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Raw Results 11/04/13

Raw Results from Greenville, SC:

Raw opened with Michael Cole on commentary as CM Punk's theme music hit and he came out for the opening match.  The commentators looked back at last week where CM Punk and Daniel Bryan were attacked on separate occasions by The Wyatt Family.

CM Punk defeated Luke Harper via pinfall.  In the late stages of the match, Punk hit a knee on Harper in the corner, then did the elbow drop off the corner but onto Rowan at ringside.  Harper tried to pull Punk back into the ring, but Punk eluded him.  Punk went for a springboard but Harper booted him down mid-air.  However, moments later Harper missed on a spinning lariat and Punk rolled him up for the three count.  Post-match, The Wyatt Family staged an attack on Punk, but Daniel Bryan rushed down to make a save.  He and Punk fought off The Wyatts who retreated ringside.

They showed a video clip from Wednesday when Triple H talked with Michael Cole about banning Big Show from WWE for life.  Tonight, Big Show gets to tell his side of the story.

They had Punk backstage with Renee Young to talk about fighting off The Wyatt Family.  He said he knew what happened tonight, but he's not the only one who has an issue with the Wyatt Family.

They had a pre-recorded video interview with Paul Heyman who was in Europe getting treated for the injuries he suffered at Hell in a Cell.  Heyman said after all he's been through he is demanding an apology for the beating he suffered.  Cole asked Heyman if he was crying and he breathed heavily, then hung up.

Ryback defeated Great Khali via pinfall.  In the late part of the match, Khali was in control, but Ryback surprised him and hit the Meathook clothesline, then scored the winning pinfall.  Post-match, Ryback was about to leave the ring but decided to return.  Santino tried to get involved but Ryback smashed him back first into the barricade.  Hornswoggle ran under the ring to hide.  Ryback left the scene.

Alberto Del Rio defeated Kofi Kingston via submission.  Late in the match, Kofi went for the STO, but Del Rio managed to counter and rolled him into the cross armbreaker submission hold.  Kofi tried to grab Del Rio's hands to break the hold, but Del Rio was able to keep it locked in, forcing Kofi to tap out.

They had a video package shown which was made by Big Show's attorney.  The video talked about discrimination, slander & defamation, Breach of Contract, Intimidation & Extortion & Exploitation, and Wrongful Termination perpetrated by Stephanie McMahon and Triple H against The Big Show.

WWE Champion Randy Orton came out to cut a promo, disrespecting the audience, saying the only thing they have control over is who his next victim is tonight.  The audience (through WWE app) got to vote on Orton's opponent for tonight, The Miz, Big E Langston, or Dolph Ziggler.  Langston won with 75% of the votes.

Randy Orton defeated Big E Langston via pinfall in a non-title match.  Late in the match, Big E went for his finisher after shoving Orton off the RKO attempt.  Orton slid off Big E's shoulders, and after a brief pause, hit the RKO to get the clean pinfall win.

Tyson Kidd & Natalya defeated Fandango & Summer Rae via submission.  Fandango went for a high risk move on Kidd late, but missed it.  Kidd was able to lock in the Sharpshooter as Natalya cleared the ring of Summer Rae, and Fandango tapped out.  Post-match, Kidd and Natalya kissed.

Damien Sandow was interviewed by Renee Young backstage.  He was shown the attempted MITB cash in on Cena last week that he failed with.  Sandow said he can't stop thinking about that "1 2 3" count, and that he's been stripped everything.  However, he said when he looks in the mirror he sees a man who will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

Sandow's tag partners for tonight, The Real Americans, came in to interrupt Sandow's promo, with Zeb Colter saying The Real Americans will prove themselves against Cena and the Rhodes brothers tonight.

John Cena came out to the ring and talked about the Susan G. Kormen Foundation and breast cancer awareness.  He pointed out survivors in the crowd and vowed to win tonight's match to show his appreciation.  Cena also noted WWE's partnership with Susan G. Kormen will last until the end of 2013.

Cena and The Rhodes Brothers defeated Real Americans and Damien Sandow via pinfall.  Both Zeb Colter and Alberto Del Rio were on commentary during the match.  At one point, Cesaro swung Goldust around with the Big Swing about 20 times.  Goldust rolled out of the ring after and Cesaro went after him.  Cena grabbed Cesaro and threw him into Zeb Colter.  Inside the ring, a bunch of brawling took place with Goldust eventually hitting The Final Cut on Cesaro for the pinfall win.  Cena celebrated with the Rhodes Brothers after the win, while Del Rio looked on angrily from outside.

