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WWE Raw Results 09/24/12

Raw opened with CM Punk and Paul Heyman in the ring talking about the injustice of the decision last week by the ref missing Punk's foot on the ropes.  Punk and Heyman called the referee out and asked him to resign.  The ref said he made a mistake, but won't resign.  Heyman and Punk asked where he came from and he said when Raw went to 3 hours, AJ Lee called to ask him to be a ref.  Heyman called him a replacement ref.  Punk and Heyman kept berating the guy until AJ came out skipping down to and around the ring.

In the ring, AJ chastised them for berating a referee on her show.  She said he made a mistake but she won't be reversing the decision.  Punk insinuated that AJ set this up because Punk wouldn't marry her a while back and broke off their relationship.  He said he was the one who put the skip in her step and told her to tell everyone "I'm the best in the world."  Heyman pulled Punk aside and said he'd handle things.  He got down on one knee to propose to AJ, saying they'd be the ultimate power couple trumping Angelina and Brad, Bill and Hillary, and Stephanie and Triple H.  Heyman kept up his plea, and then AJ slapped him, before leaving the ring and storming up the ramp.

Backstage, another ref was talking to the guy from earlier who got yelled at by Heyman and Punk.  AJ showed up and the ref thanked AJ for standing up for him tonight.  AJ told the referee if that happens again, he will never work again.  She said she doesn't like cleaning up his messes.  She said she put him in the main event and he made her look like an idiot.  AJ started staring off into space as the guy apologized.  He walked off and AJ started to smile before tearing up a bit. 

Cole was on commentary with Jim Ross filling in for Lawler on commentary.  An "Excuse Me" came belting out from the mic as Vickie arrived to introduce Dolph Ziggler.

Dolph Ziggler defeated Kofi Kingston by pinfall.  Cole and Ross said this one started over a Twitter war of words.  Truth accompanied Kofi to the ring, and then went over to the commentary area.  He put an extra chair over next to him for Lil Jimmy then poured a little water out on the chair.  Vickie came over and made faces at "Lil Jimmy" causing Truth to get up all upset.  Kofi and Ziggler got involved, with Truth throwing his water all over Vickie.  She went into a hissy fit, and then the ref told both her and Truth to go backstage.

Late in this one, Kofi went for Trouble in Paradise, but Ziggler countered.  Kofi tried for SOS, but Ziggler shoved him off.  Kofi went to the apron and hit a pendulum kick on Ziggler followed by a springboard move for a near fall.  Moments later, he had a crosbody off the second rope for another near fall.  Once both guys got up, Ziggler hit Kofi in the gut, then hit Zig Zag, but was slow for the cover, allowing Kofi to kick out.  Kofi followed from there with SOS and Ziggler managed to kick out of that.  The finish saw Ziggler throw Kofi into the corner causing him to hit the mat hard.  ZIggler followed up with Zig Zag to finally secure the pinfall.

Jim Ross talked about how Cena had elbow surgery in Alabama with Dr. James Andrews last week and how it was a bit worse than initially expected.  Ross said Cena will speak on his future plans tonight on Raw.

They showed highlights from Friday's Smackdown with the incidents involving Daniel Bryan and Kane interfering in each other's singles matches, causing each other to lose.  However, they won a tag team bout at the end of the night against Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes, then did some chair bashing on them and all the lumberjacks around the ring.

Cole and Ross talked about Dr. Shelby's radical new form of therapy.  They showed a clip from a diner earlier today in Albany.  Shelby said he set up a role playing exercise to try to help them get along better.  Kane came up walking up to their table in a waitress apron.  Bryan placed an order including a tag team partner who isn't a big red freak.  Kane talked about how earlier he got rid of the cook by dumping his head in the deep fat frier and then sprinkling his goat face beard all over the dish.  An older lady seated nearby started to get scared.  Dr. Shelby asked Kane if he was kidding.  Kane said "I don't know what you're talking about, my name is Gerald."

Cole said in Raw Active tonight, fans can pick the official tag team name for Daniel Bryan and Kane.

Cole announced that @CrissANgel is the official Social Media Ambassador for Raw tonight.

The Prime Time Players defeated Santino Marella & Zack Ryder via pinfall.  Santino got control of things late hitting his move set on Darren Young, including the diving headbutt.  However, at one point he missed a blind tag made by Titus to Young.  Santino prepared his Cobra punch, but Titus came up from behind him and grabbed his arm.  Titus shoved Santino to the ropes then hit Clash of the Titus for the win.

Mick Foley arrived out and started to talk about CM Punk and his recent alignment with Paul Heyman.  That brought out Punk to get in his face in the ring.  Foley talked about relevancy and being a legendary champion.  He told Punk he thinks he needs to prove he's that legend by going at it with Cena in Hell in a Cell next month.  Foley told Punk that AJ gave him permission to come out and extend the offer to Punk to have the match.  Foley told Punk Cena just had surgery but he'll be ready by Hell in a Cell, so Punk will need to decide later on tonight.

