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2013 Elimination Chamber Results Coverage

Welcome to 2013 Elimination Chamber results coverage from WWE Characters the Blog! The latest edition of this Pay-Per-View will be held on Sunday, Feb. 17, 2013 from the New Orleans Arena, with plenty of WrestleMania 29 implications on the line.

Among the major matches will be CM Punk getting his rematch against The Rock for the WWE title, and Big Show getting another chance to win back the World Heavyweight title from Alberto Del Rio. Don't forget about the Elimination Chamber match itself where six superstars will be locked inside the hellacious structure and battle until one remains. The last man remaining will go on to compete at WrestleMania 29 for the World Heavyweight title!

The night starts at 7:30 PM EST with the free live streaming pre-show. During the show, Brodus Clay and Tensai team up to take on Rhodes Scholars in tag team action!

Full results will be presented below as matches finish. Click here to refresh this page for the latest results!

Free Live Stream Pre-Show on YouTube

Commentators Matt Striker and Tony Dawson started things off for the live stream pre-show from New Orleans Arena.  They showed fans still filing into the arena, with Striker saying the line went all the ay outside to the Superdome.  Striker and Dawson talked about the PPV card including Punk vs. The Rock for the WWE title, Big Show vs. Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship, and the six man tag match: Team Cena vs. The Shield.  They showed a video of what happened on Smackdown involving Randy Orton and Mark Henry in their match.

Backstage, Josh Matthews spoke with Orton about his strategy for once he's inside the chamber.  Orton said he planned on using every ounce of the steel to put his opponents down.  He said tonight he shows the world how dangerous he can be.  

They cut to a video package for The Shield talking about their cause as highlights were shown of them dismantling Sheamus, Ryback and Cena during various moments in the ring.

Brodus Clay & Tensai vs. Rhodes Scholars
Free Live Stream Pre-Show Match

Sandow's music hit and brought out Rhodes with him.  They spoke on the mic saying they have reunited for a tag team appearance and demanded the fans stand in support of them.  Brodus Clay's music hit and brought out Naomi and Cameron followed by Clay.  He started dancing then went backstage to fetch Tensai who came out wearing a beret on his head.

Clay dominated early, and made a quick tag for Tensai to come in against Cody.  Tensai whipped him to the corner, then went for a huge move off the corner, only for Rhodes to move away.  Rhodes finally gained control after hitting a Disaster Kick off the ropes.  Sandow tagged in to start hammering away on Tensai, keeping Rhodes Scholars in control.  Later, Sandow hit a huge knee drop on Tensai followed by the Elbow of Disdain.  Tensai escaped moments later from a charge in the corner, allowing Clay to come in and run over Cody.  After several more moves and a combined effort from Clay and Tensai, Brodus crushed Cody for a pinfall to get the win.

Brodus and the Funkadactyls started up their dance routine, then got Tensai to join in finally as part of the celebration.

Winners: Tensai and Brodus Clay win via pinfall over Rhodes Scholars.

Elimination Chamber PPV Results:

A video package started with the narrator saying how the Road to WrestleMania brings opportunity, but "with opportunity there is always a price to pay." Who is willing to hurt and play through the pain to get a headline match for WrestleMania. Also previewed: Team Cena vs. The Shield, The Rock defending his new WWE championship against former champ CM Punk who held the title 434 days.

After the pyro erupted to start things off, Michael Cole welcomed fans to the New Orleans Arena for the final PPV before WrestleMania. Cole noted it's a sold out show with 15,669 fans on hand for the PPV tonight, right before Lilian Garcia introduced the World Heavyweight title match.

Big Show vs. Alberto Del Rio
World Heavyweight Chamionship

Early on, Big Show displayed his raw power and anger as he slapped Del Rio's chest corner to corner.  Del Rio tried to fight back only to get hammered down. Del Rio staged a comeback, putting Show down to one knee, then hit a Superkick to put Show on his back for the near fall.  The crowd started up the "Si!" chant but Del Rio's cross arm breaker attempt saw Big Show shove him away, then spear him down for a near fall of his own.

