Sunday, May 13, 2012

Raw Preview 05/13/12

Last week's episode of Raw saw more of the John Laurinaitis "People Power," as the General Manager continued to flex his corporate muscles.  Laurinaitis had attacked John Cena just a week prior, and informed the injured star that they'll be fighting at the Over The Limit Pay-Per-View.  Cena appeared live via satellite for last week's show to let everyone know he may be down, and hurt, but he's going to make sure he shows up to compete at OTL.  Will John Cena show up for tonight's episode of Raw?  If he does, what will his boss have in store for him?

Last week also saw WWE champion CM Punk face Daniel Bryan and Lord Tensai in a 2-on-1 handicap match.  The finish of the match saw Tensai put Punk down using his claw grip for a pinfall.  The aftermath saw Punk's future OTL opponent, Daniel Bryan, slap on the Yes! Lock to punish the champion even more.  Bryan has been boldly stating in recent times that he will become WWE champion at Over The Limit.  Will CM Punk have a response for Bryan on tonight's episode of Raw?

And finally, it seems like a trying time for The Big Show.  On last week's edition of Raw, he made the mistake of mocking his boss John Laurinaitis.  That brought Eve to the ring to chastise him and force an apology.  Laurinaitis further called out Big Show on Smackdown and told him he'll give another public apology on Raw.  Will Big Show humble and humiliate himself in front of the boss again, or will he have something else to say?

Make sure to watch tonight's episode of Raw starting at 9PM EST on USA!

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