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Raw Results 02/18/13

WWE Raw Results from Lafayette, LA:

John Cena started off in the ring talking about how The Road to WrestleMania has heated up.  He mentioned Swagger vs. Del Rio, and then himself vs. The Rock.  That brought out CM Punk to complain.  Punk talked about Cena getting lucky at the Rumble, but never actually defeating him.  Cena said Punk's had his chances but blew it.  Punk brought up his lengthy title reign and suggested that he had the Rock defeated last night and also that Rock should've been disqualified.

Cena asked Punk what he wants and Punk suggested for Cena to leave the WWE, get out of his life and just walk away.  Cena pretended he was about to leave the ring, but turned back saying he won't give away a golden ticket to WrestleMania.  He suggested that he and Punk fight in a match tonight, with the winner going on to WrestleMania 29 to face The Rock.  Punk talked it over with Heyman, then said Cena made a huge mistake.  He said they'll have a match, but on his terms.  Punk said they'll have it next week, before leaving the ring.  Cena vowed to defeat Punk and go to WrestleMania so everyone will know "The Champ is Here!"

Backstage Matt Striker talked to Sheamus and Ryback about their match last night at Elimination Chamber with Shield.  Sheamus says they let everyone down.  Ryback is pacing around so Sheamus stops him, saying they need to adapt and overcome.  He asks Ryback if he's a machine or a mindless neanderthal.  Ryback grabs Sheamus by the collar, but then Chris Jericho comes in to break it up.  He gives them a pep talk how they need to unite and take down The Shield.  He says he'll talk Vickie into setting up a match for the three of them against The Shield.

Mark Henry defeated Sin Cara via pinfall.  Late in this one, Cara hit a kick on Henry, then tried for some more.  Henry grabbed him and stopped that with a huge powerslam, then hit World's Strongest Slam for the win.  Post-match, Henry was looking for another WSS on Cara, but Great Khali comes out to intervene.  Henry escapes the ring as Khali is in, then makes fun of him from the outside.

The Miz defeated Antonio Cesaro by submission in a non-title No DQ match.  Late in the match, Miz made a comeback and avoided Cesaro in the corner, with Cesaro crashing knee-first into a chair he had positioned there.  As Cesaro stumbled back, Miz tripped him down causing him to fall on a set up chair in the ring.  Miz locked on the Figure Four to make him tap out.

Cole and Lawler talked about Swagger winning the Elimination Chamber.  Cole said some of Swagger and Zeb's propaganda is leaking on  They showed a clip from it with Swagger standing in the background with his arms folded as Zeb talked about all the delinquents crossing the borders to come to America to take handouts.  Zeb said he and Swagger will give them a handout, a helping hand, they'll give them a hand back to wherever they came from.

They brought up how Swagger will face Del Rio for the World Championship at WM29, but that CM Punk and John Cena will fight next week to determine who goes to WrestleMania to face The Rock for the WWE Championship.

Backstage, Daniel Bryan told Kane he's not comfortable teaming up with him after what happened last night.  Bryan said he asked Vickie for a singles match and is facing Jack Swagger tonight.  He told Kane not to come to the ring.  Kane said he'd get his own match and tells Bryan not to come out with him either, because he doesn't deal well with snakes.  Randy Orton shows up asking if someone is talking about him.  Kane talks about stomping out snakes, prompting Orton to respond he used to be intimidated by Kane but not since he's doing group therapy and hugging it out.  Orton calls Kane more like Barney the Dinosaur nowadays.  Bryan laughs at the joke and Kane glares at him.  When Kane turns back, Orton is gone.

They showed Vickie backstage on the phone talking about big things she has planned for the show.  As she hangs up, Paul Heyman walks in.  Vickie congratulates Heyman for putting the stipulations on Rock and Punk's EC match.  She says she has big news regarding Heyman's whole career tonight.  Heyman asks her what it is, but she won't say.  Heyman tells her he doesn't like surprises.  Vickie gets right in his face and says "I know," laughing before she leaves.

Alberto Del Rio defeated Dolph Ziggler by submission in a non-title match.  Late in the match, Ziggler hit several forearms to ADR's back, then hit a Backstabber for a near fall.  Big E gets up on the apron to run some distraction, but Del Rio kicks his legs to cause him to fall off.  Ziggler goes for a move, but Del Rio counters and puts him into the Cross Armbreaker to make him tap.

Post-match, Del Rio was celebrating, but Big E gets in the ring and smashes him down.  He yells that Del Rio's time is over.  Langston hits his finisher on Del Rio to leave him laying on the mat.  Ziggler prepares to cash in with the briefcase, but Ricardo snatches it away and starts to run off with it.  Big E chases Ricardo who drops the case.  AJ rushes and gets it then goes to bring it to Ziggler in the ring.  Before he can cash in, Del Rio hits an enziguiri kick on him to prevent it.

They had a promo from Wade Barrett talking about a new WWE Studios movie "Dead Man Down," with a trailer shown.  Sheamus appeared on the Titantron to say the movie doesn't star Barrett, but Colin Farrell.  He said he loved the new movie because Barrett doesn't say a word in it.  He said if he has any response to please let him know now.  Sheamus then looked off camera saying "Whats that, we're out of time? Sorry fella."  Barrett was upset in the ring that Sheamus "ruined his special moment."

