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2012 Night of Champions Updated Results Coverage

Boston is the scene for Sunday night's 2012 Night of Champions Pay-Per-View.  It's John Cena's big return to his hometown, where he'll take on CM Punk for the WWE championship.  Cena is hoping to recapture the title in his home territory, while Punk looks to solidify his current reign.

Tonight's Pay-Per-View begins with the special pre-show at 7:30PM EST on WWE's website, YouTube and Facebook pages.  It will feature a battle royal to find out who will face Antonio Cesaro later on during the main Pay-Per-View.  That gets started at 8PM EST, and runs until 11PM EST on cable, satellite and live streaming video feed ordered via WWE's site.

Other big matches tonight will features every championship being contested.  Sheamus has to defend his World Heavyweight title against Alberto Del Rio, but won't be able to use his banned "Brogue Kick" in the match.  Kaitlyn will try to win her first-ever Divas championship against Layla.  Kane and Daniel Bryan will attempt to put aside anger management issues and work together to become the tag team champions.  Also, The Miz will try to withstand Cody Rhodes, Rey Mysterio, and Sin Cara to defend his Intercontinental title in a Fatal Fourway matchup.

The Night of Champions results for 2012 will be posted below with full results posted after 11PM EST.

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Scott Stanford and Matt Striker were on hand to welcome fans to the pre-show.  Stanford updated the status of Jerry Lawler, saying right at the top of Night of Champions PPV, there will be "fantastic" news about Lawler.  Stanford said the Battle Royal would feature 16 participants.

They rolled a video package regarding the Sheamus Brogue Kick being banned.  Josh Matthews interviewed Booker backstage asking his thoughts on the Brogue Kick.  Booker said that at this time, the Brogue Kick remains banned.

They showed a video package about US Champion Antonio Cesaro speaking in different languages which also featured moves from his matches and Aksana.

Pre-Show Battle Royal (#1 Contender to US Title)

Sixteen wrestlers competed in this one.  Brodus Clay came to the ring first with his two dancers to do a dance routine in the ring to get things started.  The other competitors included Primo and Epico (with Rosa), Justin Gabriel, Tensai (with Sakimoto), Tyson Kidd, Michael McGillicutty, Zack Ryder, Darren Young and Titus O'Neil, Jinder Mahal, JTG, Drew McIntyre, Ted Dibiase, Heath Slater, and Santino Marella.

Slater got in the middle of everyone to start dancing and that piss the others off.  He got a beatdown when the bell sounded and was tossed out first.  McGillicutty and Ted Dibiase were out next.  Brodus dumped Primo out, then scooped up Jinder and tossed him out as well.  Epico and Justin Gabriel were out soon after, then Tensai Powerbombed Kidd out of the ring onto his opponents.

Brodus and Tensai had a face off in the middle of the ring, then bumped down an opponent together.  Brodus and Tensai began to battle in the middle of the ring, with Clay gaining the upper hand in the corner with multiple clotheslines.  Brodus was actually eliminated right after that, and Striker said it looked like Brodus suffered a shoulder injury.  Santino used a Cobra fakeout to knock JTG off the apron.  Zack Ryder escaped Drew McIntyre then dropkicked him out.  That left Darren Young, Titus O'Neil, Tensai, Zack Ryder and Santino.  Santino pulled out the Cobra sock and punched down Tensai, then Darren Young.  The Prime Time Players managed to dump out Santino, surprising those who picked him to win.  

It came to a Final Four of Young, O'Neil, Tensai, and Ryder for the win. Ryder dropped down to avoid O'Neil who fell over the top.  Tensai tried to dump out Ryder and Young together.  Young went out, but Ryder held on.  Tensai thought he won, but then Ryder attacked him.  He tried for Rough Ryder but Tensai tried to dump him out.  Instead, Ryder held onto the top rope and Tensai fell over to the outside.

Winner: Zack Ryder wins the Battle Royal to become #1 contender for the United States Championship.

Post-match, Josh Matthews interviewed Ryder asking if he likes his chances of winning the US title.  Zack did his trademark, "Woo Woo Woo, You Know It" with the fans.

Striker and Stanford ran down the upcoming Pay-Per-View matches including Cena vs. Punk for the WWE Championship.

