Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Miz is Money in the Bank 2010

Probably one of the best promos and most entertaining moments seen on Raw in some time was the promo cut between The Miz and Sheamus on Monday Night Raw. Yes, The Miz actually won Money in the Bank, believe it or not. The top heel from Raw came out to interrupt the WWE Champion, bringing his Raw MITB briefcase with him. Miz put Sheamus on notice that he could cash it in at any moment to take the WWE title away. Right then and there, the Raw GM sent out another email, and Michael Cole notified Sheamus he'd be in a match against Evan Bourne. The Miz got to watch it all from ringside.

After that match had finished, Miz jumped at his opportunity to smash Sheamus down with the briefcase. He followed up with a Skullcrushing Finale to smash Sheamus face first onto the briefcase, then prepared to cash in. However, it wasn't to be; Sheamus wasn't fully conscious so the match couldn't happen. To make matters worse for Miz, R-Truth arrived out to spoil the fun.

Many fans are PO-d at Truth for ruining things. Some are even questioning if The Miz will be the first guy to cash in and NOT win the title. That would be a shame. Miz really is money, and dare I say it, he could become the closest character to The Rock in some time. He had fans on their feet despite the fact he's a heel as he pretty much was like a face against Sheamus. Fans love witnessing the title change hands in person, so it's hard to say if they were rooting for Miz. However, he's got the ability to be that heel the fans hate to love, then end up loving, just like Dwayne Johnson. Not saying Miz will be a bigtime movie star, but if marketed properly, he really could become the WWE's next big thing, character wise. Reportedly, his shirt is #1 at WWE Shop right now, which is pretty "Awesome" for the former Real World roommate.

The other MITB winner was Kane, who was able to successfully cash in his case on Rey Mysterio at the PPV. Kane's previous title reign was shortlived, but this one could last at least until Summerslam. Word is he'll be facing his brother, The Undertaker. Now it seems clearer that maybe Kane was the perpetrator in Undertaker's Memorial Day weekend attack, to take him out of the title picture. Truth should be revealed soon.

The Money in the Bank matches were highly rated this past PPV, making for a successful event. It's exciting that Miz still holds an opportunity, and fans are unsure when and if he'll be able to make good on it. This also makes you wonder, do only heels win the MITB? Only two come to mind who weren't necessarily heels. Rob Van Damm and CM Punk when he first won it. Also, will this mean they still have a MITB match at Wrestlemania 27, or will they do away with it? Is it possible Miz will still have his case then and another person wins one? This could get really interesting.

What did you think of the MITB PPV and winners? Did WWE give the right superstars the wins?

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Blogger mpb said...

Great post, I think that the WWE is really starting to write great storylines lately, especially with the Cena posse to get rid of Nexxus!

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July 21, 2010 at 11:53 PM  
OpenID chrismtob said...

Well I think Kane really deserves another tittle reign, hes one of those guys that I like good or bad, and I cant help but feel like Rey's reign was a waste and pretty pointless.

As for the Miz, he seems like the next big heel to me, he can win his matches by cheep tactics, it doesn't matter how big of a guy you are. And if they do make him be the first guy to not win the championship then that will be a huge letdown and a total waste.

July 22, 2010 at 11:18 AM  
Blogger MC said...

Good points guys! Chris I agree that Kane deserves one, I wonder if he would have still won the title had Undertaker not been out with injury..

I agree on The Miz too, I hope he does cash in, just wondering who he'll cash in on and when...might take a while before we see would be real interesting for WWE to have two guys with briefcases at WM27, and both trying to win the title...could happen!

July 22, 2010 at 2:38 PM  

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