Ryback defeated The Miz via pinfall in a non-title match.  Ryback totally dominated The Miz in this one, with Miz unable to get any sustained offense.  At one point, Ryback was getting revved up and a random fan got into the ring.  Several refs tackled him down so security could get him.  Ryback finished things up on Miz with the Shellshock for the win.

Backstage, AJ was holding a meeting with four referees saying they're the backbone of the WWE.  She says occasionally mistakes are gonna happen, and put her arm around the ref who made the call in Punk's match last week.  She told them to go out there and give it their best.  Alberto Del Rio, David Otunga and Ricardo Rodriguez showed up.  AJ said she saw all three of them have been a victim of the Brogue Kick, so tonight they get a shot at redemption.  AJ said she booked a six man tag match with Sin Cara, Rey Mysterio and Sheamus vs all three of them.

Wade Barrett defeated Tyson Kidd by pinfall.  Barrett hit his huge clothesline finisher to get the big win.

After commercials, Michael Cole was in the ring to update everyone on Lawler's condition.  Cole said he spoke to the doctor earlier saying it's an absolute miracle that Lawler is progressing so rapidly after the trauma he went through.  Cole asked the fans to welcome Lawler live from his home in Memphis, TN.  Jerry was shown seated in a King's throne in his home live on satellite.  Barrett apologized for his raspy voice but thanked the WWE Universe for all their support through this tough time.  Lawler said the last thing he can remember is the first segment of Raw, when Bret Hart came out and got confronted by CM Punk.  Lawler said he knows he had a match with Orton against Punk and Ziggler but didn't remember any of that or anything after that.  

Lawler also said when he woke up in the hospital in Montreal he thought he and his girlfriend were still on a trip they had recently taken to Aruba.  Lawler said it seems like everyone he's ever encountered in his life has sent well wishes and prayers.  He said from the bottom of his heart it's meant a lot to him.  Cole asked when the King will march back down the stage to take his commentary position on Raw.  Lawler said he defies anyone to sit next to Cole for 3 hours and not have a heart attack.  He said as soon as his doctors give clearance he'll be back to the show.

Sheamus, Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara defeated Ricardo Rodriguez, Alberto Del Rio and David Otunga via pinfall.  Ricardo Rodriguez got involved at one point, coming in to take on Sin Cara.  Cara had the early advantage, but Del Rio delivered a cheap shot kick to Cara's back, allowing Ricardo to attack.  Ricardo kicked Cara in the gut then tagged in Del Rio for more damage to Sin Cara.  Ricardo got back in again with Del Rio instructing him to try to remove Cara's mask.  Cara kicked Ricardo in the head then did a head scissors to toss him across the ring.  Del Rio and Mysterio both tagged in with Rey taking control.  Del Rio gained the advantage though and used some rest holds to keep down Mysterio.

Mysterio eventually broke away to make a hot tag to Sheamus, as Del Rio tagged in Otunga.  Sheamus got control of things and went for a Brogue Kick, but Otunga tagged Ricardo and fled the ring.  Sheamus tossed Ricardo into the ring then eventually got him on the apron for the chest bashing move.  Del Rio got on the apron but Sheamus knocked him away.  Ricardo fell onto the middle rope so Rey got in to do the 619.  Cara got the finisher with his diving move from the corner for the win.  Cara's music played as the three winners celebrated.  Prime Time Players were shown backstage during this one watching it go down.  Post-match, Otunga was trying to recover in the corner with Cara and Rey pointing it out to Sheamus.  Otunga turned around and Sheamus ran to connect on a huge Brogue Kick.

They had another segment at the diner with Dr. Shelby counseling Kane and Daniel Bryan.  He had them each eat a bite of the other's meal.  Kane had to try some salad and Bryan had to have a meatball from Kane's pasta dish.  After they each took a bite, Shelby asked them to say how they feel.  Kane burped in Shelby's face.  Bryan said "it wasn't as bad as I thought."  Bryan started to look sick then, and Shelby started telling him to hold it, then said "No, No, No!" but it was too late as Bryan puked on Shelby's lap.  Kane watched and chuckled them raised his hand up and said "Check please."

Fans got to choose the official tag team name for Daniel Bryan and Kane: Team Teamwork, Team HellNo, Team Friendship.

Daniel Bryan and Kane came to the ring with their tag team championships.  Cole had the results of the tag team name Twitter poll revealed, and Team Hell No will be their official name.  Just then, Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes rushed into the ring and attacked Kane and Bryan from behind, each hitting their finishers on them.  As Sandow and Rhodes backed up the ramp, Rhodes got on the mic saying "Let's talk real tag team names," then revealed he and Sandow are the Rhodes Scholars.  Sandow said "Now you really have something to be angry about, You're Welcome!"  Cole and Ross talked about how the tag champs are sitting ducks right now.

