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Raw Results 10/31/11

WWE Raw Results from Atlanta, GA:

Michael Cole opened on commentary to introduce WWE Raw. From there, The Rock showed up on location at an island or beach on the big screen to address Cena's choice of him for a Survivor Series tag partner. Rock said he could tell when Cena spoke in the ring last week, it was from the heart. So he said from the heart his answer was "hell no" because he'd rather slap the lips off Cena's face, then tag his hand.

Rock went on saying he started getting millions of tweets on Twitter from fans begging him to do it, for just one night. Rock said for the people and because Rock hates Miz and R-Truth, he will team with John Cena. He told Cena "Your wish just came true. For one night, You and the Rock will be a tag team." He told all the Cena fans running around at their parents homes to calm down. Rock said he'll team with Cena so he'll see what he's capable of before their Wrestlemania match in 2012. He said Rock & John Cena at Survivor Series, never before, never again...if you smell what The cooking."

CM Punk nearly defeated Mark Henry after a flying elbow off the top rope. Ricardo Rodriguez and Alberto Del Rio came to ringside. Rodriguez got in the ring and hit Mark Henry with a shoe several times, getting Punk disqualified. CM Punk angrily attacked Del Rio at ringside, then grabbed Rodriguez and tossed him into the ring. Henry did the World's Strongest Slam on Rodriguez with Del Rio watching in horror.

Michael Cole said tonight he will end an era by getting rid of Jim Ross once and for all. Cole said he's the voice of WWE forever, so he's not even considering quitting.

Kermit and Miss Piggy came out after an intro from Justin Roberts plugging their new movie. They were interrupted by Vickie Guerrero and Jack Swagger who made some remarks about them. Miss Piggy called Swagger "Frankenstein," and then Kermit apologize to "Mr Swagger and his mother." Vickie got enraged, but Santino Marella came out to interrupt. He said Mr. Larengytis booked him in a match against Swagger tonight. Santino also said that Dolph Ziggler will be busy in his own match against Zack Ryder. Kermit and Piggy laughed so Santino laughed too. Kelly Kelly's theme music played and she came out with a big sword. She kissed Kermit before heading down to the ring for a match.

Eve won a Divas costume battle royal to become #1 contender for the Divas Championship. She was dressed as Robin. Rosa Mendez was Cage Woman, Aksana was Morticia from Adams Family, AJ was Kitana from Mortal Kombat, Kaitlyn was Dog the Bounty Hunter, The Bellas were Mario & Luigi, Natalya was an Egyptian goddess, Beth Phoenix was Queen of the Ring and was on commentary for the match. After Even won, Natalya and Beth tried to go after her. Kelly and Alicia stepped in to intervene for Eve and punches were thrown with the heels eventually escaping the ring.

A backstage skit had Beaker trying to deliver a special energy drink to Santino Marella for his match. Christian bumped into Beaker and started talking to the Muppet. He took the energy drink and dumped it all out. Beaker started to freak out. Sheamus came in and asked Christian if there's a problem, but Christian just smiled and walked away. Sheamus and Beaker admired each others' hair, then Sheamus told Beaker he won't be at the family reunion this year but to give his best to Aunt Theresa.

Cody Rhodes and Wade Barrett defeated Air Boom by pinfall. Rhodes distracted Bourne when he was on the corner setting up for Air Bourne, allowing Barrett to capitalize and hit Wasteland for the win.

Backstage, CM Punk asked John Laurinaitis what he needs to do to get a WWE title shot, hand Laurinaitis his chapstick before corporate meetings. Laurinaitis said Punk will get the title shot, as long as Del Rio agrees to give him one. Punk said that sounds fair enough.

A promo video revealed that Brodus Clay is coming to Raw next week.

Big Show was able to defeat Alberto Del Rio by pinfall. Late in their match, Show was recovering in the corner, with Del Rio outside the ring. Del Rio got in and rushed at Show to jump at him o nthe corner, only to get clocked down by the Weapon of Mass Destruction KO punch. Post-match, CM Punk's theme music hit as Show was walking up the ramp backstage. They stopped and looked at each other on the ramp, then Punk walked to ringside. Punk grabbed a mic from ringside and then got into the ring with Del Rio layed out on the mat. Punk kicked Del Rio's arm aside, then sat down next to him saying "Amigo, can you hear me?" Punk splashed water in Del Rio's face from his bottle then said he needs him to comprehend this.

Punk said he's going to put Del Rio in the Anaconda Vice Grip until he says yes to a title match at Survivor Series. He locked the hold on Del Rio who started struggling to break out then said Punk can have the match at Survivor Series. Punk picked up the mic and told the crowd "He said Yes!" Punk said he'd see Del Rio at Survivor Series, then got out of the ring.

Backstage, Fozzy the Bear and Gonzo were talking about the WWE superstars. Gonzo said he could be a WWE champion. Just then, Vickie Guerrero walked up with Ziggler and Swagger. Gonzo repeated what he said about how he could be a champion. Swagger and Ziggler grabbed Gonzo's arms and stretched them out cartoon style then tied them around his head. Fozzy just started agreeing with anything they said and said he likes his short stubby arms. They walked off and Fozzy asked Gonzo if he was ok. He said he needed that adjustment.

A Muppets Movie video trailer aired for the new film. Animal was shown at ringside pounding away on the ring bell as Jack Swagger came out for his match with Santino. Vickie Guerrero was ringside. During the match, Santino was losing badly to Swagger. As Santino was resting on the bottom rope, Beaker came over with a flask of some sort of blue potion. Santino took it and gulped some down. As Santino stumbled around reacting to the drink, Swagger spun him around to attack. Santino spit the drink in Swagger's face, then did a schoolboy pin to win the match.

Zack Ryder defeated Dolph Ziggler in a non-title match. Late in the contest, Ziggler had a pin with his foot under the ropes, so the ref reversed his decision, continuing the match. Vickie tried to hold Ryder's leg later on, allowing Ziggler to lay him out. However, Ryder fought back and ultimately hit the Rough Ryder for the win.

Michael Cole announced that HR couldn't make it to Raw tonight due to inflammable bowel disorder. He said he'll announce his challenge next week instead of tonight.

In the main event, John Cena got attacked by a "fan" at ringside in a Scream mask. It turned out to be R-Truth. Despite the interference, Cena countered the Skullcrushing Finale and got the STF on Miz for the win. Post-match, Cena gave the AA to the guy in the Scream costume, R-Truth.

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