They cut backstage to Josh Matthews who was outside of Punk's locker room/dressing room. He said CM Punk was refusing interview requests.  Paul Heyman came walking up and Matthews tried to get some comments but didn't get much out of him.  Matthews introduced footage from Raw with Cena, Punk and Bret Hart in the ring.

The Pay-Per-View opened with a video package about how prestigious it is to be a champion in wrestling, showing some former greats including Mr. Perfect, as well as current champions like The Miz. The video shifted to talking about Punk demanding respect and Cena's quest to regain the WWE Championship.

After pyro went off at The Garden in Boston, Cole welcomed fans to the show. He said 14,886 were in attendance tonight. Cole brought news about Jerry Lawler's condition saying that six nights ago he collapsed at the commentators table. He talked about 15 minutes of CPR needed to save Lawler's life, and said after speaking Lawler this week, it's been an up and down week. Cole said the good news is that Lawler will be heading home to Memphis this week. He then said he will be replaced tonight by…JBL's theme music hit and he came out to a nice crowd response to join Cole on commentary.

Fatal Fourway for Intercontinental Championship

The Miz came out asking if this was Booker T's brilliant idea to make him defend against three other superstars.  Miz said he'll be filing an official complaint after this match is over.  Miz tried to say his trademark "I'm the Miz-" but was cut off by Rey Mysterio's music and intro.  Rhodes was out next, followed by Sin Cara.

During this one, Rey and Cara got into it, with Cara able to land a kick on Rey as he was on the corner area.  Rhodes rushed over and grabbed Cara for a pinfall attempt, but Cara kicked out.  He went back over and went for the duplex but Rey blocked on the corner.  Miz came over and Powerbombed Rhodes with Mysterio, then went for a pin on each, with each kicking out.

Miz battled for a while with Mysterio, then Sin Cara got involved when Rey went out of the ring.  Cara hit a dive through the ropes onto Miz on the outside, then Rey did a head scissors move on the outside to toss Rhdoes into the crowd barrier.  Later in the ring, Mysterio did a springboard slam move on Miz for a near fall, but Rhodes broke it up.  Rhodes hit a face plant on Rey and tried to pin him, but Sin Cara broke that up.

Rhodes tried to steal a win from Rey Mysterio who he pulled off the pin on Miz.  Sin Cara rushed in to stop that though.  Rhodes went for the mask on Sin Cara, with Rey jumping off the corner to take him out in the ring.  Rhodes tossed Rey through the bottom rope to the floor, then Sin Cara kicked Cody down.  Sin Cara tried to put a mask on Rhodes, but Miz came in to attack from behind.  Later, Sin Cara managed to put a mask on The Miz.  Despite having trouble seeing, Miz bumped into Rhodes who was trying for Cross Rhodes on Sin Cara. Miz hit Skullcrushing Finale on Rhodes for the pinfall win.  Miz ripped off the mask after winning and the ref gave him his championship belt.

Winner: The Miz wins via pinfall over Cody Rhodes to retain the Intercontinental Championship.

Backstage, The Prime Time Players were complaining to Eve that the people want The Prime Time Players out there now but AJ cost them a title shot.  Someone came out and tapped Eve to come down the hall because something was wrong.  Eve rushed down the hall to find Kaitlyn on the floor with a hurt leg.  Kaitlyn said someone attacked her from behind wearing a mask, and now she has trouble walking.  Eve said she would have to talk to Booker about finding a replacement because Kaitlyn's in no condition to fight.  Eve and a trainer helped Kaitlyn walk to go get more help.

They showed a video package involving Kane and Daniel Bryan's anger management issues, as well as how they defeated Prime Time Players on Raw to become #1 contenders for the WWE Tag Team titles.

Daniel Bryan & Kane vs. Kofi Kingston & R-Truth (WWE Tag Team Titles)

Kane and Bryan argued over who should start with Kane getting the vote.  He took it to Kofi Kingston early on, trying to toss him out, but Kofi held onto the ropes then came back to knock Kane to the corner.  Kofi tried to whip Truth into Kane, but Kane caught him.  Kofi hit a dropkick to knock Truth on top of Kane for a near fall.  Moments later, Kane regained control and tagged in Bryan who told Kane this is how it's done.  He kicked away on Truth to "Yes" chants and tried to tell them "No."  Truth soon regained control though to tag in Kofi.

