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WWE NXT Results 07/20/10

WWE NXT results from Little Rock, AR:

NXT opened with footage from earlier today with Matt Striker going through a timed obstacle course. It included tires, a hurdle, push ups and pushing a WWE cart up the ramp. Michael Cole narrated that next week will be the next "NXT Poll" as determined by the Pros and WWE Universe, with another rookie eliminated. Tonight's obstacle course winner gets immunity from the elimination.

MVP was in the ring for "The VIP Lounge" talk show to start off NXT. MVP said normally he'd be popping the champage right now, but he has an issue to address tonight. MVP called out his rookie Percy Watson. He said his rookie took initiative last week, and even though MVP wanted to pound on him, he thought about it more. He said the MVP who debuted on Smackdown years ago would have done the same thing. MVP asked Watson if he's learned anything. Watson said his go-getter mentality took over last week, but he respects him and apologizes. MVP and Watson made up, slapping hands.

Matt Striker came out to interrupt their celebration. He said since there's a poll next week they should take a moment to explain why Watson should be #1. MVP and Watson made their case, with Watson saying he's always fought and clawed his way to get to where he needs to. MVP said Watson's got all the in-ring tools and the personality to go with it. Cody Rhodes and Husky Harris were out next. Rhodes admired himself in the mirror before promoting his rookie as a "body of a tank with a ferrari engine." Harris said he's not like the long line of WWE stars with a six pack and chiseled physiqe, he said he keeps it real though. Striker said up next Harris and Watson will show their stuff in-ring.

The showed a video of Lucky Cannon with the Pros giving their thoughts on him. The Miz called Lucky "forgettable". Cody Rhodes said he's got the size and athletic background.

Percy Watson & MVP vs. Husky Harris & Cody Rhodes

All the other pros were now seated on stage to take notes on the rookies tonight. Josh Matthews said the NXT poll on WWE.com opens tomorrow at noon and will stay open all week.

The two rookies ended up brawling on the outside near the hurdles of the obstacle course. It brought MVP and Rhodes out to pull them apart, but MVP clocked Rhodes in the face right before a commercial break. Rhodes had control of Percy in the ring out of break.

In the closing moments, MVP hit a Facebuster on Rhodes before knocking Harris off the apron. He hit the Ballin Elbow drop on Rhodes. Harris got back on the apron to distract so MVP went back over to punch him. That moment allowed Rhodes to set up near the corner. As MVP charged, Rhodes elbowed him then hit a hard kick to MVP's head off the corner, KO-ing MVP. He tagged in Harris telling him "show them why you're #1". Harris hit a running Senton Bomb on MVP and scored the pinfall.

Winners: Husky Harris & Cody Rhodes win via pinfall over MVP & Percy Watson.

They had a video on Michael McGillicutty with the Pros weighing in on him. MVP said he's got the fire and the spark. Team LayCool said he's as close to perfect as it gets, but he's not "flawless". Morrison said personality and charisma-wise he hasn't seen much from him. The Miz said his daddy was good but Mike's mediocre.

Cole and Matthews reviewed what happened to Mark Henry last night from Wade Barrett of Nexus. They showed highlights with The Nexus members arriving on the ramp to distract Henry on the corner. Barrett got Henry on his shoulders to slam Henry down for the pin. Cannon was without his Pro for tonight's matchup.

Striker was in the ring with Lucky Cannon and Miz/Riley. He got their thoughts on why each rookie should be voted #1. Cannon said he won't try to convince anyone he's the best, that's opinion, but he's had the time of his life entertaining all the fans. He gave them a thank you. Riley talked about the WWE Universe doing the right thing for WWE and voting him in. Miz said take it from the future WWE Champ, Riley's the next big star.

Lucky Cannon vs. Alex Riley

Riley made quick work of Cannon in their singles match. After Cannon missed off the corner on a splash, he hit the mat hard. From there Riley was able to finish him off. Riley had Cannon on his shoulders then spun and slammed him down.

After the win Miz and Riley looked down at Cannon on the mat. Miz teased using the briefcase on him, then both guys left the ring. Suddenly, Miz rushed back into the ring and smashed Cannon in the gut with the MITB case. He placed it down on the mat, then did a repeat of what he did to Sheamus on Raw, with a Skullcrushing Finale of Lucky's face into the case.

Winner: Alex Riley wins via pinfall over Lucky Cannon.

As The Miz and Riley were walking up the ramp, Morrison and Kofi were up to confront Miz for what he did. Miz showed them the briefcase to say he's Mr. Money in the Bank.

Matthews thanked "I Fight Dragons" for the 2010 Money in the Bank theme song "Money" available at iTunes. They launched into the Raw Rebound which featured the John Cena versus Nexus story. Cena went to the ring asking for a truce but Nexus wouldn't have it. Wade Barrett asked Cena to join Nexus but he refused the offer. They told Cena to get out of the ring like a coward or get a big beatdown. Cena left, but then told them he will take down every last one of them. Cena brought out his team he assembled of WWE Superstars. Cena has a 7-man-team including Edge, Chris Jericho, John Morrison, R-Truth, The Great Khali and Bret "The Hitman" Hart. There will be a 7-on-7 match at Summerslam.

Matt Striker was up on the ramp with John Morrison, Eli Cottonwood, Team LayCool and Kaval. They each got time to present why they deserve votes. Morrison told a story of how he was at an airport watching the NXT rookies walk by when a little kid asked him mom "who is that?" about Cottonwood. Morrison said he's worth the WWE investment. Cottonwood walked over to Striker and asked who he's going to vote for a few times, finally Striker said him. Team LayCool did their "Flawless" bit saying no other rookie has them. Kaval said he's got the ability to go toe-to-toe with the best WWE has to offer like Randy Orton, Evan Bourne or Rey Mysterio.

NXT Rookie Obstacle Course

McGillicutty was up first for the obstacle course, but Striker gave he and Kofi a chance to speak to the WWE Universe first. Kofi said no rookie in the competition is hungrier. Kofi called the WWE fans the McGilli-buddies. Mike said he's the only undefeated, perfect 4-0, and told the WWE Universe to make the perfect choice by voting him.

The obstacle course had a series of tires, hurdles, ten pushups in a yellow square, walking a balance beam and pushing a WWE cart up the ramp.

Obstacle Course Results:

Michael McGillicutty - 26.7 sec
Alex Riley - 40.3 sec (Riley fell off the balance beam and had to go back)
Eli Cottonwood - disqualified by the refs for not repeating obstacle he missed
Lucky Cannon - 28.2 sec
Kaval - 29.1 sec
Showtime Percy Watson - 31.5 sec
Husky Harris - 40 sec (Harris didn't take the obstacle course seriously)

Michael McGillicutty won the obstacle course challenge to become immune from next week's elimination. WWE Universe can begin voting as of 12PM EST on WWE.com Wednesday.

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