Friday, May 29, 2009

Matt Striker Nude Photos Leaked

wwe ecw matt striker photos
(Striker in hot water with WWE?)

Current ECW commentator and former wrestler/manager, Matt Striker, may have given the wrong type of anatomy lesson to a former partner via his cell phone. According to, and multiple other wrestling news sources, nude photos of Matt Striker have recently surfaced, which are watermarked with "GM presents Matt Striker". The photos were leaked to the internet and show the WWE personality caught with his pants down, literally. Celebrity gossip blogs and other sites are promoting the photos, which display full frontal nudity of the ECW commentator.

Striker is a 34 year old former high school social studies teacher (Queens, NY) and currently part of WWE's broadcast team as he is a co-host, co-commentator of ECW on Sci-Fi with Josh Matthews. According to reports he's got a better deal as an announcer with WWE than most others, including more benefits. The WWE may receive some bad publicity from this recent news as they've been trying to make their various shows and Pay-Per-Views more "PG" rated. Unlike the Vickie Guerrero nude photo scandal on, this one doesn't appear to be part of a storyline, but it will be interesting to see if WWE tries to spin it as one.

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