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Raw Results 05/28/12

WWE Raw Results from New Orleans, LA:

The special holiday episode opened with a 2012 Memorial Day tribute video in honor of all the troops protecting us then and now.  A video came up after the Raw intro theme to recap the latest incidents involving John Cena, Big Show, and John Laurinaitis.

Show came out to address the crowd wearing a business suit as the kept chanting for Cena.  He talked about how Cena disappointed him when he didn't stick up for Show losing his job.  He had a clip shown from Cena making jokes at Laurinaitis in the ring.  Show said he plans to do something that "won't be pretty" at the No Way Out PPV.  He said he plans to make this the biggest loss of Cena's career and that puts a smile on his face.

Alberto Del Rio defeated Santino Marella by submission in a non-title match.  Del Rio avoided The Cobra, and got Santino down in the Cross Arm Breaker to make him tap out.  Post-match, Ricardo Rodriguez got on the mic and in Santino's face on the mat to keep announcing Del Rio as winner.

They showed Alex Riley backstage telling Eve how she's doing a great job right now.  Big Show came up and Eve told hm Mr. Laurinaitis said he could pick his opponent tonight.  Riley acted worried he would be the choice, but Show told him to relax.  He said he's going to send a message to the locker room, then slammed Riley into the wall.

Kofi Kingston and R-Truth defeated Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger to retain the WWE Tag Team Championships.  Late in the match, Truth hit his finisher the Little Jimmy on Swagger for the pin.  Post-match, Swagger was irate and yelled "I'm better than this," then left the scene without Swagger.

They showed Santino getting helped backstage by a trainer/med staff for his arm.  Big Show came in and the trainer told him that Santino's hurt.  Show said Santino might be his opponent tonight, since Santino went on like everything was fine after Show got fired.  Show asked him if it was funny now.  Brodus Clay came in and said he heard Show was talking behind his back, and told him to say it to his face.  Brodus said to pick him as his opponent tonight and he'd give Show something else to cry about.  Show told Brodus to forget about dancing, since he won't be walking after tonight.  Show left, and Clay's dancers came into the scene with him.

John Laurinaitis rode out to the ring on his scooter, with Eve and David Otunga with him.  He unveiled the cover of the new WWE 13 video game which had his picture on the front.  He said the game will be bigger than "Pac-Man" and kids will love it.  CM Punk came out to interrupt and had the real cover shown, as a huge banner dropped down which showed him on the real game cover.  He told Laurinaitis the Board of Directors is watching his every move so don't give them more ammunition.  He told JL to get out of the ring since he has a match next against Daniel Bryan.  JL wished him good luck.  After he left the ring, Punk kicked the Laurinaitis poster of the game set up in the ring.

Daniel Bryan defeated CM Punk by pinfall in a non-title match.  AJ came to ringside for the match wearing a Punk t-shirt.  At one point in the match, Bryan pulled a turnbuckle cover off and the ref didn't see it.  AJ got on the apron to tell the ref but he yelled at her to get down.  Punk told her she couldn't be out there like that.  Punk ran at Bryan after, but Bryan picked him up and dropped Punk on the exposed turnbuckle before pinning him.

Post-match, Bryan was doing his "Yes!" chant repeatedly when Kane came out to the ring and smashed him with a chair.  Kane then did a chokeslam on Bryan.  AJ slid a chair in the ring to Punk who hit Kane with it until he fled the ring.

Christian defeated The Miz in a non-title match.  Cody Rhodes sat ringside to help provide commentary.  Late in the match, Miz went for Skullcrushing Finale.  Christian countered into an attempted Killswitch.  Miz broke free of it, but moments later Christian hit the move and then his new Frogsplash move for the pinfall win.  Christian showed the belt to Cody Rhodes who left to go backstage.

They had a backstage segment in Laurinaitis' office where he talked to Eve and Otunga.  Eve sent Teddy Long away to go get coffee for her.  JL told Eve and Otunga he was disappointed in recent events on Smackdown and needed to know he can count on them.  They said he can.  Teddy returned with a coffee for Eve.  She spit it out on him saying it was cold, but Teddy told her it was ice coffee.

The Miz stayed in the ring after losing to Christian.  He began ranting about how his latest match wasn't even for the Intercontinental title and he wants it stricken from the record books.  He said he won the WrestleMania match for Team Johnny, and questioned where his contract, video game cover and championship matches were.

Randy Orton's music hit and he interrupted Miz.  Orton came to the ring with Miz talking trash at him.  Orton dropped him with the RKO without even saying a word.

They showed Dolph Ziggler backstage with Vickie, pointing to Orton on the monitor.  He said that needs to be him, and told Vickie to get him out of the tag team scene and out there by himself.

Sheamus defeated David Otunga by pinfall in a non-title match.  They reminded fans that Sheamus will defend his World Championship against Del Rio at No Way Out.  Late in the match, Otunga was up on the apron and Sheamus repeatedly bashed his fist on his chest.  He followed with White Noise, then backed up to the corner and began pounding his chest.  As Otunga got up and turned around, Sheamus connected on the Brogue Kick to take him down for the pinfall.

They showed Brodus Clay walking backstage with his Funkettes dancing by his side.  Cole said Brodus won't be walking after his match tonight, according to Big Show.

The Big Show and Brodus Clay match never officially started.  Brodus Clay made his entrance with the Fukadactyls.  They danced in the ring before Clay's pyro went off.  Show's music hit and he arrived out on stage with a mic in his hand.  He said he actually admired Clay, and brought up how Show felt like a sellout back at the Wrestlemania he wore a diaper for a sumo match.  He said Clay's selling out on a nightly basis.  He said maybe Clay can put on some makeup and be the next "Doink the Clown."  Show said only thing is Doink actually had talent.

Clay was upset by the trash talk and got down out of the ring to the bottom of the ramp.  Show kept talking and then finally rushed down to spear tackle Clay down into the ringside area.  He kept beating up on him around the ringside area, with Clay trying to come back with some punches.  Show slammed him into the ringpost several times.

Kofi Kingston rushed to the ring and tried to jump off the steel steps at Show. Show caught him mid-air and then saw R-Truth running over, so he threw Kofi onto Truth.  The tag team champs were layed out near the barrier, as Show walked over to the commentary table and scared Cole/Lawler away.  He stepped through the table to break it, then took one of the side pieces of the table to smash on Brodus Clay.

Show kept tossing everyone around, including throwing Truth against the ropes from the outside of the ring, and tossing Kingston through the timekeepers area.  He finally wound up his WMD KO punch and clocked Clay in the face, then glared at the audience.

Cole and Lawler recapped what Show just did, showing replays of all of the big spots.  Show walked around the ring and stopped at a fan in the front row holding a Sellout sign.  Show's theme song played as he started to walk up the ramp.

John Laurinaitis came out on the stage with his crutch to greet Show.  Laurinaitis raised up Show's hand smiling.  Cole said things will be different next week when John Cena is back on Raw.  Clay was shown layed out ringside before another shot of Show and Laurinaitis was seen as Raw went off air.

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