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WWE Smackdown Results 05/04/12

WWE Smackdown Results from Toledo, OH:

The show opened with Josh Matthews welcoming fans to the show.  He was joined on commentary by Michael Cole and Booker.  Cole brought up a bunch of recent developments from Raw that would be discussed on tonight's show.

Sheamus defeated Daniel Bryan due to disqualification.  Late in the match, Sheamus gained control of things.  He almost lost it with the referee but gained his composure and tossed Bryan to the outside.  Suddenly, Sheamus got hit by a surprise high cross body from Ricardo Rodriguez.  That led to Alberto Del Rio locking his Cross Armbar on Sheamus.  Moments later, he gave it up, and Daniel Bryan put on the Yes Lock.  Bryan eventually released the hold and Sheamus crawled up the ramp.  Bryan and Del Rio argued over things in the ring.

R-Truth and Kofi Kingston defeated Hunico and Comacho by pinfall in a non-title match.  Late in the match, Kofi made the hot tag to Truth who came in like a wrecking ball.  At one point, Truth helped tossed Kofi over his head onto Hunico.  Kofi hit a headscissors to toss Hunico out through the ropes.  Comacho tried to attack Truth, but he did his breakdance split to avoid his strike, then connected with the Little Jimmy for the win.  Abraham Washington was on stage with Rosa Mendes, Primo and Epico watching the whole match.  He held them off from going down to the ring post-match.

Brodus Clay defeated Jack Swagger by countout.  Clay had control late in the match and was about to do his running splash move.  Swagger rolled out of the ring wanting no part of the finisher.  Vickie and Dolph retreated with him up the ramp leading to the countout.  Post-match, Clay and his Funkettes did their dancing in the ring with some kids from the audience.

The commentators fed to a video highlight package of what John Laurinaitis did to John Cena on Raw this past Monday with the help of Lord Tensai and his assistant.  Michael Cole said JL isn't even there to run Smackdown tonight, saying he took a personal day.

Daniel Bryan and Del Rio were quarreling backstage over Sheamus and whether or not they should face him.  Eve was there on behalf of Laurinaitis and said she would make a decision on whether or not Sheamus can compete after the ringside physicians check him out.  She ordered both guys to leave her office.

Damien Sandow made his debut on Smackdown with Hallelujah as his theme music.  Lilian Garcia announced him as the "Intellectual Savior of the Masses."  Derrick Bateman was his chosen opponent.  Sandow cut a promo saying he was not going to compete with the likes of an ignoramus like Bateman for the entertainment of all the people.  Sandow left and headed backstage.  Bateman got on the mic to talk about how he earned this spot by winning on NXT.  He said he wants a match now, so Ryback came out from backstage.

Ryback defeated Derrick Bateman by pinfall.  Bateman tried to get an early attack in, but it was shortlived.  Ryback flattened him with a big boot.  Later, Bateman tried to jump on Ryback's back to put a hold on  him.  Ryback dropped to the mat and hit a jawbreaker.  He followed with a huge clothesline and then his finisher with Bateman up on his shoulders, slamming him to the mat.  There were chants of "Goldberg" during the match.

Big Show and Randy Orton defeated Kane and Cody Rhodes by pinfall. Late in the match, all chaos broke out as Show was preparing a chokeslam on Rhodes.  Kane flew off the corner and took down Big Show.  Orton came in and hit the RKO on Kane, but then Rhodes came in the ring and tossed Orton shoulder first into the corner ringpost.  The close saw Show take over though as he batted down Cody on a Beautiful Disaster kick attempt.  From there, Show revved up his WMD punch and KO'd Rhodes for the pinfall win.  Cole said that Show gets his Intercontinental Championship rematch this coming weekend/week at live WWE events.

Matt Striker was standing by outside of Sheamus' locker room saying he was going to get an update on his condition.  All of a sudden, Sheamus burst out through the door with his arm taped up.  Striker asked his condition and Sheamus said he came to fight tonight and that's what he's going to do.  Striker was surprised and said "the match is on!"

Layla defeated Natalya by pinfall in a non-title match.  Natalya had early control hitting big moves including a huge clothesline to level the champion.  However, Layla was able to roll through a pinfall move at the end and hit her finisher the "Lay Out" for the win.

Josh Matthews brought up that John Cena is a guest star on SyFy's "Dream Machines" this coming week.  They showed footage including behind the scenes from the upcoming episode.  The episode airs on Tuesday night at 10pm EST on SyFy.

Backstage, Aksana was having makeup put on.  Eve came in to direct a photo shoot.  The new wrestler Antonio came in for the photoshoot with Aksana all over him.  Eve said something didn't look right, and said Antonio needs some oil on him.  The makeup lady came over to apply it, then Eve told her not to.  She called Teddy in instead and ordered him to.  Teddy reluctantly rubbed oil on Antonio's back.  Aksana told Teddy he forgot the front, so Teddy slapped oil on Antonio's chest as well.

Alicia Fox and Kaitlyn were talking backstage when AJ came into the scene.  AJ said she can't believe what she did to her last week and can understand if she won't forgive her.  Kaitlyn said she felt betrayed last week when AJ slapped her.  AJ said that wasn't her.  Kaitlyn said she was just looking out for her, and she needs to stop this little pity party over Daniel Bryan.  AJ looked at her and then slapped her hard, causing Kaitlyn to fall to the ground.

They showed the Raw Rebound.  It focused on Brock Lesnar having an in-ring confrontation with WWE COO Triple H.  Lesnar ended up attacking Triple H from behind and locking in an arm hold to snap HHH's arm.

Alberto Del Rio arrived out with Ricardo Rodriguez introducing him.  Matthews said Del Rio came here tonight in a $185k Bentley 2-door coupe.  Cole recapped the earlier incident with Ricardo attacking Sheamus so Del Rio could put the Cross Armbreaker on him.  Del Rio joined the commentary team for the main event match.

Sheamus defeated Daniel Bryan by pinfall in a non-title match.  Throughout the match, Bryan kept attacking the taped-up injured shoulder of Sheamus.  Del Rio chuckled and laughed from ringside watching.  Despite Bryan having control, Sheamus reversed Bryan's attempt to throw him into the corner ringpost, and threw Bryan into it instead.  From there, Sheamus grabbed Bryan against the ropes from the apron and smashed his fist on Bryan's chest repeatedly.  He backed off for a moment, then repeated it again before suplexing Bryan back into the ring.

Sheamus set up for his Celtic Cross move on Bryan, but Del Rio got up from the commentators table and got onto the apron.  Bryan tried to attack Sheamus from behind, but Sheamus grabbed him and tossed him into the ropes causing Del Rio to fall over the top rope into the ring.  Sheamus went after Del Rio who rolled out of the ring and retreated up the ramp.  Meanwhile, Bryan tried to get up on the top rope and jump at Sheamus for a missile dropkick.  Sheamus was ready with the Brogue Kick for the big win.  Del Rio was shown seething up on the ramp with Ricardo Rodriguez as Sheamus hoisted up his championship belt from the ring.

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