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Raw Results 09/02/13

Raw results from Des Moines, IA:

The show started with an in-ring segment featuring Triple H who introduced the champion, Randy Orton.  They talked about protecting the image of the WWE and why Bryan shouldn't ever be the WWE champion.  HHH said the fans were causing Bryan to confuse what's best for business with popularity.  HHH brought up the idea that Doin the Clown was popular, but was never WWE champ for a reason, because it was bad business.  He said Bryan will never be WWE champion, and said maybe he can bring back the Cruiserweight or European title for Bryan to go after instead.

Daniel Bryan came out to interrupt, calling Orton and HHH clowns.  He said he's not giving up his title shot at the NOC PPV.  He then said deep down they know he can beat Orton, and that Orton doesn't have the heart of a champion.  He starts to call Orton, Triple H's b---h, but HHH interrupts.  He tells Bryan his "angry troll" rage is misdirected at them, rather than Big Show.  He said Show has an iron-clad contract but just stands around crying each week instead of helping out Bryan.  HHH announces Bryan vs. Show for the main event tonight.

Before break, they showed footage from when Paul Heyman attacked CM Punk with a kendo stick last week on Raw.  Later on, Punk addresses what happened.

After commercials, Orton and HHH were backstage with Orton joking about Big Show.  Cody Rhodes is there and HHH shakes his hand.  Cody says the main event match will be good tonight, as long as nobody gets involved.  HHH asks why anyone would get involved.  Rhodes brings up Orton not wanting to defend the title against Bryan, and asks why?  He says that match is good for business.  Triple H asks Cody if he's deciding that now.  He brings up Cody's upcoming wedding, then says neither he nor Orton were invited.  HHH says he has an early present for Rhodes, a match against Orton tonight.  Rhodes thanked him for the match, but HHH said if he doesn't win, he won't be employed very long.

The Miz defeated Fandango via submission.  Late in the match, Miz missed on a clothesline in the corner.  Fandango connected on multiple shots with his right hand and then a springboard leg drop for a pin attempt.  Moments after kicking out, Miz was able to get him into the Figure Four leg lock and forced Fandago to tap out.

Backstage, Booker T suggested to Daniel Bryan that maybe he should just give up his title shot, so he doesn't end up fighting in local gyms for $50 a match again.  Booker says Bryan can still make a ton of money in WWE.  Bryan says this is about his life and can't believe what Booker's suggesting.  Bryan walks off.

Ryback defeated Dolph Ziggler via pinfall.  After he got to the ring and was waiting for his opponent, Ziggler was attacked in the ring by Dean Ambrose.  Ambrose beat down Ziggler then said tonight Dolph will learn some respect.  Ryback came out and beat up Ziggler quite a bit after he was already attacked, ultimately hitting a Meathook clothesline and Shellshocked for the win.

Backstage, Brad Maddox walked up to Triple H and Stephanie.  He told them Big Show is refusing to wrestle against Bryan later on tonight. Steph says she's going to go call out Show.

After a break, Stephanie is in the ring and calls out a friend of hers, The Big Show.  Steph and Show hug in the ring.  She brings up hearing he doesn't want to wrestle Bryan tonight, and then starts in on Show's financial troubles.  She says Show made some bad investments and is now completely broke.   She says he gets no money from that "iron-clad" contract unless he performs.  She keeps going on and then says that giants typically don't live as long as normal people.  Show is in tears, after Steph brings up that he needs this job for his family.  She says she knows Show will make the right decision tonight, before hugging Show and leaving the ring.

After break, they showed footage of Big Show going crazy backstage.

Darren Young & Titus O'Neil defeated Jinder Mahal and Heath Slater via pinfall.  Late in this match, chaos broke out in the ring, with Slater breaking up a pinfall attempt that TItus had.  D-Young gets involved and takes out Slater, but Mahal sends young out of the ring.  Titus knocks out Mahal to pick up the pinfall win.

After break, Brad Maddox was shown in his office on the phone when Paul Heyman walked in and told him to call the person back.  He said Maddox put his fate in the hands of the WWE Universe last week, and now Heyman isn't doing so well.  Triple H walked in on them, and said he approved the decision by Maddox last week.  HHH brings up that he's always been a fan of his.  He told Heyman he doesn't see a way he can weasel out of his NOC match, and maybe this is where Punk finally gives him the beating he deserves.  HHH said either way, he wins.

