Wednesday, June 13, 2012

NXT Results 06/13/12

Josh Matthews opened the show saying its less than a week from No Way Out PPV.  Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks came out to star off the show.  Regal noted that Hawkins and Reks' ring gear was a tribute to the Dynamic Dudes, a tag team which John Laurinaitis was part of before.

Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins defeated Derrick Bateman and Percy Watson.  Bateman fought off Hawkins who came in to fight him while he was defeating Reks.  Hawkins ended up kicking Bateman from the apron area while the ref was distracted by Watson.  Reks hit his finisher on Bateman to get the pinfall.

Kaitlyn defeated Natalya by pinfall.  Natalya managed to kick a charging Kaitlyn near the corner, then used the corner ropes to leverage a pin.  The ref saw it and stopped the count.  Natalya picked up Kaitlyn for what looked like it could be an Alabama Slam.  She ended up sitting on Kaitlyn for a pin attempt, but Kaitlyn rolled through to hold Natalya's legs for her own winning pin.  Natalya kicked and pounded the mat after losing, while Kaitlyn went over to the crowd to celebrate with fans.

The Uso Brothers defeated Michael McGillicutty and Johnny Curtis by pinfall.  Curtis had an Indian Deathlock on Jey late in the match.  Jey started battling out and tried to make a tag, but Curtis cut him off.  Regal talked to kick Curtis out ed about how enjoyable the match was for an old tag team wrestler like himself.

The heels continued to wear down Jey and work on his hurt leg.  Jey managed to finally break away for a tag after kicking McGill out of the ring and kicking Curtis down on the apron.  Jimmy came in all fired up and had a near fall on McGillicutty, who came back and hit a Saito suplex for a near fall.

Jey Uso came in and had a pinfall on McGill, but Johnny Curtis hit a legrop on him off the corner.  McGill crawled over for a pin on Jey, but Jimmy rushed in to break it up.  The close saw Jey Superkick McGill and tag Jimmy who hit the Samoan Splash off the corner to win it.  Regal begged the higher ups to bring more tag team matches like this to the fans.

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