Friday, February 6, 2009

Smackdown Preview 02.06.09

On last week's Smackdown, former ECW Champion, Matt Hardy, made his re-entry to the Smackdown program. The former ECW member came to the ring, chair in hand and discussed that he felt the WWE Universe liked his brother Jeff more than they ever did him. Matt's jealousy caused him to attack his brother at The Royal Rumble, hitting him with a chairshot that layed Jeff out and allowed Edge to win the title back. Matt added that it couldnt' be proven that he was responsible for all the other "accidents" which his brother was involved in, but said his attack was far from an accident. Now that Matt's spoken his side of things, the WWE Universe awaits Jeff Hardy's response. Will Jeff Hardy speak to the fans on Friday's Smackdown, or let his actions do the talking? Will Jeff even be present for the show?

Smackdown also has two spots left to decide for the No Way Out WWE Title Elimination Chamber match. Last week saw 3 superstars qualify for the match in which Edge will defend the title. Triple H won a Triple Threat match against two larger opponents in The Great Khali and Vladimir Kozlov. The Game was able to use his ring smarts when he pulled the top rope down, causing Vladimir Kozlov to spill out of the ring. With Kozlov out, HHH hit the Pedigree on Khali for the win. In other matches, The Undertaker defeated World's Strongest Man, Mark Henry, while Big Show defeated Festus to gain entry into the match. Now Edge faces at least 3 former champions in the match with HHH, Undertaker and Big Show. How will the final 2 competitors for the Chamber be decided? While the final 2 are decided, the four participants so far will square off in a tag team match. The Undertaker and Triple H will face Edge and the Big Show as a tune-up for the Chamber match. Which team will prevail and will the partners be able to co-exist?

MVP also seems to be on the upside again, after he has now won two consecutive matches. Several weeks ago, Montell Vontavius Porter was able to defeat Big Show, thanks to some help from Triple H's sledgehammer shot. Last week, MVP did battle with Chavo Guerrero, and after a Drive-By Kick, was able to defeat Chavo for win #2. MVP informed commentator Tazz after the match that his new plan is to regain the United States Championship. Will MVP be able to work his way back into the US Title picture? Or will he find his new win streak short-lived?

Catch Smackdown tonight at 8PM EST on MyNetworkTV!

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