Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Main Event Results 05/22/13

Main Event results from Omaha, NE:

Alberto Del Rio defeated Big E Langston via pinfall.  Big E dominated the early part of the match.  Del Rio made a late comeback attempt, but Big E was quick to level him once again.  Del Rio avoided him in the corner, so Big E hit shoulder first.  Del Rio finally managed to put on the cross arm breaker, but Langston had his hands gripped together, then picked up ADR and slammed him down for a near fall cover.  Del Rio managed to hit an enziguiri kick to the back of Big E's head, then stole a quick schoolboy pinfall for the win.

They reviewed the latest incident between Cena and Ryback, with Cena having to be taken to the hospital.  On Raw, Ryback came out to start the show in an ambulance, then said he would face Cena for the title at Payback in an "Ambulance Match."  Ryback would later attack Zack Ryder on Raw, putting him in the back of an ambulance to be taken away for medical attention.

The Uso's defeated 3MB via pinfall.  Drew and Jinder fought in this one with Slater on the outside.  McIntyre came back with a move from the corner to take down one of the Uso's for a near fall.  Drew and Jinder kept working the double team and tagging in and out to prevent The Uso's from the tag.  They finally got the tag, with the other Uso coming in to take control of the match.  He got to the top rope for a move, but Drew McIntyre came over to knock him off the corner.  The legal Uso fell to the outside as Main Event went to commercial.  

Moments into the match, an ambulance siren started up and the ambulance backed into the arena near the stage.  Ryback hopped out of the back with his music starting up.  He went down to ringside where Slater was.  Slater tried to go at Ryback, but got smashed down face first.  Ryback picked up Slater and brought him to load into the ambulance, then drove away.  The Uso's took advantage of all the commotion, hitting the Superfly Splash for the big pinfall win.

They covered the introduction by Paul Heyman of his newest star, Curtis Axel, with Triple H coming to the ring to interrupt.  That led to a match later on Raw, which saw Triple H collapsing several times on the outside due to the head injury he sustained during Extreme Rules at the hands of Brock Lesnar and a sledgehammer.

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