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ECW Recap 12.02.08

ECW recap from Washington, DC:

Todd Grisham and Matt Striker opened the show discussing tonight's main event, MVP vs. Matt Hardy. MVP will try to finally end his losing streak against longtime foe, Matt Hardy. Jack Swagger came out to open the show. Swagger got on the mic to brag he hasn't been pinned in college or the ECW, making him undefeated. Swagger said after defeating Dreamer last week, he'd invited ECW GM Teddy Long to come out and proclaim him the #1 Contender. Teddy Long came out with his assistant, Tiffany.

Teddy and Tiffany got into the ring with Swagger. Long said he didn't want to name Swagger the #1 Contender yet. Swagger asked who else could be the #1 Contender. Tiffany chimed in and said "what about Ricky Ortiz?" Ortiz came out from backstage down to the ring. Ortiz said he's undefeated just like Jack Swagger. Long said he was going to make a match right now between the two wrestlers to determine #1 Contender for the ECW title. Long called a ref down and the two men got ready to fight.

Ricky Ortiz vs. Jack Swagger

It was a battle of the unbeaten superstars in the first match of the night. Early on Swagger applied a locked in hold around Ortiz's back. Ortiz grabbed the ropes to break it, then punched Swagger down. Ortiz delivered two dropkicks, causing Swagger to roll out of the ring as ECW went to break.

ECW returned with Ortiz putting a side headlock on Swagger, but Swagger shoved him to the corner hard. Swagger continued to punish Ortiz, shoving him to the corner, then using another submission hold to focus on Ortiz' midsection. Ortiz countered with a hold of his own, but Swagger did a toss to throw Ortiz off. At one point, Ortiz connected with a flying shoulder into Swagger off the corner. Ortiz went for the Big O, but Swagger moved away and Ortiz belly flopped onto the mat. The fight went to the outside where Swagger took control again. Back in the ring, Swagger finished off Ortiz with a Powerbomb. Swagger is now the #1 Contender, and Ortiz has suffered his first loss.

Winner: Jack Swagger wins via pinfall over Ricky Ortiz.

Backstage, Teddy Long and Tiffany were watching the end of the match. Teddy said you've got to admit Swagger is impressive, but Tiffany seemed unimpressed. As she was about to respond about Ortiz, MVP came in and slapped hands with Teddy. MVP said he knows Teddy can appreciate his value and talents. Teddy continuously told Tiffany about all the incentives he originally signed off on for MVP on Smackdown and how easy they should have been to obtain. An upset MVP said he'll redeem himself tonight by defeating Teddy's superstar, ECW champ Matt Hardy.

Promotional ad was shown for the new DVD movie Behind Enemy Lines Colombia, starring WWE Superstar, Ken Kennedy. The DVD arrives on January 6th, 2009.

Finlay came to the ring along with Hornswoggle. Finlay got on the mic and called out Mark Henry for last week's altercation that ended their matchup. Finlay told Henry to come out and pick on him instead of Hornswoggle tonight. Mark Henry and Tony Atlas showed up on the ramp. Henry told Finlay that he didn't start this. Henry said during every match Finlay hit him with a shilaleigh, and cost him his chance at the ECW title. Henry said this is his life, and since Finlay messed with his, Henry will mess with his now. Henry said it won't be clear to him until he finds his son in a broken heap. Henry told Finlay he won't be able to watch him every second. Henry proposed they have a tag team match: Mark Henry & Tony Atlas vs. Finlay & Hornswoggle. Henry continued taunting Finlay, and Hornswoggle started acting as if he wanted to fight. Finlay agreed to the tag match, and Henry and Atlas laughed on the ramp.

D-Generation X WWE Shop promotional ad for the holidays was shown featuring the WWE Elimination Chamber toy, which holds over 85 superstars and is made of 40 pieces. Michaels went off on a tangent about how much work it is to put all the gifts together for the kids on Christmas eve.

ECW returned with DJ Gabriel and Alicia Fox doing a dance routine in the ring.

Josh Daniels vs. DJ Gabriel

Gabriel took Daniels down early on the mat, and started to wear him down. Alicia Keys cheered him on from ringside. Gabriel used a swing move yet again to throw Daniels onto the mat. Daniels got up and started trying to fight back, but Gabriel stopped him then used a double underhook suplex. Gabriel used a flying European uppercut off the turnbuckle to win it, before Alicia Fox got back in the ring to dance again.

Winner: DJ Gabriel wins via pinfall over Josh Daniels.

MVP vs. Matt Hardy

Striker and Grisham discussed the Matt Hardy & MVP rivalry as one of the top rivalries all year. Grisham reminded Striker that MVP hasn't won in 3 months, since August. Early in the match, Matt Hardy countered a move by MVP for a quick Side Effect. MVP escaped the pin and then the ring, but Matt followed him out and tossed him back into the ring. Matt went for a jump off the corner and hit a double chop onto the back of MVP's neck. Hardy stayed in control putting MVP in a headlock on the mat. MVP got up and backed Matt to the ropes then delivered a cheap shot to his gut. MVP tried to stay in control but Matt countered and almost hit a Twist of Fate. MVP escaped it and rolled out of the ring as ECW went to commercial.

In the ring, MVP delivered a huge running kick to Matt's head, causing Matt to fall outside the ring. MVP went outside and tossed Matt back in, then tried for a pin to no avail. MVP hit a neckbreaker, but again the pinfall failed. MVP continued to dominate and prevented Matt's attacks. MVP kept Matt down seated on the mat in a hold, but Hardy stood up to punch out. MVP tried to run off the ropes but Hardy threw a shoulder to knock him down. Hardy slammed MVP to the mat, then got on the corner to hit a legdrop on MVP.

MVP knocked Hardy down again, then tried a pin but Matt kicked out at 2 1/2. MVP measured Hardy in the corner for a huge running kick, but Hardy avoided it. Later still, MVP tried for the Playmaker. Matt Hardy countered and hit the Side Effect, then the Twist of Fate. MVP's losing streak continues.

Winner: Matt Hardy wins via pinfall over MVP.

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