Backstage, Vickie Guerrero went into Triple H's office to tell him that Big Show was there.  HHH was upset asking how this happened and got ready to leave as Stephanie entered.  HHH started to blame Vickie, but Steph said she let Big Show in, saying The Board can't afford this lawsuit.  She said they can't let personal things get dragged into the spotlight and "this is bigger than them."  HHH kept complaining until Steph told him he's never had a problem accepting the McMahon family money.  HHH gave her a look, and Steph said it will be her, him and Big Show.  Hunter told Vickie to get Show.  He was still looking displeased with Steph.

Dolph Ziggler defeated Curtis Axel in a non-title match via pinfall.  Late in the match, Axel tried for his finisher after clotheslining Ziggler in the back of his head.  Ziggler avoided the finisher and came back with the Zig-Zag for the pinfall win.

Backstage, Renne Young interviewed Daniel Bryan about what happened earlier with The Wyatt Family.  He said normally it wouldn't be smart to run into the mouth of madness, but he saw a chance for payback and took it.  Bryan said it appears someone else has an issue with the Wyatts.

Backstage, Vickie informed Steph and HHH that Big Show doesn't want to meet them in the office, but in the ring.  HHH graoned that "he must want witnesses."

The Usos defeated Health Slater and Drew McIntyre via pinfall.  Jinder Mahal was ringside.  Usos worked over 3MB and one of them hit a top rop splash on Slater to win the match.

Renee Young interviewed Los Matadores backstage.  They introduced El Torito and identified him as "horny," saying he'll "horn you in the knee."  El Torito started to shake his hips a bit as part of the segment.

The Bella Twins and Eva Maria defeated AJ Lee, Tamina and Aksana via pinfall.  Late in the match, the heels were working over one of the Bellas.  Tamina went ofr a top rop splash but missed it.  Evan tagged herself in and rolled up Tamina to get the win.

The Big Show came out to meet with Triple H and Stephanie in the ring.  HHH tried to offer him a check to make things right with the lawsuit.  Show said it's not about money and said he just wants to do what he loves - perform in the WWE for the fans.  He said he wants his job back.  HHH laughed about it but then Steph interrupted and told Show he's re-hired.  Show said he also wants the World's Largest Bonus, but no money, he wants the face of the WWE.  Steph freaked out about and said Sgow needs to look in the mirror.  Triple H came over to calm down Stephanie.  Just then, The Shield's music started to play.  Big Show asked if this is some kind of trick, as Raw went to break.

After break, Big Show got into HHH's face saying he'll give him a title match against Randy Orton at Survivor Series.  HHH told him to leave before he ends up in a puddle of his own blood.  Show walked out of the ring and started up the ramp, saying his attorney would be in touch.  HHH stopped him to say he can have his match at Survivor Series.  To taunt more, Show kept telling HHH he couldn't hear him clearly, making him repeat it several times.  Finally, in the ring, HHH said it loudly over the microphone that Show will face Orton for the WWE title at Survivor Series.

HHH then told Show since he's re-hired he should do his job and get in the ring tonight.  He booked him in a 4-on-1 handicap match against Randy Orton and The Shield.

Big Show defeated Randy Orton & The Shield due to disqualification.  During the match, all four men tried to get Show down to beat him up, but Show managed to fight them off.  He broke free of the Triple Powerbomb attempt and chokeslammed Reigns, then hit a double suplex on Rollins and Reigns.  Show got up and took off his dress shirt to go after Orton.  Suddenly, Kane's music played and he came out without a mask on and dressed in a suit and tie.  Show looked at Kane and the distraction allowed Rollins to take down Show.  Orton hit the RKO on Show.  Kane then threw some chairs into the ring for the heels to use on Big Show and the ref called for the bell.

Post-match, the assault continued by Shield and Orton on Show, with Kane, Stephanie and Triple H watching from ringside.  Reigns hit Show with the steel steps.  Shield hit a Triple Powerbomb with Show to send him through the announce table.  Orton posed with the WWE belt over the fallen Big Show.  Raw went off the air with Orton standing tall by Shield, as Hunter, Stephanie and Kane all looked on from nearby, approving of Show being driven through the table.

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