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WWE NXT Results 11/02/11

WWE NXT Results from Greenville, SC:

NXT opened with a video package about the ongoing relationship between Derrick Bateman and Maxine. A slow romantic song played in the background as they showed highlights of them smooching and other scenes from NXT. Last week in the ring, Maxine agreed to marry Bateman at the end of the show.

Jack Korpela opened on commentary, welcoming fans to Greenville, SC. He said William Regal is there with him tonight. JTG's theme music played with JTG in the ring already. He called Greenville "Hatersville" and said it over again to get boos. JTG introduced the soon-to-be-married couple of Bateman and Maxine, making a remark about how this is everlasting love not 72 days of "fly-by-night love." Bateman came out carrying Maxine in his arms.

They got in the ring. Maxine told JTG to refer to them as "Bate-max" from now on. Bateman said if JTG keeps this up, he might be a "best man." JTG whispered into his ear and Bateman corrected it saying "best fly man." Maxine said Bateman's forgetting something, so JTG handed him the small box. Bateman got down on one knee and put a ring on Maxine's finger, then kissed her on the lips.

Titus O'Neil's music hit and he came out to interrupt along with AJ and Percy Watson. They made some remarks about Maxine looking like a fish or "Chicken of Sea" and called them the "Young and the Fish Lips." Bateman tried to defend his love, but Titus brought up that Bateman was supposed to find Maxine's father to ask for her hand in marriage. Titus said nobody can find her father though. Percy Watson pulled out a black bag with Titus pulling out a dead fish pretending it was Maxine's father. They pretened it said no and then in unison said "Guess you didn't take the bait man, get it Bateman?" A mini-fight broke out with Titus throwing Bateman out over the ropes. They chased JTG out and Maxine left too.

Matt Striker came out from backstage to interrupt their arguing. Striker announced the main event of JTG, Derrick Bateman & Maxine against Titus, Percy and AJ.

The Usos vs. Johnny Curtis & Tyson Kidd

The Usos did their warrior dance and chant up on stage before pyro exploded for their ring entrance. Highlights were shown of Hawkins and Kidd attacking The Uso's last week after a match with Yoshi Tatus intervening. Kidd came out complaining that Matt Striker suspended Hawkins and Reks from NXT for another week, but he found a replacement, winner of NXT season 4 Johnny Curtis.

Early in the match, one of the Usos got the upperhand on Kidd, then did a breakdance move to taunt him. Korpela and Regal talked about Cena and The Rock's upcoming team-up to face Miz and Truth. Regal said Uso's should be mentioned in the discussion of great tag teams with great teamwork.

Late in the match, Kidd knocked one of the Uso's off the apron then tried to jump off at him. Instead, the other Uso was out there and they caught Kidd, then launched him onto the crowd barrier. From there, they were able to doubleteam Curtis, hitting the Samoan Slam and the Superfly Splash.

Winners: The Usos win by pinfall over Tyson Kidd & Johnny Curtis.

NXT returned with Regal thanking Flo Rida for providing the 2011 Survivor Series theme song. From there, it was time for Raw Rebound showing various on-stage and backstage antics involving Muppets and WWE stars.

AJ was back in the locker room when Kaitlyn came in. They talked about the Maxine Bateman marriage a bit, then their matches for tonight. Kaitlyn said she can handle Tamina just like last week. AJ said she kind of got one over on Tamina. They tried to tell each other they were ready to go in the ring tonight with Tamina and Maxine. They did a "Chick Busters" handshake then left the scene.

Kaitlyn vs. Tamina

Korpela and Regal talked about how Kaitlyn pulled out a win at the last moment last week. Regal said earlier he talked to Tamina and she was squatting 300lbs to prepare for this match.

Kaitlyn connected on a big suplex to get control but as she ran at Tamina she ate a boot to the face, then was clotheslined down. Tamina dropped several knees and an elbow on Kaitlyn then pulled her up to toss her into the corner.

Later in the match, Tamina had a big headlock on Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn got to her feet but Tamina threw her down and then pounded on her for a near fall. Tamina put yet another hold on Kaitlyn, but she fought to her feet again and backed Tamina to a corner. Kaitlyn had a huge hip toss and then ducked Tamina on a cloteshline attempt. Kaitlyn with a big side slam for the finish.

Winner: Kaitlyn wins via pinfall over Tamina.

AJ, Percy Watson & Titus O'Neil vs. Maxine, JTG & Derrick Bateman

Korpela hyped up Survivor Series which is presented by WWE 12. The faces came out first, and then the heels. Bateman and JTG were trying to hold Maxine back from rushing down to the ring to attack AJ. The two NXT divas started off the match with maxine gaining the upperhand.

Percy Watson was in moments later to take down JTG. Titus tagged in to doubleteam him. Regal criticized Percy's jumping around rather than working on the competitor. Bateman soon tagged in to take punches from Percy.

The close saw the action break down after Bateman had a winning pinfall on Titus. Percy rushed in to break it up, so JTG got in and punched away on Percy. Percy ended up clotheslining JTG out to the floor. Maxine came in to check on Bateman, so AJ rushed over and tackled her down. The divas rolled to the outside, and Titus hit his finisher "Clash of the Titus" on Bateman for the big win.

Post-match, the face wrestlers celebrated together in the ring as Maxine slammed her hands down on the floor outside the ring.

Winners: Titus O'Neil, Percy Watson and AJ defeated Derrick Bateman, JTG & Maxine by pinfall.

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