types of matches for Unforgiven. However, it seems this sets up one of the 3 titles to change hands by the end of the night. Besides the fact the title can and probably will change hands during the matches, you'd have to believe the biggest winner of the event will probably be Matt Hardy.

The ECW title has more likelihood to change hands in a shorter period of time. Unfortunately it may become like the Hardcore championship, if every man in this match wins it at one time. It's also hard to see Triple H or CM Punk losing their belts just yet, especially Punk who needs to keep with momentum. It seems as if Randy Orton will eventually return to contend for 1 of the two titles, and since he's on Raw, that makes Punk his target. As for Triple H, it seems likely he and Undertaker will resume their age-old feud, this time on Smackdown. Possibly we get those matches later this year, maybe as early as Survivor Series, depending on Orton's injury status.

The WWE definitely is reeling after John Cena's recent injury which keeps him out indefinitely. However, this time around they have some familiar faces around to keep things alive with fans. Shawn Michaels, Rey Mysterio, Triple H, and The Undertaker are all injury-free, knock on wood, and can carry on the show.

And on a final ECW note, the show right now lacks divas, with the exception of Teddy Long's beautiful, blonde assistant, Tiffany. The WWE may be working on sending a diva in to feud with Tiffany and fans will probably be just fine with seeing her wrestle on Tuesday nights...

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