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SmackDown Results 04/26/13

SmackDown Results from London, England:

The show opened with a preview video detailing how Undertaker will compete in his first SmackDown match in nearly two years, after what happened on RAW.  Also, Alberto Del Rio and Jack Swagger will settle their score in a No DQ match.

Jack Swagger defeated Alberto Del Rio via pinfall in a No DQ match.  Late in this one, Del Rio stopped Zeb Colter from using a Kendo stick, but the distraction allowed Swagger to receover and hit Del Rio with a ladder in the head.  Swagger tried a Swagger Bomb but Del Rio got his knees up to block.  Moments later, Swagger broke out of the cross armbreaker, and hit ADR multiple times with a Kendo Stick.  He uses a ladder to hit Del Rio, then hits a Gutwrench Powerbomb for the pinfall win.

The Shield cut a backstage video promo in which they talked about unfinished business with Undertaker and said they'll take the tag titles from Hell No.  They said later tonight Ambrose will resolve the Undertaker issue.

Layla defeated Aksana via pinfall.  Aksana had control of things in the ring towards the end, but Layla surprised her with a small package rollup pinfall for the win.

Fandango defeated Justin Gabriel via pinfall.  Late in this one, Fandango got hit by a spinning heel kick from Gabriel.  Fandango was able to regain control, and ultimately hit his swinging reverse STO for the win.  Post-match, Fandango corrected Lilian on how his name is pronounced before heading off.

The Big Show defeated Sheamus via pinfall.  In the late part of this match, Show rolled out of the ring, with Sheamus going after him.  Show hit him with some strikes, and then got back into the ring.  Sheamus got on the apron, and brought Show against the top rope, then got to the top rope.  However, as he was preparing for his move, Mark Henry came out of nowhere and tipped the steel steps.  Sheamus was distracted and Show hit him with a KO punch for the win.

Wade Barrett defeated William Regal via pinfall in a non-title match.  Regal had momentum towards the end and went for his Knee Trembler.  Barrett evaded the move, then hit his Bull Hammer elbow for the pinfall win.

Mark Henry defeated Randy Orton due to disqualification.  Late in the match, Orton prepared for his RKO, pounding away on the canvas.  Henry got on his feet, and Orton got ready to strike, only for Sheamus to get in the ring and hit a Brogue Kick on Henry, causing the ref to call for the bell. Post-match, Orton appeared irritated by Sheamus' interruption, confronting him over it.  Sheamus pointed to his opponent and Orton quickly hit the RKO on Henry.

The Undertaker defeated Dean Ambrose via submission.  Undertaker rallied late in this contest, hitting a clothesline from the corner, then Snake Eyes, a huge boot kick and his "Old School" move from the ropes.  The Shield distracted Taker, and Ambrose gained the upperhand.  Ambrose had a pinfall with Undertaker surprisingly kicking out.  Soon after, Ambrose didn't focus enough on his opponent and fell victim to Hell's Gate, tapping out before ten seconds.

Post-match, Rollins and Reigns quickly get involved, beating up on the Undertaker on the mat.  Undertaker fights back and the fight goes to the outside.  Taker managed to fight them off and was about to use a chokeslam on Rollins.  However, Reigns hits a huge spear to send Taker through the crowd barricade.  Ambrose grabs a chair and hits Taker a few times.  The grand finale has Shield hit a Triple Powerbomb on Taker through the announce table.  Smackdown ends with them standing tall over Taker.

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