Monday, November 7, 2011

Raw Preview 11/06/11

Last week's episode of Raw featured the big announcement from The Rock that he'll accept John Cena's request to team up for Survivor Series 2011.  The "most charismatic duo" in sports entertainment will take on the vicious heel tag team of Awesome Truth.  The Miz and R-Truth will be looking to gain more ground on their upcoming competitors.  Unfortunately for Cena, he's stuck on his own on Raw without the aid of The Rock.  Will Miz and Truth launch an attack on Cena on tonight's show?  What will Cena have to say regarding The Rock and the upcoming match?

Also in recent news, the tag team championships may be in danger.  It was recently announced in pro wrestling news that Evan Bourne was suspended for 30 days from WWE competition.  With that in mind, Kofi Kingston may be vulnerable to attacks from opposing tag teams looking to soften up the champions.  Will John Laurinaitis schedule Kofi for a match?  Will Kofi find himself in trouble on tonight's episode of Raw? 

This week also could see the huge announcement from Michael Cole.  The self-proclaimed "voice of the WWE" has said he will issue a challenge to the legendary Jim Ross.  For several weeks, Michael Cole has been showing photoshopped images of JR to mock the Oklahoma Sonners fan.  Cole has also promised to issue a major challenge to Ross.  Cole says should he lose in this contest, he'll quit his position.  What sort of challenge will Michael Cole make towards Jim Ross in their feud?

Watch tonight's episode of WWE Raw on USA at 9PM EST for all the answers!

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