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WWE Superstars Results 10/27/11

WWE Superstars Results 10/27/11:

Jack Korpela opened the show on commentary talking briefly about the chance for one of the greatest tag teams ever to unite in several weeks (Cena + Rock). Matt Striker appeared on camera along with Korpela and they brought up how Cena wants to team with The Rock at Survivor Series. The Rock will give his answer on this Monday's Raw.

Cody Rhodes arrived out from backstage for the opening match. Rhodes had his bag men with him to hand out paper bag masks to fans at ringside.

Ted Dibiase vs. Cody Rhodes

Dibiase got an early backdrop to toss Rhodes to the mat. Dibiase locked on an armbar hold, but Rhodes got to his feet and fought out of it. Moments later, Dibiase countered a move by Rhodes and kicked him down for a near fall. Dibiase managed to avoid Rhodes on a charge and tossed him out through the ropes. As Dibiase went out to collect him, Rhodes punched him, then tried for his Beautiful Disaster kick. Instead, Rhodes was dropkicked by Dibiase. Superstars went to a break.

Rhodes had control when the show returned. He hung Dibiase upside down in the corner and kicked away on him, then followed with a face forward suplex. He used a combo of moves and a hold to try to wear Dibiase down in the ring.

Late in the match, Rhodes had a pinfall sitting on Dibiase. Dibiase kicked him against the ropes and then went over to grab Rhodes. Rhodes headbutted Dibiase near the ropes with his mask, then was able to hit Cross Rhodes for the win.

Winner: Cody Rhodes wins via pinfall over Ted Dibiase.

Ezekiel Jackson vs. Jinder Mahal

Late in the match, Jackson started to dominate and sent Mahal hard to the corner. He followed with a huge clothesline, then picked up Jinder on his shoulders. Once Jackson locked in the Torture Rack, Jinder Mahal quickly started tapping out.

Winner: Ezekiel Jackson wins by submission over Jinder Mahal.

Air Boom vs. JTG & Primo

Bourne used several quick and high flying moves to take down Primo, but Primo managed to avoid one move, then tagged JTG in to kick away on Primo. Primo and JTG started to work the doubleteam and continued tagging in and out to work on Bourne.

Later, Kofi got in and managed to hit a huge crossbody off the corner onto Primo for the near fall. He did the double boom leg drop, then prepared for the Trouble in Paradise. JTG tried to grab Kofi by the leg, so Primo went for a quick rollup. Kofi escaped it and managed to get SOS moments later. JTG rushed in to break up the pinfall.

The close saw Bourne come in to knock JTG out of the ring. Primo tried to toss Bourne out, but Bourne stayed on the apron and connected on a kick on Primo. Kofi hit Trouble in Paradise, then tagged Bourne in for Air Bourne to get the win.

Winner: Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne win via pinfall over JTG & Primo.

Superstars returned to show the Raw Rebound which included Cena vs. Miz and Truth in a 2-on-1 handicap match. This set up Laurinaitis allowing Cena to choose his own partner for a tag match at Survivor Series. Cena chose The Rock, who will give his answer on the next episode of Raw.

Eve & Kelly Kelly vs. The Bella Twins

Eve started things off against one of the Bellas who ran over to her sister. Eve rushed and slid under her legs to knock the Bella off the apron, then she had the quick rollup.

Eve got knocked on her back on the apron after one of the Bellas distracted the ref. They kept attacking with tags in and out, controlling the match against Eve. Eve shoved one of the Bellas into the other and tried to crawl over to tag Kelly but was cut off. They continued the doubleteam on Eve and worked on her hurt left arm.

The close of this one saw Eve finally make a hot tag to Kelly who jumped off the corner onto the Bella to attack. She knocked the other off the apron, then went to work on the legal Bella. Kelly did the stinkface, but as the ref was telling Eve to stay out of the ring, Kelly was yanked throat-first against the top rope. Eve managed to get in and fought off the illegal Bella, allowing Kelly to hit her K2 finisher on the legal Bella.

Winners: Eve & Kelly Kelly win via pinfall over The Bella Twins.

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