They replayed the earlier incident involving AJ Lee getting proposed to by Paul Heyman.

Eve Torres and Beth Phoenix defeated Layla and Alicia Fox by pinfall.  Beth seemed to do most of the work but Eve came in to score the winning pinfall.  As they were celebrating in the ring, all of a sudden Kaitlyn's music hit.  She came walking out onto the stage with a crutch.  She said she saw the security footage from her attack at Night of Champions.  She told them that she couldn't see her attacker's face, but she saw her hair, and it was a blonde.  Eve looked shocked and started pointing to Beth, accusing her. Beth looked puzzled and started arguing with her.  Beth went over to the ropes to try to yell out to Kaitlyn she didn't do it.  As Beth turned back around, Eve kicked her in the gut, then hit a swinging neck breaker to leave her layer out on the mat.

John Cena was shown backstage talking to a member of the WWE staff.

Lord Tensai defeated Brodus Clay due to disqualification.  Tensai arrived without Sakamoto for the match.  Tensai got the early advantage after smashing Brodus in the corner.  Brodus came back to headbutt Tensai down and then splashed him in the corner.  He hit a modified suplex and then went for his big splash move, but Tensai rolled away.  Tensai went for his Senton splash but Brodus moved.  All of a sudden, Big Show's music hit and he came down to the ring.  Show got on the apron and then clocked Tensai with the KO punch, causing the ref to call for the bell.  Brodus started to get revved up as Show climbed into the ring.  Clay charged Show but got knocked out by the right hand punch as well.

They announced that Big Show and Randy Orton will square off in the ring on Friday's Smackdown.

John Cena came out in a right arm sling to a typical mix of cheers and boos.  Cena got in the ring and held the mic out to survey the crowd response before speaking.  Cena said as always there's mixed emotions about him being there tonight.  He said he wasn't supposed to be there, but with his future in question he wanted to come say "thank you" personally.  He removed his pink "Rise Above Cancer" hat and thanked everyone for the overwhelming support the WWE Universe has sent forth.  Cena said don't ever doubt the WWE Universe, a "very powerful group of people."  Cena also thanked everyone for their well wishes and support, even the guys over in the crowd booing him.

Cena cut a promo on his feelings about CM Punk, saying he did everything he could to keep it PG.  Cena said he also apologizes for the arm situation, he says they have fun every Monday night because of the fans.  Cena said he wanted to make a guarantee tonight that he will walk into Hell in a Cell as a fighter.  He continued to make his guarantee, but then was interrupted by CM Punk's theme music.  Punk came out with Heyman trailing him holding up the WWE championship belt on the stage.

Punk and Heyman got in the ring, with Punk applauding before he got on the mic.  He told Cena it was a beautiful speech.  Punk told Cena to be a politician instead of a wrestler, because he has character assassination down pat.  Punk said he doesn't buy into the crap Cena shovels, like the masses in Albany might.  Punk said he's not going to lose his reign to a one-armed man, so Cena got on the mic and told him to face him at Hell in a Cell and shut up.  Punk said there's a lot of reasons he won't face him at the PPV, but mostly because it's not fair to the others backstage that Cena always gets these title shots.

Punk told Cena to run while he can.  Punk said he's going to turn his back and give Cena the chance to run, but if he turns back around and sees him standing there, he's going to hurt him, real bad.  Punk said he will not have his integrity called into question and as the WWE champion he commands respect.  Heyman held up the championship belt for effect.  Punk told Cena "You Have tip 5," then glared at him before turning around.  While Punk started counting, Cena pulled a lead pipe out.  Pun hit 5 and then turned around to go at Cena.  As he rushed at him he saw the pipe and started to back away.  Cena hit him in the gut, causing Punk to hit the mat and eventually roll out of the ring to the ramp.  Cena got on the mic saying "Real men wear pink, I hope to see you at Hell in a Cell."

Cena went over and shook hands with Cole and Lawler, then greeted fans in the audience, giving one boy his pink hat.  

Backstage, Punk was holding his midsection and started walking past WWE staff.  He passed by Mick Foley who looked at him.  Punk paused after passing Foley, then went back over and interrupted Foley's conversation with a WWE staffer.  He kicked Foley in the leg, causing Foley to keel over and hit the ground.  Punk composed himself then started walking again.  He stopped then said, "From now on…" but as Punk turned he looked to be in shock.  The camera stayed on him for several moments, then revealed Ryback huffing and puffing staring down the WWE champion.  Raw ended after this backstage encounter.

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