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Raw Results 06/18/12

Raw Results from Uniondale, NY:

Justin Roberts introduced Mick Foley who came out in a suit.  He said he was contacted by the Board of Directors to audition as a possible GM.  This week, he will be interim Raw and Smackdown GM.  He said for his first match, he's set up Sheamus and CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan and Kane.  He said unfortunately, tonight is also John Laurinaitis' "farewell address."  Laurinaitis came out on his crutch, wearing a neckbrace.

He announced that he had booked a 3-on-1 handicap match before he was fired last night.  So later tonight, it's Laurinaitis, Otunga, and Big Show versus John Cena.  As JL walked up the ramp on his crutch, Sheamus' music hit and he came  down the ramp past him smiling.  Next, CM Punk's music hit and he arrived out to gloat as he walked past Laurinaitis.  Punk walked over and kicked fake dirt on JL before giving him the "you're outta here!"

CM Punk will be featured on tonight's Jimmy Fallon Late Show on NBC at 12:35 EST/11:35 CT.

CM Punk and Sheamus defeated Kane and Daniel Bryan by pinfall.  The close saw AJ come out to her theme music wearing a Kane mask and skipping around the outside of the ring.  That made Kane leave Daniel Bryan on his own to face Punk and Sheamus.  Punk tagged in Sheamus, then did GTS on Bryan, before Sheamus hit the Brogue Kick for the win.

Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler started arguing backstage over who is the better superstar.  Swagger said Ziggler was only World Champ for like 4 minutes.  Ziggler said he's been carrying Swagger for their team.  Vickie showed up and said she was sick of all their arguing.  She said it's time to find out who deserves her services most, leading to a Swagger vs. Ziggler match.

David Otunga and Laurinaitis were in an office backstage, gloating about the upcoming handicap match against Cena.  Show came in and asked what's funny, and Laurinaitis talked about how the odds were stacked against Cena tonight.  Show told them he doesn't find anything funny, and left.  Otunga said someone's in a bad mood, and Laurinaitis told him Cena will get his tonight.

Dolph Ziggler defeated Jack Swagger by pinfall.  Swagger had a good bit of offense during this one, attacking Ziggler's knee.  However, Ziggler escaped the ankle lock towards the end of the match, and hit his Zig Zag for the quick win.  Post-match, Vickie got in the ring and planted a big kiss on Ziggler.

They showed highlights of Triple H's speech from No Way Out PPV where he called out Brock Lesnar and challenged him to a Summerslam match.  Tonight, Lesnar's response.

Jerry Lawler talked about his most memorable episode of Raw from 1998, when Vince McMahon was in the hospital and got a visit from Mankind and Mr. Socko.  He also was paid a visit by Stone Cold Steve Austin who attacked Vince in the hospital bed, beating on his leg in a cast, and smashing a bedpan over his head.

Brock Lesnar's music hit and after a pause it was Paul Heyman that arrived out instead of Brock.  Heyman was all smiles as some fans cheered for him.  Heyman said that "no" Lesnar won't drop his lawsuit against WWE, and he won't drop his lawsuit against HHH.  He also said "no Brock Lesnar will not fight Triple H at Summerslam."  Heyman thanked everyone for their time and attention before starting to leave the ring.

HHH's music hit to bring him out before Heyman could exit though.  Triple H talked about how Brock Lesnar will appear on the Summerslam poster, and had it shown on the big screen.  He said all Lesnar has to do is to agree to fight him.  Triple H said if Lesnar doesn't do this, he'll go down as the guy that is scared of Triple H.  That got Heyman thinking about it, but he laughed it off, telling HHH to stop pretending to be a wrestler.  Heyman told him to go back home to his corporate tower and his family, because in Lesnar's world, HHH isn't king of anything.  Heyman started taunting HHH saying he was getting more and more like Vince daily.

When Heyman brought up Stephanie, Triple H grabbed him by the shirt collar and started choking him with Heyman saying he couldn't breathe.  HHH let go though, and Heyman said he knew HHH wouldn't hit him, because he can outthink him every time.  Heyman said he sees all of HHH's moves coming a mile away.  HHH paused for a moment, then clocked Heyman, leaving him laying on the mat.  Triple H got down and asked "did you see that coming?  Tell Brock Lesnar I'll see him at Summerslam, unless he's afraid the same will happen to him."  HHH dropped the mic and left the ring.

Alberto Del Rio defeated Santino Marella via submission.  Late in the match, Santino hit some moves and got ready to grab the Cobra sock.  However, Del Rio got up and hit an enziguiri kick, followed by the cross arm-breaker to make Santino tap.  Post-match, Del Rio kicked the Cobra away before leaving the ring.  Ricardo Rodriguez hit a single-arm DDT to add further insult to Santino, with Del Rio smirking from the ramp.

They had a segment where divas champ Layla came out to the ring and introduced Cyndi Lauper along with Wendi Richter, making their first appearance in 20 years for WWE.  They were interrupted in the ring by Heath Slater who told them all to get out of his ring and kept mocking them for being has beens that nobody cares about now.  Roddy Piper came out to get in Slater's face.  Slater said Piper didn't even like Lauper or Richter back in the day.  Piper said he was here to set the record straight, and actually gave Lauper a gold record (Piper had smashed one over Captain Lou Albano's head years ago in WWF).  He apologized for what he did to Lou.

Slater kept taunting and mocking them, trying to make then leave.  He said they all need to get out of the ring so the world can hear his new single again.  Piper thumbed him in the eye and Lauper smashed the gold record over his head, sending Slater down to the mat.  Everyone danced, with Slater apparently bleeding.  Cole apologized for the segment.

Rosa Mendes, Primo and Epico were in the ring looking upset over last night's No Way Out loss.  Abraham Washington came out to introduce his new tag team, and future champions, Prime Time Players.

Epico and Primo won by countout over Darren Young and Titus O'Neill.  Late in the match, Primo and Epico hit a double dropkick move on Young and O'Neil.  Since they already have the #1 contender spot, Young and O'Neil decided to leave the match, getting counted out.

John Laurinaitis came to the ring for the main event, accusing Cena of cheating last night.  He said tonight Cena gets the beatdown he deserves for what happened last night.  Laurinaitis said he (JL) will one day be in the Hall of Fame.  He introduced David Otunga.

Teddy Long ripped up his nametag at ringside and joined the commentators for the match.  When Big Show came out, he got on the mic and talked about how it took six men to defeat him last night.  He said that led to JL getting fired, and thanked him for his contract, and allowing him to be himself again.  Show said he's already proven himself against Cena, and is on to bigger and better things.  He left JL and Otunga to compete 2-on-1 against Cena.

John Cena defeated the team of John Laurinaitis and David Otunga by submission.  At one point, Laurinaitis asked for a tag since Otunga had Cena down.  Otunga tagged him in, so JL came in and threw his crutch down before tearing his neckbrace off.  Late in the match, Otunga decided to bail on Laurinaitis, leaving him on his own to face Cena.  Cena delivered a right hand and a flurry of offense on Laurinaitis, including Five Knuckle Shuffle.  He hit three AA's on Laurinaitis before eventually locking in the STF for the win.

Raw ended with Teddy Long celebrating ringside, as Laurinaitis was still down from the loss.  Cena celebrated as well and gave a "You Can't See Me" wave to Johnny.

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