Sunday, June 24, 2012

No Money in the Bank 2012 Match for Cena?

Recent reports indicate that John Cena might not be a part of the next WWE Pay-Per-View, 2012 Money in the Bank in July.  Instead, the focus will be on Cena for a match at Summerslam 2012 against current WWE champion CM Punk.  That match would co-headline the event with Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H.

Of course, first they need Brock Lesnar, or his mouthpiece Paul Heyman, to accept Triple H's challenge.  That was layed down recently with Heyman trying to back out of it and call HHH out on his manipulation.  It ended up bad for Heyman, who got layed out on the mat, which probably sent a loud and clear message to Brock, wherever he was watching.  Once the match is official, which it pretty much appears to be, that gives one major matchup for the event.

The other would have John Cena going against CM Punk for the WWE title.  To get to that stage, it seems they're going to have to build Cena back into a #1 contender somehow.  Right now, Wrestling Inc. is saying there's no plans for Cena be in the RAW Money in the Bank ladder match.  It would be odd to see Cena carrying around a briefcase anyways.  However, he can probably lay claim to defeating guys like Show and Lesnar en route to a title shot.  Or they'll hold one of those "Beat the Clock" or other tournaments to set up Cena as the contender.

Other reports indicate that Cena probably won't win the title at Summerslam, however it's possible he'll be challenging for the title once again in his hometown in Boston, come September for Night of Champions.

The question is will Cena become champion again before the end of 2012?  Should he be?  CM Punk currently has a reign that's lasted for 216 days, extending since November 20, 2011 when he won the belt at Survivor Series.  Previous lengthy reigns went to John cena back in 2006 when he held the title for 380 days, Cena again in 2005 when he had a 280 day reign, and JBL's 280 day reign starting in 2004.  The Miz had a 160-day reign back in 2010.

How far will this current reign extend for CM Punk?  The longer, the better, as it shows plenty of respect for Punk's body of work.  However, you'd have to imagine that WWE enjoys the promotional and merchandise sales juggernaut that is John Cena.

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