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2012 WWE Night of Champions Predictions Preview

It seems like SummerSlam was just last week, as the 2012 WWE Night of Champions Pay-Per-View is now upon us.  The latest event is the only one of the year where typically every single WWE championship is defended on the card.  The main events should be the two major championship matches, as John Cena fights CM Punk for the WWE Championship, and Alberto Del Rio battles Sheamus for his World Heavyweight Championship.

John Cena vs. CM Punk for WWE Title:
Cena might seem like a favorite heading into Boston, MA, but it also seems like a setup.  CM Punk was just aligned with Paul Heyman, and it seems this move, along with a huge win in Cena's territory is coming at us.  Remember that attack by Punk on The Rock weeks ago? It's doubtful Rock has forgotten about it.  So either he's going to show up at TD Garden and surprise everyone with a Rock Bottom on Punk, or he's going to get Punk at Royal Rumble.  For that to happen, Punk has to either continue his already lengthy reign, or win it back from Cena.

Prediction: CM Punk to retain

Alberto Del Rio vs. Sheamus for World Heavyweight Title:
The World Heavyweight champion Sheamus has been a decent champion, and a dominant one, with a reign that ranks third behind Triple H and Batista all-time for WWE World Heavyweight champs.  A lot of fans are sour on him, but it's doubtful they'd be happy with Del Rio as their champion.  It seems likely Sheamus will retain, but won't be very surprising to see Dolph Ziggler cash in that MITB contract after the match and walk out of Boston as the brand new champion.  After all it's "Night of Champions," and he's in the only non-championship match on the card.

Prediction: Sheamus to retain, Ziggler to become new champion.

Pre-Show Battle Royal winner (#1 Contender for US title):

This one's kind of fun and an enigma, since there's no participants announced.  Smart money is on guys like Ryback, Christian, or previous champion Santino Marella.  All three are suitable contenders.  There's been some rumors of a Christian vs. Cesaro feud, so WWE may go that way, or they may continue the antics of Santino's Cobra puppet being attracted to Aksana.  It would be strange to have Cesaro hold the title for such a short reign, so Ryback winning is a longshot.

Prediction: Santino Marella to win battle royal, loses to Cesaro.  Second choice: Christian

Kane & Daniel Bryan vs. Kofi Kingston & R-Truth for Tag Team Titles:

This match came out of nowhere, sort of.  The comedy segments involving Kane, Bryan, and Dr. Shelby for the anger management skits have been great, and fans are eating all that up.  If Dr. Shelby is on the PPV, it would continue the segment.  WWE has a hit on their hands with that, and may decide it's time for Kane and Bryan to own the tag titles for a bit, while trying to continuously deal with their anger issues and impending feud.  Or this one will simply lead to them getting into another fight and a further feud match.  If WWE's smart, they put the titles on these guys and continue doing stuff with Dr. Shelby on Raw/Smackdown or YouTube even.

Prediction: Kane and Bryan to win, becoming new tag team champions.

Kaitlyn vs. Layla for WWE Divas Championship

Layla has held the WWE Divas title for 136 plus days.  She's now ranked fourth all time on the longest reigns list behind Maryse (216 days), Beth Phoenix (204 days) and Michelle McCool at 155 days.  However, many fans believe that her time is up, and Kaitlyn could breathe new life into the championship.  It could give Layla a bit of time off, leading to a feud between Eve and Kaitlyn.  In fact, Eve may also get involved in this one somehow, so keep an eye out.  Maybe Booker will appoint her special guest referee, or she'll suggest it herself?

Prediction: Kaitlyn to become new Divas champion.

Fatal Fourway for Intercontinental Championship:

In this one, The Miz aka "The Marine 2" will defend his championship against Sin Cara, Rey Mysterio, and Cody Rhodes.  It seems like this match could involve some fun spots, as these guys have competed in tag matches on other events.  Will Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio go at it?  Will this be where one betrays the other?  Or will it lead to a Cody Rhodes vs. Miz feud?  It seems interesting to have Miz as a heel, with a movie to promote in which he's considered a hero.  Anyhow, he should retain, although Cody Rhodes seems a strong successor for another reign if they want to move the belt.

Prediction: The Miz to retain his IC title.  Possible feuds set up between Cara/Mysterio and Rhodes/Miz, or change of character?

Randy Orton vs. Dolph Ziggler

The only match of the card with no title involved per se, although AJ Lee could be vindictive and put Dolph's briefcase on the line again, after she was attacked by Vickie Guerrero.  This match could serve a few purposes though: it could get Randy Orton off TV for a while with a big injury angle.  Or it could make it look like Ziggler is defeated and done for the night, only for him to cash in later.  Or he could get the big win and then a bigger win with the briefcase cash in.

A fourth scenario would have this match after Ziggler has won the World Championship, making for a second championship match in the PPV.  Should be interesting.  Right now, it seems Ziggler needs a push more than Orton, who needs time away for filming the sequel to Cena's "12 Rounds."

Prediction: Dolph Ziggler to get the win and go over.  Will it be a MITB briefcase opportunity match for Orton, or possible a title match if Ziggler has cashed in?

Remember, Night of Champions has a pre-show at 7:30 PM EST, and then the official PPV at 8PM EST on live stream, cable and satellite TV.  Full results will be posted here on WWE Characters the Blog starting after 7:30 PM EST through 11PM EST!

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