They showed a video of Bray Wyatt discussing Kane, saying the fire isn't Kane's friend.  He said Kane allowed pride to cloud his judgment and that's how he knew he was his, like a lamb to slaughter.  Bray said Kane made his bed and now must burn in it.  He laughs as Rowan and Harper are shown standing behind him.

Randy Orton defeated Cody Rhodes via pinfall in a non-title match with Rhodes' career on the line.  Towards the end of the match, Cody went for a Disaster Kick, and Orton ducked it, causing Cody to land bad on his knee.  Orton takes out the knee, then nails the RKO for the win.  Post-match, after Orton went backstage, Triple H came out and said Cody went all out and fought like his life was on the line.  HHH said bottom line, he respects him, but needs winners for this business.  He can't let personal feelings cloud his judgement and says he has to do what's best for everyone in the back.  He tells Cody he's fired.  Cody is visibly upset in the ring.  Cody limps away as the fans chant "Thank You Cody."

CM Punk came to the ring with a kendo stick and discussed his feud with Paul Heyman, saying there's not much more to say.  He promises no more empty threats.  He says at Night of Champions, fans will see a side of him they haven't yet, and they might not like it.  He vows to break Heyman's face at the PPV, before dropping the mic.

Backstage, Big Show walks up to Daniel Bryan telling him he didn't want the fight tonight.  Bryan says he doesn't care what Show wants.  Show says it's a no-win situation here for him.  Bryan agrees, saying he'll beat Big Show, again, tonight.  Bryan walks off leaving Show to contemplate that.

Natalya vs. Naomi vs. Brie Bella was a no contest.  All of the "Total Divas" were ringside for the match, and AJ was on commentary.  AJ got involved late, attacking Naomi and Natalya for a DQ.  A huge brawl breaks out with all of the divas in the ring.  Natalya, Naomi and Brie leave the ring with AJ laid out.  There's no winner to become new #1 contender for the divas championship.

Rob Van Dam defeated Damien Sandow via pinfall.  During this match, Alberto Del Rio came out to interrupt, distracting RVD.  Later on, RVD hit rolling thunder, with an attempted corner move after, that Sandow turned into a near fall.  RVD managed to drop Sandow from the top rope and then hit a Five Star Frogsplash for the win.  Post-match, RVD and Ricardo stared at Del Rio from the ring.

After break, they show a WWE App video with Stephanie booking Naomi vs. Brie Bella vs. Natalya vs. AJ Lee for the Divas title at Night of Champions.

Josh Matthews came up with an angry Cody Rhodes backstage, on his way out of the building.  He said the McMahons have hated the Rhodes family for decades.  He says they ruined his father and brother.  Rhodes stormed off after Matthews brought up his fiancee.

The entire backstage roster comes out onto the stage for the main event match.

Big Show vs. Daniel Bryan match was a no contest.  Late in the match, Bryan kept trying to attack Show, but Show would knock him down each time.  He yelled that Bryan made him do this.  Show went for a chokeslam with Bryan turning it into a DDT.  Bryan went off the top rope, but Show knocked him out of the air.  He prepared for a KO punch, but didn't do it, and left the ring.  Suddenly, HHH's music hit and he came down to the ring with The Shield.  HHH gets in Show's face, as The Shield gets in the ring and beats up Bryan, before hitting their Triple Powerbomb on him.  Triple H instructs Show to get back into the ring and finish off Bryan.  Show wasn't going to do it.  HHH told him to think about his family.

Roman Reigns held up Bryan and Show prepared his KO punch, but was crying and said no, then left the ring.  Stephanie McMahon came out and told Show to think about his family.  She got in the ring, with Show getting back in as Reigns was holding up Bryan for him.  Show turned to face HHH, but Stephanie got in his way.  Show finally turned and KO'd Bryan with a KO punch.  HHH and Stephanie pat him on the back.  Show left the ring, with Steph and HHH telling him he did the right thing, as Show is crying.

Orton comes out with his championship belt and goes to the ring.  Shield, Triple H, Stephanie, Big Show and all of the other roster members were shown watching on stage as Orton went into the ring and put a boot on Bryan's chest to pose with the WWE title.

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