Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Main Event Results 10/30/13

Main Event Results from Tampa, FL:

Ryback defeated Kofi Kingston via pinfall.  The late stages of the match saw Kofi hit Ryback with a double leg Boom Drop and then try to follow up with Trouble in Paradise.  Ryback caught him to counter the move.  Moments later, Kofi hit a crossbody off the corner for a near fall.  Ryback regained control and went to the top to jump off at Kofi who put his feet up.  From there, Kofi hit a springboard missile dropkick for another near fall.  Ryback made a comeback, then hit the Meathook clothesline, followed by Shell Shocked for the win.

They showed the Raw Rebound with Damien Sandow coming to the ring to tease a MITB title contract cash-in against John Cena.  He pretended to hand the briefcase over to the ref for a cash in, then pulled it away saying "any other night but tonight."  Cena tried to grab Sandow as he was walking by to leave the ring, so Sandow kicked him in the gut and then started to beat up Cena.  He attacked Cena's arm, smashing it against the ringpost, and then tossed Cena into the stairs and crowd barrier.  Sandow then called for a ref to cash in his contract by handing over the MITB briefcase.  Sandow had several near falls and an attempt at Cena's own STF submission as well.  However, Cena was able to withstand the fight despite a hurt arm and knee, and eventually hit the AA on Sandow for the win to retain.

Santino Marella defeated Heath Slater via pinfall.  Late in the match, Slater tried to toss Santino to the outside but Santino hung onto the rope.  He went to skin the cat, but couldn't and finally got back into the ring.  Slater hit Santino in the head to knock him to the mat and went for a move from the top, but Santino rolled out of the way.  Moments later, Santino hits his hip toss and diving headbutt.  He pulled out The Cobra sock and hit Jinder Mahal who got onto the apron.  He followed up by hitting The Cobra on Slater for the win.

They showed a recap of what happened at the main event at Hell in a Cell PPV, and then what happened during Randy Orton's WWE title celebration on Raw.  Big Show came out to interrupt Orton's speech, getting past The Shield to the ring and going after Orton and HHH who fled.  Orton got back in and hit Show from behind with the WWE championship belt, but later got hit with a KO punch.  Show taunted Triple H to step into the ring with him, but HHH dropped off the apron and Stephanie held him back telling him "don't do it" as the crowd booed.  A later interview clip with Michael Cole talking to Triple H was shown where Triple H said he is banning the Big Show from WWE for life.

Fandango defeated The Great Khali via pinfall.  Late in the match, Khali prepared to hit a big head chop on Fandango, but Summer Rae climbed onto the apron to distract Khali.  Natalya yanked her down, but the distraction allowed Fandango to clip Khali's legs.  Fandango spiked Khali head first into the mat, then hit his leg drop off the corner for the win.

Los Matadores defeated Los Locales via pinfall.  During the match, one of the Locales knocked Diego off the apron.  Torito got into the ring and knocked the one Local into the other to send him off the apron.  Torito then dove out onto the El Local on the outside.  Inside the ring, Los Matadores performed several moves on the legal member of Los Locales, then hit a double team finisher on him for the win.

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