Show kept beating up Del Rio and then talked some trash to Ricardo Rodriguez.  Del Rio got up for more fighting, only to be booted back down by Show.  Show put Del Rio near the corner, then got on the second rope to splash down on Del Rio.  Somehow, ADR kicked out of the pinfall at the last moment.  Right after, Del Rio was quick to put the Cross Armbreaker onto Show but Show pulled himself towards the bottom rope and put a leg on it.

At one point Ricardo was near the side apron with his bucket.  Show grabbed the bucket off the apron and tossed it at Ricardo outside the ring.  Show tried to pick up Del Rio for a Powerbomb, but Del Rio fought back and hit a huge hurricanrana.  Moments later, Show was outside the ring and Del Rio hit the suicide dive to take him down.  Show managed to barely beat the ref's count into the ring, only for Del Rio to hit a seated Senton on him for the near fall.

Moments later, Show took control and hit the chokeslam.  The crowd exploded when Del Rio kicked out of the pinfall.  A close-up showed that Del Rio's forehead area above his eye was bruised.  Show got ready for the KO punch with Del Rio rolling out of the ring.  Show picked him up by his hair and then lifted him back into the ring.  Show tried to pick up ADR for another big move, only for ADR to counter with a DDT.

Several more near falls occurred with both men coming close to a pinfall win.  Del Rio slapped a second cross arm breaker on Show.  Show tried to get towards the ropes again but couldn't as the crowd yelled "Tap Tap Tap!"  Show managed to use his size to stand up with Del Rio still wrapped around his arm, then slammed him down to the mat.

Ricardo got on the side apron so Show rushed over and booted him off.  He picked up the bucket ready to throw it at Ricardo.  Del Rio rushed over and botched an enziguri kick, but then went for a second and smashed the bucket into Show's head.  He landed a second enziguiri in another corner, then put on the Cross Armbreaker.  Show struggled to escape it but finally tapped out, giving ADR the win.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio wins via submission over Big Show to retain the World Heavyweight Championship.

The Miz vs. Antonio Cesaro
United States Championship

They showed a sneak peek of "G.I. Joe Retaliation" starring The Rock due out in theaters in several months.

Miz came out with his left shoulder and arm area wrapped up in a bandage.  Cesaro wisely targeted that throughout the match.  However, during one moment on the outside of the ring, Miz slipped off Cesaro's shoulder and shoved him hard into the steel steps, causing Cesaro to hurt his leg.  Back in the ring, Miz kept focusing on Cesaro's hurt knee.  Miz had a near fall after a DDT, with JBL saying it "may be an even ballgame here."

The Miz responded to the crowd's "Woo" chants and tried for a Figure Four.  Cesaro blocked it by kicking Miz's leg out, which caused Miz to fall knee first on Cesaro's groin.  Cesaro pointed that out to the ref who then called for the bell for the DQ.  The commentators talked over how it was an accident.  An angry Miz responded after the bell by giving Cesaro a knee to the groin sending him reeling to the outside floor with his US title belt.

Winner: Antonio Cesaro wins due to disqualification of The Miz in the US Championship match.

Elimination Chamber Match

Winner is #1 Contender for World Championship at Wrestlemania 29. Competing in the match are: Randy Orton, Jack Swagger, Chris Jericho, Daniel Bryan, Mark Henry and Jack Swagger. Swagger was introduced first and was led to the ring by Zeb Coulter.

Swagger cut a promo on the mic telling the crowd to stand and respect Zeb if they have any respect for their country.  Zeb called New Orleans a land of inequality.  He brought up Thomas Jefferson and the Louisiana Purchase, saying he thinks Jefferson would be ashamed to see what's become of our once great nation.  Zeb said WWE just like New Orleans is full of intruders and excuse makers.  He brought up illegal border crossers asking for a handout in the country as well, and said together they'll set things right.  Zeb said tonight marks the beginning of a "Jack Swagger America - We the People."

The next introduction was Kane who Cole said is making his fifth appearance in a Chamber match, followed by World's Strongest Man Mark Henry, and then "The Viper" Randy Orton.  Daniel Bryan was introduced next to last, followed by the lights going out for Chris Jericho to make the final entrance in his LED light-up jacket.  Cole noted that it's Jericho's 8th appearance, making the most for any superstar.  In 2010 he won the match to win the World Heavyweight Championship.  He's also eliminated the most individuals in the history of the matches, with 10.