At one point, Kane tried to whip Bryan into one of their opponents in the corner, but it missed.  Bryan took exception and they started to shove each other.  Bryan slapped Kane, who then got enraged.  Bryan told him to take a timeout, then said they need to work together so they should "hug it out."  After several moments, Kane did it and hugged Bryan to the crowd's delight.  JBL questioned why two guys just hugged during a championship match.

Later on, Kane yanked Bryan out of the ring saying he was saving him from being kicked by Kofi.  However, Kofi came and did a baseball slide dropkick to knock Kane down on the outside.  Kofi then ran and flipped over the top rope to land on Bryan.  Back in the ring, Bryan nearly made Kofi tap to the No Lock.  Truth rushed in for the save.  Moments later, Kofi tried to climb up in the corner and take down Kane, but Bryan held Kane's leg from the outside.  Kofi fell to the mat and Kane got up on the corner asking Bryan what he was doing.

With Kane still up on the corner, Bryan got angry and rushed over to shove Kane off the corner.  Kane flew off and landed on top of Kofi Kingston.  The ref looked confused and counted the 1-2-3, making Bryan and Kane the new champions.

Post-match, Kane and Bryan faced off at center ring each raising up their belts saying "I am the Tag Team Champion!"  It ended with Kane letting his pyro explode from the ring corners and leaving Bryan alone in the ring to keep yelling "I am the Tag Team Champion!"

Winner: Daniel Bryan and Kane defeated R-Truth and Kofi Kingston via pinfall to become the new tag team champions.

Backstage, Eve rushed in to talk to Booker and Teddy Long, saying that Kaitlyn twisted her ankle earlier and can't compete tonight.  Teddy said someone needs to compete against Layla it's Night of Champions.  Eve said there's nobody left who is a top contender, but Booker said that's not true, Eve did several weeks ago by pinning Layla.  He told her she can have the title shot tonight and make the divas division proud with Layla.  Eve was pleased with herself, while Teddy seemed dismayed at the decision.

Zack Ryder vs. Antonio Cesaro (US Championship)

Cesaro said "unfair" in five different languages to describe this United States Championship match.  The crowd yelled "What?!" after each word he said.

Cole noted that Harley Race, BlackJack Mulligan, Roddy Piper, JBL and Diamond Dallas Page were among former US Champions, as was Zack Ryder.  Ryder picked things up earlier with a few big moves including a dropkick for the near fall.  Cesaro regained control later using a big throw to toss Ryder on the mat for a pinfall.  He followed by choking Ryder against the middle rope, and then jumping with both feet on Ryder's chest.

Late in the match, Cesaro had control and went to the top rope, but Ryder ran over and crotched him.  Ryder climbed up and landed the Hurricanrana to toss Cesaro to the mat.  Ryder measured Cesaro and went for the Broski Boot in the corner.  Aksana pulled Cesaro out of harm's way.  The distraction had Ryder get out of the ring to chase after Cesaro.  Aksana got in Ryder's way for a bit, allowing Cesaro to get the advantage in the ring.  Cesaro hit his Neutralizer finisher on Ryder shortly after to help Cesaro retain by pinfall.

Winner: Antonio Cesaro wins via pinfall over Zack Ryder to retain the United States Championship.

Backstage, Alberto Del Rio was getting ready in the locker room with Otunga in a neck brace talking to him.  Ricardo Rodriguez came in waving his neck brace around.  Otunga told him he needs to wear that thing at all times.  Otunga said he has Harvard Law School classmates in the audience so he doesn't want him to embarrass him.

Vickie Guerrero came out to the stage to introduce future World Heavyweight Champion and Mr. Money in the Bank, Dolph Ziggler for the next match.

Randy Orton vs. Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler had a headlock late in the match, but Orton worked to get to his feet.  Orton and Ziggler started to trade punches, but then Orton hit a huge dropkick to take down Dolph as Vickie yelled from ringside.  Later, Ziggler knocked Orton to the mat, then went to the corner for a high risk move.  Orton stood up but then turned around and knocked Dolph onto the top of the corner.  He punched away on him in the corner several times, then climbed up for the superplex which he hit.  Orton had a near fall with Ziggler barely kicking out.

