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Raw Results 07/19/10

Raw Results from Tulsa, OK:

Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler opened the show after an exciting Money in the Bank 2010 went down last night. They showed a still image from MITB PPV's steel cage match with Cena and Sheamus climbing the cage. Sheamus won to retain the WWE Title. On tonight's show, Wade Barrett takes on Mark Henry. According to Raw's anonymous GM, Nexus won't be allowed at ringside for the match.

Randy Orton vs. Edge vs. Chris Jericho
#1 Contender Match for WWE Title shot

The first match of the night pitted Edge, Orton and Jericho in a Triple Threat to determine the new #1 contender for the WWE Championship.

Late in this one, Orton nearly hit the RKO on Jericho. Jericho blocked it and then went for the Lionsault, but Orton moved away. Orton began pounding the mat and getting riled up before finally hitting the RKO. Edge came in and went for a Spear, but Orton caught him with an RKO as well. He took the winning pinfall on Edge to become #1 Contender.

Winner: Randy Orton wins via pinfall over Edge to become #1 Contender for WWE Championship.

Jericho and Edge got into it after the match. Jericho grabbed a mic from ringside to yell at Edge. Jericho said Nexus credits him for getting them to the level of success they've achieved. Jericho told Edge this thing between them will end tonight. Edge retorted that he doubts Nexus would like hearing that Jericho thinks he's responsible for all their success.

The comments brought the Nexus members down to the ring. With a mic in hand, Barrett spoke. He said Nexus would be glad to have either one of them as allies. They surrounded Edge and said Nexus wouldn't take years off his career, they'd end it. Nexus began to attack Edge stomping him down to the mat with Jericho yelling instructions and yelling at Edge. They stood up Edge so Skip Sheffield could deliver a Spear to take him down. Jericho yelled at Edge then put him into the Walls of Jericho for more punishment.

Nexus stood around staring at Jericho next. Jericho got a look of concern on his face and released the submission. Wade told Jericho that Edge was also right. He said they really want to shut up the guy claiming he's behind their success. Jericho went after Barrett for a bit, but the other guys took Jericho down. Barrett started to pound away on him. They stood Jericho up so Barrett could punch him down. From there, Otunga delivered his one arm slam to the mat. Barrett stood over his former pro mentor from NXT. Wade yelled in his face "you didn't teach me a thing."

After Cole and Lawler reviewed a replay of Nexus' beatdowns on Jericho and Edge, the group was shown walking into their locker room backstage. Josh Matthews rushed up to Barrett as the others had gone into the locker room. Matthews said Nexus is the most powerful group in the history of the WWE, but asked if Barrett's uneasy with the comments people are making that none of them alone can match up with Mark Henry. Barrett angrily said that he's going to write a new chapter in the history of WWE and it won't look good for Henry. Matthews thanked him and left the scene. Sheamus came up to interrupt Barrett, saying he had a proposal he thinks he might be interested in. Barrett smirked and suggested Sheamus step into his office, the WWE locker room. Sheamus said he'd prefer it outside. Barrett told him to suit himself and went into the locker room.

Cole and Lawler talked to John Cena who was backstage in the locker room with a visible scar up near his right eye. Cena said he brought everything with Nexus upon himself when he didn't shake Barrett's hand to end things. Cena said he didn't do it because he thought he could stop Nexus. Cena said nobody can stop them. He said they're attacking everyone because they can. Cena said tonight he wants to meet with Wade Barrett and Nexus in the ring to say something. Lawler asked why. Cena said Nexus has made his life hell. He said Barrett stated "you're either Nexus or against us". Cena said he's saying "if you can't beat em..." and then walked off camera.

When Raw returned Cole and Lawler still were in disbelief over what Cena had just commented. They replayed the end of his backstage interview.

Eve vs. Maryse

Maryse was escorted to the ring by Ted Dibiase who joined the commentators at ringside. Dibiase talked about how lucky he is including the fact he dates the hottest diva in WWE history. He said if Maryse wins tonight she becomes #1 contender for Divas title too.

Maryse had control of things as she punched Eve in the face repeatedly. She whipped Eve to the corner but as Maryse charged, Eve elbowed her. Eve came back with a high kick to Maryse's face, then took a pinfall. The ref counted and as he got to 2, Maryse got a foot on the bottom rope. The ref missed it and awarded Eve the win.

Dibiase rushed in to yell at the ref that Maryse had a foot on the rope. Eve escaped the ring looking worried, as Dibiase kept complaining. John Morrison rushed to the ring to attack Dibiase. He tackled him down to pound away, then came back with a hard kick to the head. From there Morrison hit Starship Pain off the corner to complete the attack.

Winner: Eve wins via pinfall over Maryse to become #1 Contender for Divas title.