Chris Jericho and Daniel Bryan started things off with the other four men locked inside their pods looking on.  Jericho nearly had Walls of Jericho, with Bryan countering to try the No Lock, which Jericho escaped.  Bryan kept landing kicks on Jericho in the corner as the crowd yelled out "Yes!" after each one.  The two competitors fought on the outside grating area near the cage wall with Swagger watching as Jericho launched Bryan head first into the chain wall.

A countdown timer started as Jericho suplexed Bryan into the ring.  The lights stopped on Swagger's pod and he came in to start attacking Jericho as Zeb clapped for him on the outside.  A Swagger Bomb nearly put Jericho away but Y2J kicked out.  Swagger went after Bryan next, ramming him into the side wall.  The crowd rallied behind Y2J as he attacked Swagger for a bit in one corner.  Moments later he charged at Swagger in a corner, but Swagger moved and Jericho fell to the outside area.  Swagger kept attacking Jericho against the wall, but Jericho jumped off the ropes and landed a big knee on Swagger.

The countdown started yet again with Swagger on the outside recovering and Jericho battling Bryan.  Next entrant: Kane, who came in and immediately went after Jericho, then Swagger.  Kane helped Bryan do a doubleteam move onto Swagger and Jericho in the corner.  Kane threw Swagger over the ropes, then Bryan tried for a sneaky pinfall on his tag team partner.  Kane escaped it and then confronted Bryan who tried to calm him down asking for a hug.  Kane shook his head no then pointed at the WM29 sign.  The tag champs exchanged strike moves and Bryan hit a huge running dropkick on Kane in the corner.

With four men already in the chamber, another countdown started for entry #5, Randy Orton.  Orton rushed in and clotheslined Swagger over the top rope, then took down Jericho.  Kane chopped Orton in the face and tried to whip him against the ropes, but Orton ducked a clothesline and then hit a dropkick on the Big Red Monster.  He took down Bryan next, then avoided Kane's chokeslam attempt before shoving Kane into the side chained wall.  Orton followed with a DDT from the middle rope driving Kane's head into the steel grating on the outside apron area.

Moments later, Orton superplexed Swagger from one corner, then Jericho superplexed Bryan from the other.  Mark Henry was banging on his pod walls waiting to get in the match still.  His countdown finally started and Henry got into the chamber to make for all six competitors in the ring.  Henry took it to all his opponents and hit the World's Strongest Slam on Bryan, then pinned him for the first elimination.  Right after that, Henry grabbed Orton and threw him through a pod wall, crashing through the lexicon.

Kane started to take it to Henry in the corner, and then set up for a flying clothesline from the corner.  Kane jumped off, but Henry grabbed him then hit World's Strongest Slam to eliminate Kane second.  Henry started to take it to Jericho with Orton still recovering in a pod, and Swagger recovering on the outside with Zeb coaching him.  Jericho escaped a move by Henry and then he and Swagger worked together to smash Henry into the side wall.  Swag and Jericho hit a double duplex on the outside to slam Henry into the grating.

Jericho gained control against Swagger and went for a Lionsault.  Unfortunately for him, Mark Henry was standing on the other side of the ropes and grabbed Jericho then tossed him into the wall. Henry pressed Jericho overhead then threw him over the top rope onto Swagger.  Henry tried to put both men stacked near the ropes, then went for a splash.  However, Swagger and Jericho moved away.  Jericho hit a Codebreaker to make Henry stumble in his tracks, where Orton was back up and waiting to hit the RKO.  Henry was eliminated leaving Randy, Jericho and Swagger.

Henry was leaving the chamber and staggering up the ramp, but then turned back and opened the door and went back into the chamber.  Henry grabbed each of the final three men and hit a World's Strongest Slam on them one-by-one.  Five refs got into the ring, and then Booker T came down with Teddy Long to order Henry to head backstage.

Jericho, Orton and Swagger traded pinfall attempts for a bit.  Swagger locked the Patriot Act onto Orton, but Jericho hit an enziguiri on Swagger to save him.  Swagger put the submission on Jericho who countered into a near Walls of Jericho.  Orton rushed over to break it up with the commentators questioning his strategy.  Moments later, Orton hit a double DDT with Swagger and Jericho from the middle ropes.  The crowd got riled up for Orton as he dropped down for an RKO.  Orton went for it on Jericho but Y2J countered and dropped Orton, then went for the Lionsault.  Orton put up his knees causing Jericho to stagger around.  Orton then followed with the RKO to eliminate him.

