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Raw Results 05/14/12

Raw Results from Pittsburgh, PA:

Triple H entered the arena with his arm brace on.  John Laurinaitis was waiting for him and said he didn't realize Lesnar would do that to him, he said Hunter has his sympathy.  Laurinaitis asked HHH if he had anything to say, and Triple H said he would say it in front of the world.  He wished Laurinaitis good luck with Cena on Sunday.

Out in the arena, Triple H talked about how offended he and other members of the WWE legends are with Lesnar's conduct.  He talked about how Lesnar wasn't legitimizing anything.  HHH was eventually interrupted by Paul Heyman who served Triple H with papers saying he owes Lesnar millions per the contract that HHH breached when he ripped it up.  Triple H threw the papers back at Heyman after pushing him to a corner and said Lesnar will get all he deserves.  Heyman told Lesnar he'll be suing him for assault and battery next.

C.M. Punk and Santino Marella defeated Daniel Bryan and Cody Rhodes by pinfall.  Late in the match, Punk taunted a kick move on Daniel Bryan. Bryan fled from the scene.  Later, Cody Rhodes avoided The Cobra from Santino, but Punk got him with the GTS and scored the win.  Post-match, Bryan stared at Punk from the ramp.

Beth Phoenix defeated Alicia Fox by pinfall.  Phoenix hit the Glam Slam after about a minute or so to finish off Alicia.  Layla watched from the ramp.  Beth went to attack Alicia more post-match, but Layla rushed down to chase her off.

Kane defeated Big Show by pinfall.  John Laurinaitis and David Otunga were ringside.  At one point, JL got up and started demanding Show apologize.  That distraction helped Kane deliver a chokeslam for the win.

Post-match, Laurinaitis got into the ring and kept demanding a more sincere apology from Show.  Show talked about how long he's been in this business and finally got on his knees to beg Laurinaitis.  At one point he was in tears.  Despite all of the apologies and talk, Laurinaitis told Show from the top of the ramp "I wish you best in your future endeavors," firing Big Show.

R-Truth, Kofi Kingston, and Brodus Clay defeated The Miz, Dolph Ziggler, and Jack Swagger by pinfall.  The close saw Kofi hit Trouble in Paradise on The Miz, and then Brodus Clay hit his huge splash for the win.  Post-match, he brought his dancers and some kids into the ring to dance.

Backstage, CM Punk was talking with Alex Riley.  AJ walked up and Riley left.  AJ wished Punk good luck this weekend.  Punk told AJ she's been pretty unstable lately.  AJ looked unhappy with that remark.

Chris Jericho defeated Randy Orton by DQ.  Sheamus was on commentary during the match.  At one point, Jericho and Orton were fighting on the outside and Jericho tossed Orton into Sheamus, knocking him out of his chair.  As Jericho put Orton back in the ring and went to get in, Sheamus yanked Jericho out of the ring, causing a DQ for Orton.  Post-match, Sheamus and Orton nearly went at it in the ring, with The Viper angry that Sheamus cost him a win.  Referees intervened to prevent a fight.

The closing segment had John Laurinaitis come to the ring to talk about how he's a winner, and the world needs losers like Cena and all his fans.  He said that helps him to be a winner.  Laurinaitis kept ranting until Cena came out to interrupt.  He talked about how JL is a loser.  There were references to the local teams including the Pittsburgh Steelers and Penguins.

At one point, Eve came to the ring and handed a piece of paper to JL.  Cena snatched it away to read it.  It said their match on Sunday is a one-on-one match, no special guest referee, and no one is allowed ringside.  If any superstars intervene, they'll be immediately terminated.  Cena said if Laurinaitis loses the match he'll be fired.

Cena asked Laurinaitis what his big announcement he had was.  Laurinaitis walked over and slapped Cena in the face before leaving the ring.

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