Friday, November 28, 2008

Smackdown Preview 11.28.08

The biggest surprise of Survivor Series 2008 may have come from the Smackdown roster. In the WWE title match, it was originally supposed to be a Triple Threat featuring Vladimir Kozlov, Jeff Hardy and Triple H. However, Jeff Hardy was attacked prior to the event, leaving him out of the contest. As the title match went on between Kozlov and Triple H, Smackdown's General Manager Vickie Guerrero announced it would be a Triple Threat after all. Instead of Jeff Hardy, it was the Rated-R Superstar, Edge, who made his surprise return to the ring. Hardy showed up as well and tried to thwart Edge's attempts, but was speared down. Edge stole a pinfall on Triple H with Kozlov knocked down. Now Smackdown's most-hated villain is back in control as he holds the prized WWE title. Will Smackdown see a reunion of its power couple Guerrero & Edge? Will Triple H be able to invoke his rematch clause on Smackdown?

Jeff Hardy and Vladimir Kozlov may also have legitimate claims as #1 Contenders for the WWE title. Both men were screwed out of the title, with Kozlov being knocked out by a Hardy chair shot, and Hardy being considered ineligible to wrestle in the match. Kozlov has been on a roll heading up to the match and seemed ready to capture his first WWE gold. Hardy had just defeated The Game on Smackdown in a non-title match to earn his way into the Survivor Series event. With both men cheated out of the title, who will have the next shot at the title? Will Kozlov or Hardy go after Edge or each other?

Vickie's powerful ally, the Big Show, fought with the Undertaker at Survivor Series, to no avail. In a Casket Match, Show tried to escape the Deadman's wrath, but Undertaker's will to bury the feud was too strong. After his druids brought a new casket to the ring, Undertaker was able to punch the Big Show into the Casket, as it fell, the lid shut giving Taker the victory, and sealing Show's fate. Will Big Show be back to Smackdown Friday night following the loss? Or will Undertaker have his sights set on Vickie Guerrero and Edge once again?

Catch all the action of Smackdown Friday 11/28/08 at 8PM EST on MyNetworkTV!

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