Moments after Orton had eliminated Jericho, Swagger rushed over and grabbed the quick pinfall on Orton to make the final elimination for the win.  Swagger quickly backed out of the cage and up the ramp with Zeb Coulter with the commentators noting he's heading to WrestleMania 29.

Winner: Jack Swagger wins the Elimination Chamber match by eliminating Randy Orton last.  Swagger is now the #1 contender for the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 29.

Team Cena vs. The Shield

The Shield gained control of Sheamus at one point and started wearing him down. The Celtic Warrior eventually escaped and tagged in cent, who befell a similar fate with Shield wearing him down and keeping him from the tag. The commentators noted that Ryback had yet to even enter the matchup.

Cena tried to escape Ambrose, but Ambrose countered his move and hit a huge DDT on Cena. However, moments later, Cena managed to toss Ambrose out over the ropes to the outside. Ambrose got back in the ring just as Cena made a hot tag to Ryback. Rollins tagged in as well, but Ryback destroyed both him and Ambrose multiple times. He scooped up one of them to smash into the other in the corner. Roman Reigns rushed in as Ryback prepared for the Meathook Clothesline.

Sheamus got in the ring to take out one of the other guys, but ended up getting smashed through the timekeepers barrier area near Lilian Garcia. Ryback caught Rollins as he jumped off the corner and pressed him over head, but Ambrose rushed over to start punching away on Ryback. Ryback dropped Rollins. All of Shield came into the ring and attacked Ryback, then prepared for the Triple Powerbomb. However, Cena was on the outside and yanked one of them out of the ring to break it up.

Back in the ring, Cena set up and hit AA on Ambrose, Ryback was going for Shell Shocked on Rollins, but Reigns rushed in and Speared Ryback down. Rollins took the pinfall for the win, with Cena shocked at what happened. The Shield escaped the ring and got into the audience to leave, celebrating on the way as they recovered. Ryback left the ring with Cole saying he looks disgusted over what just happened. Cena looked around in the ring, still trying to figure out what happened just now.

Winners: The Shield wins via pinfall over John Cena, Ryback and Sheamus.

Dolph Ziggler's music hit and brought him out to the ring along with A.J. Lee and Big E. Langston. Ziggler cut a promo in the ring talking about how he wasn't even booked tonight, yet is the most "phsyically-gifted wrestler" on the rosters. He said Swagger probably thinks he's guaranteed a championship now that he's going to WrestleMania 29, but Dolph said "this guarantees it" and held up the MITB briefcase. As Ziggler kept bragging and ranting, Booker T's music hit and he came to the ring. He said he thinks there's another guy who can do all of the stuff Ziggler does, better. He introduced his opponent for tonight: Kofi Kingston.

Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler

At one point in this match, Kofi managed to knock Ziggler to the outside.  Big E went over to help him, but Kofi dove out on top of Big E.  Later on, Big E got up on the apron with Kofi fighting him off.  AJ jumped on another apron with Kofi going over to her and getting slapped in the face.  He avoided Dolph and nearly sent him into the ropes.  Dolph stopped himself so he wouldn't run into AJ, but then turned into a Trouble in Paradise kick from Kofi.  However, Ziggler escaped to the outside to recover.

Later still, the two battled up on the ropes, with Ziggler able to drop Kofi face first on the turnbuckle.  He followed up with Zig Zag to collect the pinfall win.

Post-match, Dolph backed up the ramp with AJ hugging him.  Meanwhile, Big E went back into the ring and attacked Kofi, hitting multiple moves including a clothesline, knees to the gut, and then his finisher to leave Kofi layed out in the ring.  The crowd chanted "one more time!" but Big E. just let out a huge yell as he stood over Kofi.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler wins via pinfall over Kofi Kingston.

Tamina vs. Kaitlyn
WWE Divas Championship

Before the bell, they showed a video of Kaitlyn saying she'll be successful in her first title defense since surviving crazy A.J. and Eve Torres.

