Monday, September 17, 2012

Raw Preview 09/17/12

Now that the Night of Champions PPV results have been decided, the WWE Champion is likely to continue gloating about his impressive reign.  CM Punk managed to outlast John Cena in a match involving multiple near falls, as well as what looked like Cena getting the big win in his hometown.  However, it was decided that the match ended in a double pinfall, or draw, meaning CM Punk retained his championship in the main event.  Most likely, fans will see Punk, along with his new rep, Paul Heyman, bragging about the win, even though he didn't officially get the pinfall to win it.  What will John Cena have to say regarding the decision on Monday night?

Also at the PPV, Kane and Daniel Bryan were able to put their differences aside (sort of) and become the new tag team champions.  The duo had been going through anger management therapy for weeks and found themselves #1 contenders on Sunday night for the tag titles.  In the match, they got into a bit of a shoving match between themselves, but eventually hugged it out.  Not only that, but a shove by Bryan of Kane from the top corner, resulted in a pinfall on Kofi Kingston for the big win.  However, as NOC proceded it was questionable if they really were on the same page and getting along.  What's in store next for Kane, Daniel Bryan, and Dr. Shelby?

Finally, the incident last week that really shook up the WWE Universe was when Jerry "The King" Lawler collapsed during the live episode of Raw.  It was later learned that he had suffered a heart attack and required 15 minutes of CPR to save his life.  Now that Jerry appears to be on the road to recovery, his commentary will be missed.  However, it appears that JBL may become his temporary replacement.  Will JBL resume commentary after joining Michael Cole at Night of Champions, or will someone else fill in for "The King?"

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