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Smackdown Results 6/01/12

WWE Smackdown Results from Baton Rouge, LA:

The opening segment saw World Champion Sheamus arrive out to discuss how he won't be kissing Del Rio's butt like everyone else, but he'll be kicking it at No Way Out in several weeks.  David Otunga came out and demanded that Sheamus officially apologize for what he did to John Laurinaitis when he bumped into him on Raw.  Sheamus said Otunga can't order him around like he orders his coffee though.  He said JL needs to come out and get the apology on his own.

Alberto Del Rio drove out in a fancy car, then came to the ring saying Otunga shouldn't expect an apology from "a peasant like Sheamus."  He said Sheamus is the type of person that ends up working for people like them.  He said after No Way Out, Sheamus will no longer be the champion.  Otunga said Sheamus needs a more immediate punishment, so he said JL gave him permission to let Del Rio pick Sheamus' opponent tonight.  They shook hands, but then Sheamus landed a Brogue Kick on Otunga, who fell into Del Rio.  Del Rio rolled to the outside and ran up the ramp.

Sin Cara defeated Heath Slater by pinfall.  The match lasted just over two minutes.  At one point, Sin Cara took Slater to the outside then took him down with a clothesline.  As Sin Cara got back in the ring, Slater kicked him, then stomped away on him.  However, Sin Cara made a comeback and eventually hit a tilt-a-whirl face buster as his finisher for the win.

Damien Sandow defeated Ezekiel Jackson by pinfall.  Sandow tried to say he wouldn't be wrestling tonight against an ignoramus like this.  He said "You're welcome" and tried to leave, but Zeke grabbed him an brought him back.  Zeke beat up Sandow in the corner a bit, then tried for the Torture Rack.  Sandow slipped out and connected with some knees to the gut.  He hit a side Russian leg sweep and an elbow drop for a near fall, before ultimately hitting his neckbreaker finishing move for the win.

Ricardo Rodriguez was talking to Del Rio backstage in Spanish.  Del Rio told him to shutup so he could think.  Dolph Ziggler came in and requested for Del Rio to make him Sheamus' opponent tonight.  Del Rio congratulated him saying he'll face Sheamus tonight and shook his hand.

"Unstoppable" by Charm City Devils is the official No Way Out PPV theme song.

Ryback defeated Ryan Shelton and Chris Lyons by pinfall in a 2-on-1 handicap match.   The two amateurs from Alabama got on the mic to say they had a saying that gets them through tough times and started a "Roll Tide Roll" chant which angered the Louisiana crowd.  Ryback's music hit to bring him out to the ring.  Ryback picked up one guy on his shoulder and kicked down the other before Powerbombing him. He picked up Lyons and used him to knock down Shelton.  Ryback yelled out "Finish It" and then did his finisher on both guys, hoisting them both up on his shoulders and marching around before falling backwards for a slam.  He put one guy on top of the other and made the pin.

They showed the Raw Rebound which featured Big Show's mass destruction during the main event on the show.  He was scheduled to face Brodus Clay, and ended up attacking him before the bell.  Show then tossed Clay around the ringside area, as well as tag champs R-Truth and Kofi Kingston who came down to try to make a save.

They hyped up the Cena vs. Show match for No Way Out, and then Josh Matthews said Brodus Clay had bruised ribs but refused medical treatment.  He said for more info on Truth and Kingston to check out  Vickie Guerrero came out to do an intro for Ziggler, but he came out and yanked the mic away.  Ziggler walked down to the ring and said "tonight I'll beat the World Heavyweight Champion."

Sheamus defeated Dolph Ziggler by pinfall in a non-title match.  Late in the match, Ziggler jumped on Sheamus' back to try for a Zig Zag, but Sheamus countered and hit White Noise instead.  He got in the corner and revved up for the finish by beating on his chest.  Swagger came to the ring and got on the apron to try to interfere.  Ziggler got in one kick on Sheamus' leg, but then the champ shoved him against Swagger on the side.  Sheamus came back with a hard Brogue Kick to take the pinfall win.