Sheamus was shown walking backstage carrying the WWE Title on his shoulder.

Justin Roberts introduced the WWE Champion Sheamus. He spoke about beating Cena in a Tables match, Fatal Fourway and Steel Cage. Sheamus said the only way to describe his performances against Cena is "dominance". Sheamus said there won't be any more championship shots for Cena any time soon. Sheamus said earlier he walked up to Wade Barrett and demanded a truce. He said a year ago no one had heard of Wade Barrett or Sheamus, but now they're the two most powerful entities in WWE. He said they agreed to stay out of each other's business. Sheamus said Orton has no chance to beat him since Nexus won't interfere in his matches. Sheamus vowed to become the longest reigning WWE champion of all time.

Suddenly, the Raw Money in the Bank winner came down to the ring, The Miz. The Miz told Sheamus he doesn't have a Nexus problem, but he does have a Miz problem. Miz said he controls the fate of the WWE championship, so he can cash it in anytime he wants for a WWE title match. He told Sheamus every time he's in the ring, Miz will be watching him. Miz gave Sheamus several possible scenarios of how he could cash in for the title. He told Sheamus he's going to be watching him like a celebrity stalker. Miz went to do his "I'm the Miz" line but Sheamus butted in saying "you're nothing, I'm Sheamus and I'm WWE Champion!" Sheamus exited the ring, but just then the lights flashed and the Raw GM email sound beeped.

Cole got up to read the latest anonymous GM email. Cole read that if the Miz wants to cash the MITB tonight, he should take a ringside seat to watch the next match. The GM said Sheamus would be in action against this man. Evan Bourne's theme came on, and a ref rushed to the ring for the match.

Evan Bourne vs. Sheamus

The Miz remained at ringside to watch Bourne vs Sheamus. After several moments, Bourne came out with his tape in hand and wrapped his wrists. Early on, Bourne ducked a pump boot kick from Sheamus then came back kicking at him. He was able to kick Sheamus down causing Sheamus to go to the outside. Raw went to commercial.

Sheamus was in command in the ring after break. Bourne tried to get momentum as he ran against the ropes, but Sheamus grabbed him spun him around and delivered a hard side slam to the mat. Bourne barely kicked out of a pinfall attempt. Sheamus locked on a side headlock, but Bourne powered to his feet. He started using his quick strikes, but Sheamus tossed him to the corner. Bourne answered Sheamus' slap with a hard kick. He gained momentum after ducking Sheamus' clothesline then kicked Sheamus down.

Bourne climbed the corner for Air Bourne with Miz watching intently. However, Sheamus rolled out of the ring to escape from the move. Bourne jumped off the corner to take out Sheamus on the outside. Both men were layed out on the outside with the ref counting them out. Sheamus and Bourne were up, with Sheamus shoving Bourne into the camera outside the ring. Sheamus got back in as the ref resumed a countout on Bourne. As Sheamus tried to go after Bourne on the apron, the ref held him back. However, Sheamus still got a cheap shot kick into Bourne's gut as he was climbing in throug the ropes. From there it was the pump kick to the head taking Bourne down for the pin. The Miz gave a mocking round of applause from his ringside seat.

Winner: Sheamus wins via pinfall over Evan Bourne.

The Miz came into the ring and bashed Sheamus down with the MITB briefcase several times. With Sheamus down on the mat from the blows, Miz contemplated cashing in as he looked at the briefcase. As Sheamus was getting to his feet, Miz grabbed him in the stance for Skullcrushing Finale. He struggled with Sheamus a bit but got in front of the briefcase then slamed him face first into the case. Sheamus was out cold on the mat. Miz grabbed the briefcase and told the ref to cash it in. The ref instructed Justin Roberts to make the announcement.

Fans were going wild as Miz prepared to go for the pin, but the ref had to make sure Sheamus was conscious before the bell could ring. Suddenly, R-Truth's music came on and Truth returned to Raw. Miz told the ref to call it off. He rushed out of the ring and grabbed the briefcase. He tried to clock Truth with it, but Truth ducked. Miz fought off Truth, then barely escaped up the ramp and ran backstage with the MITB case. In the ring Sheamus staggered trying to get to his feet. Cole noted that the bell never rang so Miz never officially cashed in.

Josh Matthews interviewed The Miz backstage about what just happened. Miz was furious over what Truth just did to interrupt his chance at being WWE Champion. Miz said he's got an entire year to cash in on the contract and become WWE Champion. He said he will take his rightful place as a WWE Champion.

Cole and Lawler reviewed a Summerslam Recall match from the 1998 edition involving The Undertaker versus Stone Cold Steve Austin. Despite Undertaker taking control, Austin got a cheap crotch shot in as Taker went Old School. After the Stunner, Austin pinned Taker to retain the belt.

