Friday, August 23, 2013

Smackdown Results 08/23/13

Smackdown Results from Bakersfield, CA:

The show opened with GM Vickie Guerrero welcoming the new WWE Champion Randy Orton out.  Orton talked about how he was able to cash in his MITB contract and said he didn't know Triple H would screw Daniel Bryan over.  Orton said he didn't need his help really.  Orton asked fans to give him their support but they chanted "No!"  Bryan came out to interrupt and thanked John Cena for the title shot at SummerSlam.  He called Orton arrogant and said he's had everything handed to him.  Bryan requested his rematch tonight, but Orton said it won't happen until Night of Champions.  Randy raised up the title  belt and Bryan dropkicked him out of the ring.

Vickie Guerrero was shown backstage, enraged about what just happened in the ring.  Wade Barrett showed up to interrupt, so she announced Daniel Bryan vs. Wade Barrett in a steel cage for tonight.

Curtis Axel defeated Cody Rhodes in a non-title match.  After the match, Paul Heyman got on the mic and told everyone Punk is lost without him.  Curtis Axel said Punk doesn't really deserve a title shot, but he'll give him a match for the Intercontinental title on Raw.

Dolph Ziggler defeated Big E Langston via pinfall.  AJ Lee was at ringside with Big E.  Ziggler won it after hitting the Zig Zag on Langston.

Alberto Del Rio defeated Christian via submission in a non-title match.  Del Rio used the armbar submission.  Post-match, Ricardo Rodriguez showed up and introduced Rob Van Dam.  Christian hit a dropkick from the top rope on Del Rio, then RVD came to the ring and hit his Frogsplash on Del Rio.

Mark Henry and Big Show won via pinfall over 3MB in a 3-on-2 handicap match.

Darren Young defeated Antonio Cesaro.

Daniel Bryan defeated Wade Barrett in a steel cage match.  Post-match, Randy Orton showed up and hit the RKO on Bryan to end SmackDown.

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