Again, Ziggler and Orton started to trade headbutts, uppercuts and punches as the crowd chanted behind each move.  Moments later, Orton knocked Dolph down as he tried to rush at him.  However, Ziggler managed to poke Orton in the face several moments later and hit the Zig Zag.  Orton still kicked out to everyone's surprise.

Things went to the outside, and as the ref kept counting both guys out, Orton set up Dolph on the crowd barrier for the DDT.  He hit it and both guys hit the floor.  Orton held onto his head as Ziggler looked motionless.  Orton got up and rolled Ziggler into the ring for the pin attempt, but Dolph managed to get a foot on the bottom rope at the last minute.

Later still, Orton went for an RKO, but Ziggler shoved him off and tried a quick rollup.  Moments later, Ziggler put a sleeper hold on Orton, but Orton escaped it.  Ziggler tried to quickly rush back at him for the Zig Zag, but Orton ducked it to hit the quick RKO from the air.

Post-match, JBL talked about how Orton didn't take the easy way out and how if Ziggler cashes in MITB later, Orton is #1 contender, easily.

Winner: Randy Orton wins via pinfall over Dolph Ziggler.

Eve Torres vs. Layla (WWE Divas Championship)

At one point, Layla hit Eve in the nose causing her to backpedal and check on her face.  Eve shook it off and Layla offered a friendly handshake.  Eve took her hand then kicked Layla in the gut to get control of things.  From there, Eve threw Layla to the outside and kept up a vicious attack.  JBL commended Eve's attack saying this is what champions do.

Eve put a head scissors on Layla's midsection to further punish her in the ring.  Later, Layla missed on a big move from the corner.  From there, Eve was able to hit her swinging neck breaker move for the win, to become the divas champion!

Winner: Eve Torres wins via pinfall over Layla to become new Divas champion.

Daniel Bryan was showing backstage holding up his tag team title belt yelling "I'm the tag team champion!" at everyone he passed.  He came up to AJ and yelled that at her too.  Just then Dr. Shelby walked in and Daniel yelled "I am the champion" at him.  Shelby said he knows who he is.  Kane was heard in the background yelling "I am the tag team champion" and came walking up.  The two guys kept at it back and forth with that statement until AJ screamed at them.  She said they had been making progress and had a major breakthrough but can't even be happy for each other now?  They looked at each other, and Dr. Shelby asked if Daniel had anything to say to Kane.  Bryan finally said he was happy for Kane.  Shelby asked Kane if he had anything to say, but Kane walked away.  Bryan said, "see what I have to put up with?" and kept complaining, but Kane came back to the scene and dumped a bucket of water on Bryan, Shelby and AJ.  He said "Do I have anything to say? I'm going to Disneyland!" then walked off.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Sheamus (World Heavyweight Championship)

Booker T came out before the match started to say his investigation has concluded regarding the Brogue Kick.  He said the finisher is a dangerous move, but Del Rio knows when he signed up to be a wrestler, he knew there were risks involved.  Booker said at this time the Brogue Kick is reinstated.  Before the bell, Del Rio grabbed Otunga on the apron to complain about what just happened.  Sheamus rushed over and hit a Brogue Kick to knock Otunga off the apron.  Later in the match, Del Rio got beat up by Sheamus, but rolled out of the ring to escape more harm.

During this one, Del Rio worked to soften up Sheamus' left arm for a Cross arm breaker later.  However, when Del Rio went to the top and jumped at Sheamus, Sheamus knocked him to the mat.  Later still, Del Rio got tossed onto the apron, and tried to fight off Sheamus.  However, the champ tossed him head first into the ring post, then beat on his chest from the corner area.  Del Rio fell to the apron, then Sheamus went for White Noise, but Del Rio countered, shoving Sheamus against the ropes.  Del Rio hit the Backstabber to get a near fall.

Del Rio tried to follow up with a Cross Arm Breaker, but Sheamus countered and hit White Noise.  Sheamus went to the corner and prepared for the Brogue Kick, but Del Rio avoided it and shoved Sheamus hard to the corner.  He followed with his leaping kick and then a pinfall attempt.  Later still, Del Rio nearly had the Cross Armbreaker.  Sheamus got away and then went for the Cloverleaf, but Del Rio punched his way out.  Sheamus got caught in the ropes later, and couldn't get his arm free.  Del Rio took that opportunity to kick away on Sheamus' arm until the ref backed him off.  The ref went and checked on Sheamus in the ring, but several moments later, Del Rio got the Cross Armbreaker on him.  Sheamus resisted tapping out, then picked up Del Rio while still holding him in the move to slam Sheamus to the mat.

