Thursday, February 5, 2009

Legends of Wrestlemania & THQ Loss

Video game website has an early preview of WWE Legends of Wrestlemania video game for the PS3. The author discusses the types of matches you can play which can come from historical Wrestlemania bouts such as Wrestlemania III's classic, Andre the Giant vs. Hulk Hogan. In the article, the author gets to relive Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. The Rock from Wrestlemania XV in a game mode which allows you to either Relive, Rewrite or Redefine the classic match. Here's a preview:

When you jump into the WrestleMania Tour mode in Legends, you're going to have to choose whether you want to Relive (play a match as the person who originally won it), Rewrite (play a match as the person who originally lost it and try to change the Superstar's fate), or Redefine (play the match as whomever you want but have to deal with a modern stipulation such as a ladder) history. Aside from the fact that these matches are all packed together and you can only get to the next one by completing the one before it, this mode is quite a bit different than your standard exhibition match. No matter which history-defining choice you make, you're going to have a list of objectives that you need to complete to get points and build toward the event's gold medal. These objectives are the milestones of these WrestleMania matches -- it's stuff like Hogan slamming Andre and Stone Cold giving the Stunner to The Rock.

IGN will begin a full look at each of the wrestlers included in the new game starting tomorrow. Read the full article here.

In a related story, the company behind Legends of Wrestlemania and many of the previous WWE video game titles, THQ, reported a huge net loss of $191.8 million for the holiday quarter. The company cited poor video game sales for the loss and also discussed cutting about 1/4th of its workforce in an effort to reduce costs. The stock tumbled down about 27% due to the reports. THQ is hopeful they can return to profitability, while analysts are skeptical.

According to MarketWatch:

The company declined to give a forecast for the current period, citing "economic uncertainty and limited visibility."

"Our focus for next fiscal year is to return to profitability and to generate cash," CEO Brian Farrell said in a statement. "Our fiscal 2010 plan will reflect the benefits of our focused product strategy and strong actions on costs."

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