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Raw Results 04/18/11

Raw Results from London, UK:

With Extreme Rules just two weeks away, Raw kicked off in England at the famous O2 arena. Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler were also on commentary. R-Truth arrived out to deliver an opening promo. Cole yelled at JR and Lawler to wake up because they're on live television and this isn't the 90's.

Truth talked about being happy to be a #1 contender for the championship at Extreme Rules. He vowed to leave the PPV as WWE Champion and to be the most-fighting champion in the history of champions. John Morrison arrived out to interject.

Morrison talked about how luck aided Truth in making it through 3 guys during the gauntlet match. JMo had them show footage of Truth sitting in the corner of the ring last week and getting water as John Cena was arriving for the match. JMo kept joking about Truth not being in his best shape. He said he looks great for a guy that smokes though.

Morrison announced that the WWE Draft is next week. Morrison suggested they wrestle for Truth's spot in the Triple Threat at Extreme Rules. JMo baited Truth enough into giving him a match for the contender's spot. Truth joked around asking for a bottled water, then a cigarette. Morrison said he forgot to ask for "luck."

John Morrison vs. R-Truth

On the line was Truth's #1 contender spot for the WWE Title at Extreme Rules. Cole kept taunting JR and Lawler throughout the match, getting on their commentating. Lawler and Cole traded jabs.

Late in the match, R-Truth went for a finisher. Morrison grabbed the ropes and Truth fell to the mat. JMo followed up with the Starship Pain to finish things off with a pinfall. That gives Morrison the #1 contender spot at Extreme Rules.

Post-match, Truth sat in the corner. Morrison offered a handshake but Truth wasn't having it. JMo celebrated up in the corner, so Truth went over and yanked him off hard. He followed with a running knee to Morrison's head, then left the ring. Truth turned and delivered another running knee into Morrison at the barrier.

He went over and said he was sorry to Morrison, then helped him up. Truth shoved Morrison to the floor, then walked over to the commentators table to get a bottled water. He smashed it across Morrison's face before the crowd let out an "R Truth sucks" chant. Truth helped Morrison up again and looked at him saying "You did this John" before hitting his finisher. Someone in the crowd gave Truth a pack of cigarettes, so he lit one up in front of the crowd. The crowd chanted "That's illegal" meaning inside the arena. Someone in the crowd yelled "think of the children."

Winner: John Morrison wins via pinfall over R-Truth to become a #1 contender for the WWE Championship.

Ross and Lawler talked about Truth snapping moments earlier. Evan Bourne was in the ring when Vickie Guerrero arrived out to interrupt with her "Excuse Me's." She intro'd her business associate, new and improved Dolph Ziggler for the match. Ziggler came out with a slick new haircut with short darker hair.

Evan Bourne vs. Dolph Ziggler

Vickie got in the ring in Bourne's face insulting and yelling at him. Ziggler had an impressive counter dropkick on Bourne as he came off the corner early on.

For the finish, Bourne had Ziggler down on the mat and went for Air Bourne. Ziggler rolled out of the way with Bourne landing on his feet. Ziggler rushed from behind and hit Zig Zag for the win.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler wins via pinfall over Evan Bourne.

They did a plug for WWE All-Stars video game while showing the simulated match of The Rock vs John Cena. Michael Cole said tonight he will be knighted by the queen for his civic duties.

WWE Rewind showed footage of Sin Cara's debuts when he arrived to the ring on Raw to beat up Sheamus and Smackdown to beat up Jack Swagger. His debut match was last week when he defeated Primo in the ring.

Jim Ross talked about the emotional week created once Edge announced his retirement. They showed highlights from his speech on Raw including highlights from his legendary career. They played the Nickleback song "When You're Young" as part of the video.

They announced that Alberto Del Rio will be throwing a retirement party for Edge on this Friday's Smackdown.

The Miz accompanied Alex Riley to the ring for his match. Miz got a good bit of applause and respect from the UK crowd. Miz talked in the ring about preparing for the past week for a Triple Threat match against John Cena and R-Truth. He said Truth made an illogical, disrespectful decision tonight though. He said now he has to face John Cena and John Morrison, inside a steel cage.

Miz said he won't leave the ring until the Raw GM makes this right. He told Riley to bring him a chair in the ring to sit in. Raw went to commercial with Miz sitting in the ring waiting for the Raw GM to email.

After commercial break, Miz was still seated in the chair in the ring talking. He stared his "I'm the Miz" catch phrase, but Sin Cara arrived out to interrupt it. Miz got up from his chair and went outside the ring. Sin Cara did his running jump and flip over the top rope into the ring.

Sin Cara vs. Alex Riley

Sin Cara got in the ring with Miz and Riley both walking towards him. All of a sudden, Cena's music hit and he rushed to the ring to make sure they didn't attack Sin Cara. The Raw GM sent an email making it a tag match.

Winner: Match was changed to tag match.

Sin Cara & John Cena vs. Alex Riley & The Miz

Cena went for the quick attack taking it to Riley early after the bell, hitting a bulldog. Riley left the ring, where Miz regrouped with him as Raw went to break.

After break, Miz avoided the AA to hit a huge side slam on Cena to take control. Cole talked about the draft next week. Lawler asked Cole what he'd do if he was drafted to Smackdown, even though Cole later mentioned he's on both shows anyways.

