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Shawn Michaels - Wrestlemania 25 Fate?

The WWE Universe learned this past Monday night on Raw that businessman and self-proclaimed wrestling God, JBL, is giving Shawn Michaels a "Way Out" of his current employee contract. The stipulation placed on their match at the No Way Out Pay-Per-View is that should Shawn Michaels win the match, he will receive all the money owed to him by JBL and be released from their employer-employee agreement. On the other hand, should Bradshaw win this match, he owns Shawn Michaels and his name, forever. As we all know, "forever" is a term that the WWE uses loosely. Just remember back last year to when the Undertaker was banished from WWE by Vickie Guerrero, "forever", then returned to send Edge to the depths of Hell.

Many fans, self included, were shocked by the fact that the HBK-JBL feud has come to a head at No Way Out 2009 rather than Wrestlemania 25. After reading some recent commentary over at a UK Ringside blog about the situation, they make perfect sense when they discuss how Shawn Michaels is deserving of a better opponent or moment at Wrestlemania 25. In just the past few years Michaels has been involved in beating Ric Flair to make him retire and facing John Cena in a losing effort for the WWE Title. It would be hard to believe that he gets JBL at Wrestlemania 25, but should JBL win at No Way Out, that just might be the case. Keep in mind that "forever" is not a well-defined term in WWE language, and that JBL may win but give Shawn Michaels another chance at redemption, with another stipulation.

Here's 4 possibilities for Shawn Michaels' Wrestlemania 25 Fate...

1) Faces JBL again to get his contract ended - This is the likely situation mentioned above if we see JBL win at No Way Out through some sort of deceit or cheap tactic. It could become possible that one of the McMahons (whoever's left) orders that the two must face off with the contract on the line again, at Wrestlemania 25. It would be two Texans squaring off in the ring, with Michaels an easy favorite in his home state. Hopefully Shawn Michaels gets a better deal than this though, such as possibility #2....

2) Shawn Michaels vs. Undertaker - The UK wrestling blog mentioned above suggests this matchup as some sort of stipulation placed by JBL if he wins at No Way Out. JBL being the cunning businessman he is, orders Michaels to face The Undertaker and end his undefeated streak at Wrestlemania 25. Or this becomes the Brand supremacy match similar to Umaga vs. Batista like we saw last year. Either way this would make for an epic matchup between two legends in the ring just after the Legends of Wrestlemania game has been released. Might even outdo the two major title matches. Some have speculated that next year may be the Undertaker's final Wrestlemania or even Shawn Michaels', so possibly the match comes then. The Undertaker will be on Raw this coming Monday, but will the two even cross paths with Undertaker facing Randy Orton?

3) Shawn Michaels in Money in the Bank Match - JBL could of course win at No Way Out and then order Michaels to be in the MITB Ladder match at Mania. JBL may give Shawn the stipulation that if he grabs the briefcase it becomes the immediate property of JBL, who would of course try to cash it in immediately at Mania. Or Shawn Michaels wins at No Way Out and still becomes part of the Ladder Match, possibly winning this one in front of his hometown Texas fans.

4) World Heavyweight Title Triple Threat or Fatal Fourway - This may be the least likely of the scenarios, as last year saw Cena and Orton in a Triple Threat over the WWE Title. Possibly Michaels enters into the mix for title contention and maybe even JBL enters making it a foursome. That would put two Texans center stage in the mix for the title battle. With Randy Orton's recent rise to heel supremacy, this situation would probably take away from that major push he's received.

The above four situations could become Shawn Michaels' fate at Wrestlemania 25, win or lose at the 2009 No Way Out Pay-Per-View. He's currently got his money and respect on the line as he faces one of the WWE's biggest power brokers outside of Vince McMahon, John Bradshaw Layfield. Now the WWE Universe will be watching closely to see which way out Shawn Michaels gets from the current Raw deal by JBL.

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