Sheamus tried for the Brogue Kick from the corner but once again Del Rio ducked him.  This time Del Rio put the Cross Armbreaker on him again.  Sheamus managed to pull himself towards the bottom rope but couldn't grab it.  He finally got a foot on the ropes to break it.  Moments later, Sheamus got up in the corner and Del Rio missed a flying kick on him.  Sheamus followed with the Brogue for the win.

Winner: Sheamus wins via pinfall over Alberto Del Rio to retain the World Heavyweight Championship.

John Cena vs. CM Punk (WWE Championship)

Paul Heyman cut a promo in the ring to say he was there representing Punk who has now held the WWE championship for 302 consecutive days.  He said he's proud to associate with someone like CM Punk who is a "Paul Heyman guy."  Heyman handed the mic off to Justin Roberts, then Punk's entrance came.

Punk started things off by hoisting his belt up for the crowd and then kissing it on the corner in front of the fans to stall.  At one point once they were finally fighting, Punk had Cena down in the corner.  As a sign of disrespect, he walked on Cena then got on the corner to wave to the crowd.  Cena grabbed Punk on his shoulders to attempt an Electric Chair, but Punk got out of it and DDT'd Cena face first to the mat for a near fall.

During another spot, Cena was knocked down outside, and Punk went over to taunt Cena's father who was front row in the crowd.  Moments later though Cena did a baseball slide dropkick to knock Punk down on the outside.  He followed by throwing Punk into the crowd right near where Cena's dad was.  Cena suplexed Punk back out over the crowd barrier.  Back in the ring, Punk managed to regain control though.  He continued to mock Cena throwing punches in the middle of the ring boxer style, to eventually take him down.  Heyman watched approvingly from ringside as Punk did an axe handle off the top rope.

Cena regained control and did the You Can't See Me, followed by an attempted Five Knuckle Shuffle.  Punk got a leg up to boot Cena in the face and counter the move.  Punk did a flying move off the top rope, but Cena rolled through and picked him up to try for the AA.  Punk was close to the ropes and grabbed the top rope.  However, Cena dumped him to the outside and followed with a surprising dive through the ropes to take out Punk in front of Heyman.  Back in the ring, Cena went for Five Knuckle Shuffle again, but Punk grabbed Cena's arm and put him down to the mat for Anaconda Vice.  Cena escaped though and locked the STF onto Punk in the middle of the ring.

Punk went for the Go To Sleep, but Cena countered it and locked the STF on again.  Punk managed to crawl over and grab the bottom rope to break it though as Heyman held his face in his hands.  Punk followed right up with a quick Go To Sleep, but Cena kicked out of the pinfall.  Later on, Cena finally hit Five Knuckle Shuffle and then hit Attitude Adjustment.  However, Punk kicked out at the last possible moment surprising everyone.

Punk went for a late moonsault, but Cena managed to roll out of the way, causing Punk to hit the mat.  Both guys got to their feet, and Cena went for AA.  Punk slipped out of it, and got him up for another GTS, which he hit.  However, Cena kicked out once again.  Punk got up and begged Cena to get up, then hit Rock Bottom on him to taunt.  Once again, Cena kicked out of another pinfall attempt.

Moments later, Punk was seated on the corner.  John Cena rushed over and grabbed his opponent to slam him backwards onto the mat, appearing to have a backslide pinfall.  The ref counted 3, and the bell sounded. Cena's music hit and he rushed out to grab the title as the hometown fans celebrated.  However, Cena's celebration was short-lived as he soon heard the announcement that both men's shoulders were on the mat for the pinfall, making this match a draw.  That means Punk is still the WWE champion.

Post-match, Cena tried to ask the ref if the match was really ending on a draw.  As Cena turned around, Punk blasted him with the championship belt to knock him out.  Punk and Heyman backed up the ramp as Punk's music played.  Cena was checked on in the ring by officials as the PPV ended.

Winner: CM Punk and John Cena fought to a draw by double pinfall.  CM Punk retains the WWE Championship.

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