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Main Event Results 02/13/13

WWE Main Event Results from Little Rock, AR:

JBL and Michael Cole started off the show as tonight's commentators.  They mentioned The Miz was supposed to be Jericho's guest on "Highlight Reel," but due to the attack from Antonio Cesaro is unable to be there.  Jericho's music hit and he came out to start the Highlight Reel.

Jericho showed off highlights of what Cesaro did with the airplane swing of Miz into the crowd barrier on Raw.  He called Cesaro a beast, but said the show must go on tonight, so he has another guest - "a man of equal or greater value."  He started to intro the World Heavyweight Champion, but Ricardo Rodriguez interrupted and made the formal introduction.

Del Rio said the time for talking to Big Show is over and Sunday he finishes him off.  Jericho then praised Del Rio's skills and achievements as well as his family's history wrestling in Mexico.  Jericho said if and when he wins the Chamber on Sunday, he'll go to Mania and beat Del Rio to become new champ.  Del Rio told him with all due respect he didn't think it would happen.  That caused Jericho and Del Rio to start going back and forth with Ricardo getting into the convo.  He eventually got nuts and lost it, but then Dolph Ziggler's music hit.

Dolph, AJ and Big E came to the ramp.  Ziggler said they're wasting time talking about the World Title without mentioning him.  Jericho joked that Dolph has mentioned his MITB briefcase 87 times, the same number of times AJ has stuck her tongue down a Superstar's throat.  Big E. got into the conversation with Jericho making fun of what "E" stands for.  E was about to go get in the ring, but Dolph stopped him.  Dolph then vowed to cash in his MITB case sometime between now and WrestleMania 29.  Del Rio laughed saying someone needs to teach Ziggler a lesson, and that someone is him.

Jericho then polled the crowd if they wanted to see a Ziggler vs. Del Rio match tonight.  The crowd agreed to it, and then Jericho's music hit.  Cole said the challenge is on, with JBL suggesting Dolph could cash in tonight.

Alberto Del Rio defeated Dolph Ziggler via submission in a non-title match.  The close saw Del Rio setting up for a cross armbreaker, but AJ and Big E tried to get some distraction tactics going.  Ricardo tried to hit Big E with the bucket he had, but Big E turned around and chased Ricardo backstage.  Del Rio was ultimately able to slap on the cross arm-breaker and forced Ziggler to tap out.

They showed a replay of what went down on Raw this past Monday involving Rock vowing to beat Punk up all over Nashville, but Paul Heyman helping Punk gain the upperhand and hit a GTS on Rock before the Chamber PPV.

Michael Cole talked up a pre-show Elimination Chamber PPV streaming match of Tensai and Brodus Clay taking on Rhodes Scholars.  Cold said this may be the last time Rhodes Scholars are a team.  JBL suggested Tensai and Clay call themselves the "Future Endeavored."  Cole and JBL then ran down all of the Chamber PPV matches, saying Henry has to be the favorite to win the Chamber match.

Backstage, Matt Striker was good to go with an interview even after Big Show KO punched him on Raw.  He had Paul Heyman back there and started to ask him a question, but Heyman interrupted.  He talked about Punk's title defense against Rock, saying Punk should still be WWE champion.

A promo for Fandango was shown.

The show closed with a replay of what went down on Raw involving The Shield's in-ring promo, and then Cena, Sheamus and Ryback shutting the lights out in the arena and then attacking them.  Cole said "this is just a taste of what's coming on Sunday," before Main Event ended.

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