Friday, June 22, 2012

Smackdown Results 06/22/12

Smackdown Results from Baltimore, MD:

Big Show arrived out to start off Smackdown and talked about how he could care less about Laurinaitis getting fired.  He also made excuses for why he lost to Cena at No Way Out.  Show then vowed to win Money in the Bank.  Brodus Clay came out with his dancers, but then went down to the ring to attack Big Show.  He gained control of things, until David Otunga showed up and clipped Clay's leg.  Show was able to land a knockout punch to put Clay down.  Otunga cut a promo about Brodus before he danced and flexed his muscles some.

Ryback won his usual 2-on-1 handicap squash match by pinfall after hitting his finisher on both opponents, at the same time.

Mick Foley was backstaged with Yoshi Tatsu, when Vickie Guerrero arrived.  Yoshi called her ugly.  Vickie says she'll be the GM/host for Raw and Smackdown next week.  She tells Foley if he does anything wrong while he's in charge, she'll make him her assistant next week.  Foley says then he gets to be on TV two straight weeks.  Great Khali comes in at the close of the segment.

Alberto Del Rio defeated Christian by submission.  Late in the match, Ricardo was able to cause a distraction while Christian was on the top rope.  Del Rio kicked Christian off there and put the Cross Arm Breaker on to make him tap.  Post-match, Cody Rhodes came out to attack Christian's arm.

Kane defeated Daniel Bryan by pinfall.  AJ was guest timekeeper for the match, and  rang the bell when Bryan had Kane in the Yes lock.  Bryan released the hold, because he thought he had won, but Kane hadn't tapped.  Kane chokeslammed Bryan for the pinfall win.

Mick Foley came to the ring to cut a promo.  He was eventually interrupt by Heath Slater.  Slater complained about what happened to him on Raw this past week.  Foley then introduced Slater to his Smackdown opponent, Zack Ryder.

Zack Ryder defeated Heath Slater by pinfall.  Post-match, Ryder and Foley were backstage talking when Damien Sandow showed up.  He told Ryder about his ignorance, which didn't sit well with Ryder.

Darren Young and Titus O'Neil defeated The Usos by pinfall.  Abraham Washington was ringside and helped screw the Usos out of the win.  Titus O'Neil had the winning pinfall.

They had a backstage segment with Primo and Epico arguing with the Prime Time Players tag team.  Primo and Epico punched down Abraham Washington, then brawled with O'Neil and Young.

Sheamus defeated Dolph Ziggler by pinfall in the main event.  After a lengthy bit of offensive exchanges, Sheamus connected on a Brogue kick to get the win over Ziggler.

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