Sheamus was walking backstage with a bag of ice on his head as a trainer and a ref helped him. They passed by Gail Kim and The Bella Twins laughing. Sheamus barked at them "You think this is funny?" He kept walking and Orton came up to him. Orton warned Sheamus saying he's a target now with the WWE title. Orton said he won't hit it with an arrow, spear or bullet, but he'll hit it with the R K O.

Cena was shown backstage thinking things over for later tonight.

Vladimir Kozlov & Santino Marella vs. Zack Ryder & William Regal

During the match, Santino managed to escape from Ryder by kicking him away. Kozlov tagged in and started to take him out. He was ready to finish off Ryder but Regal tried to distract. Kozlov took Regal out, causing him to roll out of the ring. Ryder tried to rush Kozlov and hit the Rough Ryder, but got slammed down with his one arm slam finisher. Santino was jumping up and down on the apron begging for the tag, so Kozlov obliged. Santino ran against the ropes and hit a Cobra fist drop on Ryder then collected the pinfall.

Winners: Vladimir Kozlov & Santino Marella win via pinfall over William Regal & Zack Ryder.

Nexus was shown backstage with Wade Barrett giving the group a speech before walking off on his way to the next match.


Mark Henry vs. Wade Barrett

Barrett stepped out of the ring after the bell to avoid Henry coming at him. He got back in cautiously to try to punch Henry, but got punched down. Wade rolled out to recover. Barrett got into the ring and came at Henry with a knee to the gut. He kept pounding away for a bit, until Henry withstood the strikes. Henry came back and whipped Barrett corner to corner, then leveled him. He went for the pin with Wade kicking out.

Barrett cut Henry down to size with kicks to the knee. Henry responded with a scoop powerslam and a near fall. Henry pulled Barrett towards the corner. From there, Henry climbed onto the corner. The Nexus members emerged from backstage but stayed at the top of the ramp. Henry was distracted, and Barrett delivered some kicks to the gut and head. With Henry seated on the corner, Barrett got him on his shoulders for his finisher and barely slammed Henry to the mat to get the pin.

Winner: Wade Barrett wins via pinfall over Mark Henry.

The Nexus members joined Barrett in the ring after he kicked Mark Henry out. Barrett got on the mic to call out Cena since he wanted a meeting with Nexus. They waited for the champ as Cole and Lawler looked at highlights of the win. The Nexus theme song started up, as they showed John Cena walking backstage. Lawler said it seems Cena is headed to the ring next.

Nexus was still in the ring with their song playing as Raw returned. The commentators reviewed Barrett's victory over Mark Henry one more time.

Michael Tarver got on the mic now, saying they already made one truce tonight. He said Nexus will at least hear him out, if he acknowledges that Nexus runs Raw. Tarver said if Cena continues to give resistance, they'll make his remaining career and life miserable. Tarver asked Cena to come out and show remorse for his actions against Nexus. Tarver said they might consider ending things if Cena agrees to show remorse.

Cena's music hit and he arrived to the ring. Cena had a mic and thanked them for meeting him out there. Cena discussed that he's not part of Nexus' bigger picture, so he's not sure why they interfered in his title matches. He said Sheamus made a truce earlier with them, and he should have done the same a while ago. Cena said he's out now looking at them each man-to-man asking for the same thing.

Barrett said their answer is no. He said he's not looking for peace, but something much bigger. The crowd began chanting for Cena, but Barrett said to ignore them. Barrett said he wants Cena to join The Nexus and he can achieve much much more. He told Cena the decision is now his. Cena contemplated, but then said he can't do it. Barrett told Cena that leaves him with two options. One is to leave the ring with his tail between his legs to show how much a coward he is. Barrett said instead he can stay in the ring and get the most vicious beating Nexus has ever administered.

Cena put down the mic and exited the ring, walking up the ramp. Barrett and Nexus started laughing as they pointed at him. Cena stopped up the ramp and turned back. He told Barrett what he's told him before "Whether it's by myself or I have help, I will take each and every one of you down." Cena said tonight he's got help. He said ever since Nexus arrived and started beating people up, he's been forming a team to take down Nexus at Summerslam. Cena said it's time to meet his team, because at Summerslam The Nexus is history.

Edge arrived out first and stood next to Cena on the ramp. Next out was John Morrison, followed by R-Truth and then The Great Khali. Chris Jericho was the sixth member of Cena's Summerslam team to arrive out to the ramp. Lawler called it an All-star team. Everyone paused as the seventh member was introduced - Bret "The Hitman" Hart's music hit and out came The Hitman to the roar of the crowd. They all stood side-by-side, then rushed to the ring chasing Nexus out. Nexus fled through the crowd as Cena's team remained in the ring to close out Raw.

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