Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Main Event Results 04/24/13

WWE Main Event Results from London, England:

Mark Henry started off the show with an interview in the ring by JBL.  JBL asked about his latest feud with Sheamus, then talked Henry into taking on a 4-on-1 gauntlet match, saying he's the only one capable of doing it.

The Great Khali won the Gauntlet match due to count out of Mark Henry.  Henry defeated one of the Usos for the first pinfall, then pinned the other one for the second pinfall.  Henry pinned Santino Marella third, after a World's Strongest Slam.  Great Khali came to the ring with Natalya and Hornswoggle.  Khali kicked out at 2 after Henry hit the World's Strongest Slam on him.  Khali started to gain the upper hand, chopping away on Henry.  Henry rolled to the outside and walked away, getting counted out.

They showed a video recap of the latest incident on Raw between Triple H and Paul Heyman.  Triple H accepted Heyman's challenged to fight Brock in a steel cage match at Extreme Rules PPV before hitting The Pedigree finisher on him.

The show concluded with Matt Striker interviewing Zeb Colter at the top of the ramp.  Colter got a lot of boos from the crowd and then was joined by Jack Swagger.  Swagger started up a "We the people" chant on his own.

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