Tamina controlled things early on, but when she went for her Superfly Splash later on, she missed on the attempt.  Kaitlyn then quickly hit her finishing move to collect the win and keep her title.

Winner: Kaitlyn wins via pinfall over Tamina to retain the WWE Divas Championship.

CM Punk vs. The Rock
WWE Championship Match

CM Punk was introduced first and brought the WWE Championship belt with him that he took from Rock on Monday's episode of Raw.  He bullied ring announcer Justin Roberts to announce him as "The People's Champion," then held the belt up and paraded around the ring.

At one early point in the match, Punk taunted Rock in the corner area, drawing Rock in to beat away on him.  The ref kept backing Rock away threatening to DQ him and he'd lose the title.  Punk followed that by walking up to Rock in the middle of the ring and spitting in his face.  A furious Rock smashed down Punk then threw him to the outside.  Rock followed by whipping Punk to the barrier and then clotheslining him down hard.  Moments later, Punk raked Rock in his eyes and went back n the ring.  As Rock got in the ring, Punk clotheslined him down to take control.  Punk settled into the headlock on Rock to work on wearing him down more.

Rock fought out of another side headlock and started punching back.  He began unloading on Punk in the corner, so the ref warned Rock who backed off. Punk went for a big shot to Punk's face, but Punk avoided it then hit the high knee on Rock's face.  He followed with a running knee on Rock in the corner, then went for the Macho Man elbow drop from the corner and connected.  The Rock kicked out of another pinfall attempt with Heyman looking surprised on the outside.

The two fought on the outside a bit more, and then back inside Rock went for the Rock Bottom.  Punk blocked that and hit a roundhouse kick to knock Rock to the mat for yet another near fall.  JBL said the stipulations of the match seem to have knocked Rock off his game plan.  Punk picked up Rock and just threw him out through the ropes.  Heyman got on the apron to start an argument with the referee.

Punk went to the outside and brought Rock up on top of the Spanish commentators table, then hit the Rock Bottom on him.  Punk left Rock laying out there and slid back in the ring to watch as the ref counted.  Rock barely got up to his feet and stumbled over towards the ring, then got back in before 10.  Moments later, Rock managed to counter Punk's move for a Samoan drop.

Later on in the match, Punk had momentum and tried for a move off the corner.  He jumped but Rock caught him in the Rock Bottom to slam him down for what fans thought was the winning pin.  Punk barely kicked out at the last moment.  Just moments later, Punk wisely shoved Rock towards the ropes into the referee, causing the ref to go flying off the apron to the outside floor.  Punk grabbed The Rock and hit the GTS then pinned Rock but there was no ref to count it.

Several refs came down to ringside where Paul Heyman was with the knocked out ref.  Back in the ring, Punk tried for a second GTS, but Rock countered him and hit the huge Spinebuster.  Rock managed to hit People's Elbow, and a new ref slid in to count the pinfall.  Punk barely escaped again.  After that, Punk somehow rolled onto the new ref's ankle causing him to fall to the mat clutching his ankle.  He fell to the outside still in pain with Rock also down near the ropes recovering from a move by Punk.

With no ref in the ring again, Heyman went over and retrieved the WWE belt to hand off to Punk in the ring.  Punk clutched at it hiding the belt.  Heyman helped Rock up near the ropes area and then tried to hold him there.  Punk rushed over and went to clock The Rock, but Rock moves and Heyman got hit instead.

With Heyman down on the outside, Punk turned around and Rock hit yet another Rock Bottom.  The original ref, Mike Chioda crawled into the ring and counted the 1-2-3, to give Rock the win.  Rock is the champion heading to WM29.

Cole said at April 7, it will be John Cena going against The Rock for the WWE title at WrestleMania 29.  JBL called them "two of the greatest icons in sports history period."  Cole signed off from New Orleans saying to fans they'll see them on the Road to WrestleMania.

Winner: The Rock wins via pinfall over CM Punk to retain the WWE Championship.

Thank you for choosing WWE Characters the Blog for your 2013 Elimination Chamber results coverage! Be sure to check back at 11PM EST for the full results from the Pay-Per-View, and Monday night for the results from the latest episode of Raw!

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