Cole and Lawler played around with some of the new WWE wrestling figure toys.  They showed a promo ad for how they work.

Brodus Clay, Tensai & Naomi defeated Epico, Primo & Rosa Mendes via pinfall.  With Naomi taking out Rosa and Epico on the floor, Tensai and Brodus hit a double splash move on Primo.  Clay took the pinfall for the win.  Clay, Tensai and the Funkadactyls danced to celebrate the win.

Video highlights shown of how WrestleMania 30 will be in New Orleans, LA in April 2014.  Vince McMahon, The Rock, Stephanie McMahon and John Cena were among those who spoke at the big press conference.

Jack Swagger and Zeb Coulter came to the ring to give their State of the Union address.  Swagger talked about winning the Chamber match and now has the weight of our nation on his shoulders.  Del Rio and Ricardo were seen watching backstage.  Swagger says tonight's all about American and the "state of the union."  He says only one man is honest enough to deliver that - Zeb.  Zeb talks about how the state of the union is currently pathetic due to all the people in the country that try to take everything.  Zeb brings up WrestleMania 29, saying the World Heavyweight Championship match is more like a battle for the heart and soul of America.  Zeb says Del Rio came into America to take advantage, but Swagger will win the World Title and reclaim America.  Swagger chants "We the People," as his music plays on.  Daniel Bryan's music hits and he comes out for their match.

Jack Swagger defeated Daniel Bryan via submission.  Late in the match, Bryan managed to get a No Lock on Swagger, but Swagger got his foot on the bottom rope to break it.  Later, Bryan misses his dropkick attempt in the corner, then falls on his head.  Swagger drops a knee on Bryan's leg, then takes Bryan's leg out after with a chop block.  He puts on the Patriot Lock and makes Bryan tap out.

After break, Paul Heyman was in the ring with Vickie Guerrero.  She announces that she has a new assistant, and out comes Brad Maddox.  Maddox says Vince was so happy with him, he gave him this opportunity.  Heyman says he doesn't care what they have to say, and goes to leave, but then Vince McMahon appears on screen.  Vince tells Heyman that wasn't his surprise.  He said he granted Heyman the stipulation for Punk vs. Rock last night.  They rolled a clip last week with Heyman saying he'd "do anything if Vince approved the stipulation."  He told him anything means he could fire him right now, and while it might be a good idea it's too easy.  Instead, Vince will come to the ring on crutches next week and fight Heyman.  Heyman drops the mic shocked by the news.

The Shield defeated Ryback, Chris Jericho and Sheamus via pinfall.  Late in the match, Sheamus broke away to make the hot tag to Ryback who exploded in the ring.  He smashed down Set Rollins with several moves, including the Meathook Clothesline.  He went for Shell Shocked, but the other two guys from Shield ran some interference, which allowed for Reigns to rush in the ring and Spear down Ryback.

Ryback was getting triple teamed for a while but finally escaped Shield to tag in Jericho who the crowd was hot for.  Jericho ran through multiple moves including a Lionsault for a near fall on Ambrose.

Later still, Reigns took out Ryback on the outside as Jericho kept battling Ambrose in the ring.  He was able to slap on the Walls of Jericho and Ambrose had nowhere to go.  Rollins got involved to distract the ref, with Sheamus coming in to fight him.  The ref broke that up, but Rollins had got up on one of the corners of the ring and flew off to hit Jericho with a knee to the head.  Ambrose managed to get the pinfall on Y2J with Sheamus still fighting Reigns on the outside.  The Shield escaped out into the audience celebrating their win.

Damien Sandow cut a promo on his way down to the ring about President's Day and how many of the Sandow relatives were advisors to presidents.  Before the bell could even ring, Sandow attacked Kofi Kingston in the ring and kept attacking him.  All of a sudden, R-Truth's music hit and he rushed down to the ring in street clothes.  Truth tackled Sandow at bottom of the ramp, then beat him up in the ring hitting the Lie Detector scissors kick on him and then clotheslining him out of the ring.  Truth helped up Kofi as his music played on.

Josh Matthews interviewed DJ Cotrona and Adrienne Palicki of "G.I. Joe Retaliation" at ringside.  They both talked about being excited for The Rock's championship celebration tonight, then Matthews introduced a trailer for the movie they're all in.

Randy Orton defeated Kane via pinfall.  Kane hit a sideslam on Orton late for a 2 count.  Orton made a comeback, and went for his DDT through the ropes, but Kane countered it.  He set up for a chokeslam, but Daniel Bryan came down to the ring and distracted him.  Orton hits the quick RKO on Kane for the win.

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette marching band came out performing and formed an aisle down the ramp to the ring.  The Rock came out to a big round of cheers from the crowd.

For his celebration he talked about how the WWE Championship belt needs to mean something and not be a toy that spins.  He took the belt and handed it off to a crew member telling them to make sure it makes it into the Hall of Fame.  He then unveiled a new championship belt with Brahma Bull logos on the side and a large face.

Rock then talked up WM29, with the Cena vs. CM Punk match.  Cena's music hits and Cena comes out, but Punk attacks him from behind on the ramp.  Punk has the old title belt in hand and throws it down the ramp, then points at Rock.  Rock prepares for another fight, with Punk heading backstage as the crowd boos.  Cena's still down on the ramp as Raw ends.

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