Cena continued to take punishment from Miz and Riley, but pulled off a huge suplex and finally made a hot tag to Sin Cara. Sin Cara came in against The Miz. Sin Cara was on a tear with a variety of moves including using Miz's hand for ballance on the ropes to fling himself onto Riley for the headscissors flip. Moments later, Sin Cara hit a mule kick on Miz from the apron. He tried to jump to the top rope but Riley yanked his feet and Sin Cara fell outside. Miz took control in the ring. Riley and Miz kept attacking Sin Cara.

Sin Cara avoided Miz's running clothesline in the corner, bringing Cena and Riley in. The finish saw Cena gain major momentum against Riley, eventually hitting Five Knuckle Shuffle and Attitude Adjustment. Sin Cara tagged in for a springboard moonsault to pin Riley.

Winners: John Cena & Sin Cara win via pinfall over Alex Riley & The Miz.

They had an official ceremony to knight Michael Cole. He wore a regal robe in the ring which was decorated in all red. Jack Swagger was there with him as they had a fake queen arrive to the ring. Cole knelt on a padded stool before her.

The queen asked if he would uphold the nobility of the knighthood of the United Kingdom, to which Cole said "I do." She used a sword to tap both shoulders. Cole planted a big kiss on the "queen" after his knighting.

Cole grabbed a mic and asked for a big round of applause - for himself. He tried to get a "Sir Michael Cole" chant going but the crowd wasn't having it and said "Sucks!" after it each time. Cole called everyone in the crowd his peasants. He told the peasants, JR and Lawler, to get in the ring and kiss his feet. Cole removed his shoe and put his foot up on the stool.

Lawler and Ross went to the ring. When they got there, Swagger attacked Lawler, tossing him into the corner, then out of the ring. JR was left alone. Swagger got in and grabbed him then put the Ankle Lock, forcing him down to kiss Cole's exposed foot as Cole yelled "Kiss it, you peasant!" They did the Swagger laps around the ring.

Raw had no commentators but revealed a graphic on screen that Randy Orton will face CM Punk in a rematch tonight.

Josh Matthews was now on commentary since Lawler and Ross were both attacked in the last segment. He chastised Cole for what he just did, and Cole showed off his bare foot saying he has athlete's foot, hence the fungus on his foot.

Santino Marella vs. Sheamus

Sheamus said last time they were in England, Santino embarassed him with a tea party skit. He said tonight the champion of the US is going to embarass him.

Sheamus got the early advantage, knocking Santino down flat on the mat. Santino tried to fight back from a submission hold on the mat.

Santino dodged a corner move later on, and got ready for The Cobra, but was too worn out. Sheamus capitalized with the Brogh kick to finish him off.

Winner: Sheamus wins via pinfall over Santino Marella.

Matthews and Cole reviewed R-Truth snapping earlier in the night, attacking John Morrison post-match, then smoking a cigarette over him.

They showed a split screen for CM Punk and Randy Orton headed to the ring for their rematch.

Randy Orton vs. CM Punk

Punk arrived out to the ring first. They showed footage of Nexus costing Orton the gauntlet match on last week's Raw. They had a 3-on-1 attack on Orton with Mason Ryan hitting a huge powerbomb to leave Orton on the mat.

Orton arrived to the ring as Matthews plugged the new WWE film "That's What I Am." They locked up in the corner as the crowd traded CM Punk and Randy Orton chants. Orton gained the advantage to start hitting forearm uppercuts in the corner. Punk eventually took over though and kicked Orton down in the corner, before whipping him to the opposite. Orton exploded back with a clothesline and eventually the scoop slam.

Orton went for the RKO, but Punk shoved him away to barely avoid it. Orton clutched the back of his head as Raw went to commercial. Raw returned with Punk in control in the ring. He put a side headlock on to try to wear Orton down more. Punk stayed on the offensive outside the ring. The crowd exchanged "GTS" and "RKO" chants with Punk about to hit a suplex in the ring. Orton countered into a small package near fall. Punk settled into a headscissors on Orton on the mat.

Orton made his comeback with a backbreaker. Punk rolled onto the apron. Orton went after him but got yanked throat first against the top rope. Punk got on the corner, but Orton got up and fought him to hit a huge superplex for the near fall.

Punk went for the GTS late in this one, with Orton able to grab the top rope to prevent it. As they hit the mat, Orton ducked a move by Punk, then did a surprise schoolboy pinfall for the win.

Post-match, new Nexus members, Ryan, Otunga and McGillicutty all attacked Orton in the ring as Punk recovered in the corner. Once again, Mason Ryan hit a huge move to smash Orton to the mat. McGill and Otunga both went to go after Orton, but Ryan shoved them both away saying "he's mine." Ryan backed up for the punt kick, but CM Punk got up and stopped him. Punk said "he's mine," but Ryan wasn't hearing it. Punk stopped him again and showed him the Nexus patch on his arm.

Punk went for the running punt kick, but Orton sprang to life and hit the RKO on him, then escaped the ring to stagger up the ramp as his music played. Raw ended with Nexus fuming in the ring as Orton staggered backstage.

Winner: Randy Orton wins via pinfall over CM Punk.

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