Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Main Event Results 02/27/13

WWE Main Event Results from Oklahoma City, OK:

Bacskstage there was a segment with Cody and Kaitlyn.  Sheamus walked up and joked that Cody looked like Magnum P.I.  Cody was upset by it and challenged him to a match.  Cody guaranteed a win so Sheamus accepted the challenge.  Cody told Kaitlyn to watch his match tonight because the "Lovestache would strike back."  Kaitlyn laughed at that one.

Sheamus defeated Cody Rhodes via pinfall.  Late, Sheamus hit the chest bashing move on Rhodes on the apron.  Later, Rhodes managed to hit a moonsault flip off the corner for a near fall.  Moments later he went for a move with Sheamus countering for the Clover Leaf submission.  Cody kicked him away and then kicked Sheamus in the head for a near fall again.  Cody avoided a Brogue kick with Sheamus getting caught up in the ropes, and then went for Beautiful Disaster.  Sheamus dropped down to avoid the kick, then bacm back with a Brogue Kick to put Rhodes away for the pin.

Mark Henry defeated Justin Gabriel via pinfall.  Gabriel made a comeback with kicks and then tried a crossbody.  Henry caught him and threw him over the top rope.  Gabriel still landed on the apron and jumped back over the ropes and Henry.  Gabriel went for another crossbody, but Henry caught him again.  Henry then hit a powerslam and corner splash, followed by a World's Strongest Slam to win it.

Cody Rhodes was backstage angry.  Kaitlyn approached him and told him "the stache doesn't give up."  She started to walk off and Cody was about to call after her, but stopped himself.

They showed a video recap of what went down involving Brock Lesnar and Triple H on Raw's opening segment this past Monday.

They replayed most of the John Cena vs. CM Punk match from Raw.  Cena won the match by pinfall to become #1 contender for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 29.

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