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Smackdown Recap 02.06.09

SmackDown results from Indianapolis, IN:

Elimination Chamber Qualifying Battle Royal

Fourteen of Smackdown's superstars duked it out in an over the top rope Battle Royal, with the winner getting a spot in the No Way Out Chamber for the WWE Title. Included in the match: The Brian Kendrick, Curt Hawkins, Zack Ryder, Chavo Guerrero, Vladimir Kozlov, MVP, Carlito, Primo Colon, Jesse, Shelton Benjamin, The Great Khali, Scotty Goldman, Kung Fu Naki, and R-Truth. During the match, Great Khali showed his power by eliminating Chavo Guerrero and then The Brian Kendrick. Shelton Benjamin eliminated Jesse. The Moscow Mauler, Vladimir Kozlov was the toughest of the bunch as he eliminated both Primo and Carlito Colon, before getting rid of R-Truth to win the match.

Winner: Vladimir Kozlov eliminated R-Truth to earn a spot in the WWE Title Elimination Chamber match at No Way Out.

Backstage, Hurricane Helms talked about how wrong Matt Hardy was to do what he did to Jeff at the Royal Rumbl. Helms added that Matt Hardy's always been a jerk. Following Helms' comments backstage, Matt Hardy arrived to the ring and called out Helms to the ring. From there Matt viciously beat down Helms, eventually elbowing him until he was unconscious in the ring. Several referees got involved to get Matt away from Helms.

Shelton Benjamin came out to the arena to cut a promo, insulting MVP. Shelton jokes that that MVP should change his name to “VPM” - Very Peyton Manning, because he always blows the big game even when all the fans are behind him.

MVP vs. Shelton Benjamin

In a non-title match, MVP was able to shut up Shelton and put himself into title contention with a win. After a back and forth match, MVP hit the Drive By Kick on Shelton to eventually take the pinfall victory. This marks MVP's 3rd straight victory now for his win streak.

Winner: MVP wins via pinfall over Shelton Benjamin.

R-Truth, Primo Colon, & Carlito vs. The Miz, John Morrison, & The Brian Kendrick

In six-man tag team action, Miz and Morrison aligned themselves with The Brian Kendrick as bodyguard Ezekiel Jackson watched from the outside. In typical Miz & Morrison fashion, Miz caused a distraction which led to the pinfall on Carlito.

Winners: The Miz, John Morrison and The Brian Kendrick win via pinfall over R-Truth and The Colons.

Eve vs. Michelle McCool

Lovely latina and WWE Diva Search winner, Eve Torres, made her in-ring wrestling debut on Smackdown. Eve showed a brief outburst of moves including armbar takedowns and a dropkick, but McCool was too much for her. The former divas champ was able to get the best of Eve as she used a painful submission hold to defeat her. After the match, Maria came down to the ring to chase McCool away and help Eve out.

Winner: Michelle McCool wins via submission over Eve.

Kung Fu Naki vs. Umaga

Last week saw Umaga's return to the ring as he disposed of Jimmy Wang Yang. In his second week back, Umaga took the fight to Kung Fu Naki. It wasn't much of a fight on Kung Fu Naki's part as he was the recipient of the Hip Splash in the ring corner followed by a vicious Samoan Spike which gave Umaga his second straight victory.

Winner: Umaga wins via pinfall over Kung Fu Naki.

Triple H & Undertaker vs. Edge & Big Show

In this tune-up tag match amongst No Way OutElimination Chamber competitors, the current WWE Champ had his hands full as Big Show turned on him. Triple H and Undertaker were able to pick up the win over the Ultimate Opportunist, Edge due to Big Show's reluctance to help his partner.

Triple H & Undertaker win via pinfall over Big Show & Edge.

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