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WWE NXT Results 11/09/11

NXT Results from Liverpool, UK:

Matt Striker was in the ring with the two rookie finalists, Derrick Bateman and Titus O'Neil. Also present were Percy Watson and Maxine. Bateman interrupted Striker to proclaim his love for Maxine, with Titus butting in to joke about her having fish lips.

Striker started to praise both NXT rookies for their work in the ring and backstage. As Striker was speaking, Johnny Curtis arrived out to talk about how awful NXT has become as a show. Curtis talked about how back when he was on the show they competed in challenges and were gladiators, not like these rejects. Titus stepped to Curtis saying he could kick his ass. Curtis and Bateman then got into it when Curtis mentioned he and Maxine dated before.

Curtis said he's not there for the "Talk the Talk" challenge. Striker said that's ok, he'll be there for the "Fight the fight" challenge. Striker booked Curtis and Bateman to face Titus and Watson in a tag match.

Trent Barreta vs. Tyson Kidd

Matthews was joined on commentary by Striker, not Regal. Striker and Matthews joked back and forth about their former days doing commentary together. Striker asked Matthews if they still have challenges and redemption points. Striker said back in CT they decide on the best ways to evaluate the talent, including at different spots.

Late in the match, Trent got control and hit a flying crossbody from off the corner for a near fall. Later, Kidd tried to rush at Trent in the corner, but Barreta got both legs up and drove Kidd down into the mat. After, Kidd hit a Dangerous Buster which drove Trent headfirst into the mat for a near fall.

Trent went for the hurricanrana from the corner with Kidd seated on the turnbuckle. Kidd countered it to take Trent down and put a single leg Boston Crab on him, causing Trent to tap out.

Winner: Tyson Kidd won by submission over Trent Barreta.

Backstage Bateman was complaining to Maxine that she went on a date with Johnny Curtis. Maxine started to complain back about the girls Derrick has gone out with. Curtis walked up and said none of that sounds very satisfying. Bateman said sounds like his time with Maxine. Maxine slapped Curtis in the face, and Bateman started to get upset. He walked off, then came back and grabbed Maxine. Curtis said "nice, talk?" and rubbed his face.

Backstage, JTG was talking to Tamina saying they need to get out of Liverpool. The Uso's came up and complained that Tamina was talking to "this guy." JTG started to dis them back. Uso's almost got in a fight with JTG, but Tamina intervened. They left, and Tamina yelled at them that she'd be in JTG's corner tonight.

Jimmy Uso vs. JTG

Jey was ringside for Jimmy, while Tamina was there for JTG. During the match, JTG made the mistake of taunting the Uso's by mocking their dance/chant. Striker tried to ask Matthews his picks for Survivor Series, with Matthews firing back that he'd prefer to discuss NXT.

The two competitors traded pinfalls late in the match. Jimmy hit the Samoan Slam, and then the Superfly Splash off the corner for the big pinfall victory.

Winner: Jimmy Uso won via pinfall over JTG.

Titus O'Neil & Percy Watson vs. Johnny Curtis & Derrick Bateman

Titus and Percy arrived out to the ring first for the main event tag match. Next out were Bateman and Maxine hand-in-hand. Curtis came out behind them and took Maxine's other hand. Bateman walked over and took her away from Curtis, then walked down the ramp.

During the match, Bateman attacked Percy outside the ring with Curtis distracting the ref. Striker and Matthews discussed about how a love triangle can affect the mindstate of those involved. The heels kept wearing down Percy until he managed to smash Bateman face-first into his knee. Percy made the hot tag to Titus who came in on fire against Curtis.

The close saw Titus with a pinfall attempt on Curtis, but Bateman rushed in to break it up. Percy rushed in to fight Bateman. The ref had to pull Percy away and that allowed Bateman and Curtis to hit a high-low move behind his back on Titus. Curtis with the winning pinfall on Titus.

Post-match, Curtis offered a handshake to Bateman outside the ring. Bateman came over and grabbed Maxine to walk up the ramp. He caught Maxine turning to look back at Curtis as NXT ended.
,br> Winner: Johnny Curtis & Derrick Bateman win via pinfall over Titus O'Neil & Percy Watson.

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