Striker talked to WWE champ CM Punk about his match against Kane tonight with the title on the line.  Punk said he represents everything John Laurinaitis doesn't represent in this world.  Punk said JL is everything "I can't stand in the world."  Punk said Kane's a tough opponent and went through his various nicknames.  Punk said he's got his too, "Best in the World."  He said tonight he'll make "Devil's Favorite Demon Go to Sleep."

They showed a replay of highlights of Darren Young and Titus O'Neil defeating The Uso's last week.  They had a picture-in-picture of Young and O'Neil giving earlier comments.  They said from now on they can be referred to as the "Prime Time Players."

Santino Marella & Zack Ryder defeated Darren Young & Titus O'Neil by pinfall.  The heels isolated and beat on Santino in the corner, and at one point Zack came in to try to intervene.  Darren Young beat him away, but moments later Santino got a quick surprise rollup on D-Young to grab the win.  Santino and Ryder celebrated and backed up the ramp ecstatic.  However, The Big Show came out behind them and grabbed the tag team, then shoved Santino into the WWE logo up on stage.  He punched Ryder down the ramp, then threw him hard into the crowd barrier and steel steps.  Show used the steps some more on the ramp to slam Ryder on and smash Santino's face against, before putting a Camel Clutch on him on top of the steps.  Show lifted Santino's head and gave him a KO punch to leave him KO'd on stage.

Backstage, AJ was wearing a CM Punk t-shirt, when Daniel Bryan came up and questioned if she really thinks CM Punk cares about her.  AJ asked Bryan why he cares what she does.  Bryan said he doesn't, but he used to, which is more than can be said for CM Punk.  The commentators talked about AJ's mental state with Booker saying "let's say she's a bit confused" and Cole adding "she needs counseling."

Intercontinental Champion Christian joined the commentators on commentary for the next match.  Highlights were shown from Over the Limit PPV where Christian defeated Cody Rhodes for the title.

Cody Rhodes defeated Tyson Kidd by pinfall. Cody Rhodes had control and yelled over to Christian "you watching this?"  Tyson Kidd staged a comeback in this one with several impressive moves.  He went for a Sharpshooter, but Rhodes managed to send him hard to the corner, then hit Cross Rhodes for the win.  Post-match, Rhodes left the ring and walked over towards Christian who got up and just held up the IC championship belt to show him who is current champ.

They showed an Antonio Cesaro video package which had "The Future is Here" as its slogan.  It promoted Cesaro for appearing on Smackdown next week.

CM Punk and Kane fought to a double DQ in a WWE title match.  AJ came down to the ringside area about midway through to watch, but Kane was in control on the outside and dumped Punk on the barrier.  Kane went for a chokeslam at one point, but Punk countered with a big DDT.  He followed with the running knee on Kane in the corner and a near fall moments later.

Kane went to the top rope once he had Punk down on the mat.  Punk got back up and landed a dropkick mid-air as Kane jumped off the corner.  Punk then climbed the corner for a high risk move, but then AJ jumped up on the apron and started pointing over towards the ramp.  Punk looked over just to see Daniel Bryan rushing down, and jumped off onto him.  He punched Bryan a few times, then got on the apron to roundhouse kick Kane down.  Punk hit a huge elbow drop and had the pin, but Kane kicked out.

Kane set up for the chokeslam later, but Daniel Bryan got up on the corner and then hit a huge double dropkick on both guys.  He kept kicking Punk repeatedly yelling "Yes!" but Punk made a comeback and blasted Bryan down with a huge clothesline.  Punk was about to hit GTS on Bryan, but Kane got back in the ring and chokeslammed both men down.

Kane did his pyro and started to head up the ramp but was cut short as John Laurinaitis' "People Power" music hit.  Laurinaitis came riding out on his motorized scooter with Eve walking out behind him.  He got on the mic and announced the WWE championship match at No Way Out will now be a Triple Threat (Kane vs. Bryan vs. Punk).  Laurinaitis ended with "People Power!"  His music played on as AJ was in the ring looking at both Bryan and Punk while Smackdown ended.

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