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Raw Results 12/30/13

Raw Results from Richmond, VA:

The show opened with CM Punk cutting a promo about the good things and bad things that happened for him this past year including fighting against The Rock, beginning the year as the longest-reigning champion in the past 25 years, and losing a friend - Paul Heyman.  He also brought up The Shield saying they might be able to say it's their year.  That brought The Shield out through the crowd and into the ring to interrupt.  Ambrose told Punk to finish his teased challenge, or they might end him right there.  Punk said he wants to fight the best member of the team.  Ambrose assumed it was him, but Punk called him the "weak link" and said it's either Reigns or Rollins.  Rollins stepped forward, with Reigns seeming to take exception.  The segment ended with Brad Maddox coming out and booking CM Punk vs. Rollins for right then.

CM Punk defeated Seth Rollins via pinfall.  Ambrose and Reigns tried to intervene at one point, but Punk backdropped Rollins out onto them at ringside.  Moments later, Ambrose tried to get back in the ring by launching himself over the top rope.  Punk caught him on the move and hit his GTS to get the pinfall win.

They had a backstage segment involving GM Brad Maddox, Triple H and Stephanie.  Maddox said he's going to give them an Intercontinental Match tonight they can be proud of.  He noted that Kane isn't there for it tonight.  Daniel Bryan came in demanding a match with Bray Wyatt.  Maddox told him he needs to earn it by beating Harper, then Rowan.  Bryan agreed, then left.  Steph and HHH commended Maddox for handling the situation, then Steph told him to "watch and learn" while she went out to announce the main event for Royal Rumble.

Stephanie McMahon came out on stage to wish everyone a happy new year.  She talked about reflecting on the past year and looking back she would change nothing because one champion was officially crowned.  Steph celebrated Randy Orton, with a video package shown.  After, she said Orton will defend the championship in a traditional title match, which can only be won by pinfall or submission.  His challenger will be John Cena.

Dolph Ziggler defeated Curtis Axel via pinfall.  Late in this one, Axel tossed Ziggler to the outside, then went out after him and rammed Dolph's back into the side of the ring.  He got Dolph back inside and kept working on him.  At one point, Axel stopped to pose for the crowd a bit too much, allowing Ziggler to catch him with a move and then hit his finisher.

Big E Langston defeated Fandango via pinfall to retain the Intercontinental Championship.  Summer Rae was ringside for Fandango.  The match lasted over 13 minutes.  In the end, Fandango was able to hit his top rope leg drop onto Big E, but Langston managed to roll to the outside to avoid being pinned.  Moments later, Langston regained control in the ring, hitting a suplex, and then a huge splash on Fandango.  He pulled his straps down, then hit The Big Ending for the pinfall win.

The announcers talked about next week's show, Old School Raw, which will feature CM Punk against Roman Reigns.

They had a segment with various wrestlers and talent on stage such as Booker T, Uso Brothers, Xavier Woods, Justin Gabriel, Ziggler, some of the divas and PTP.  They were in New Years party mode, but Bad News Barrett arrived out to deliver some bad news.  He talked about how these wrestlers will continue stabbing one another in the back for more money so they can have a bigger TV than their neighbors.  He mentioned that fans will be the first to hold their grubby little hands out if Mother Nature takes their home.  Barrett brought up poverty, debt and destruction and how it's all around us.  He said he'll continue to remind everyone of these things then wished everyone a Happy New Year.

They had a backstage interview with Renee Young talking to Damien Sandow.  Sandow brought up the Santa match and being forced to compete in stipulation matches against Ziggler.  Sandow said he doesn't care who his next opponent is, because he will quit if he doesn't win and end the year on a high note.

Damien Sandow defeated The Great Khali via pinfall.  Fans were able to vote between The Miz, Kofi Kingston and Great Khali for Sandow's match opponent.  Khali won with 39% of the vote, while Miz had 33 and Kofi had 28.  In the match, Sandow took advantage by working over Khali's left knee.  Khali had a comeback briefly, but Sandow was able to yank him headfirst into the turnbuckle, then rolled him up to get the win, saving his career.

R-Truth defeated Brodus Clay via pinfall.  Xavier Woods was on commentary during the match, but at one point said he couldn't handle it anymore.  Woods stood up on the table, distracting Clay.  Cameron and Naomi came out and started to dance.  Clay went for a splash with Truth moving away.  From there, Truth hit another move, then secured a pinfall for the win.

Triple H came out the ring and made a big announcement, that "this man is back to WWE.."  Brock Lesnar's music hit, and he came out on stage, with Paul Heyman.  They came to the ring, where HHH shook hands with Heyman, then Brock, before leaving the ring.  Heyman declared that the Beast is Back and he's what's best for business.  He said Lesnar is now looking to become WWE World Heavyweight champion, so whoever wins the Cena-Orton match is on alert, as the winner of the Rumble will be coming for them.

Lesnar got on the mic saying he doesn't care if he faces Cena or Orton.  He said nobody in the building or company can stop him.  He said he doesn't have to win a Rumble match, or stand in line for a title shot, because as far as he's concerned the line's behind him.  He then dared anyone to come down to the ring and do something about it.  That brought out World's Strongest Man Mark Henry who attempted to march down to the ring, where Lesnar got out to attack.  The two went at it, with Lesnar getting the upperhand and tackling Henry through a crowd barricade.  Lesnar got up and shouted then hit a big F5 on Henry to drop him to the ground.  Heyman came over to calm down Lesnar, as a ringside doctor checked on Henry.

The team of Kaitlyn, Summer Rae, Alicia Fox, Rosa Mendes & Aksana defeated the team of the Bella Twins, Eva Marie, Naomi and Cameron via pinfall.  AJ and Natalya were both absent from the matchup.  During the match, chaos broke out at one point with divas starting to fly to the outside of the ring.  It all came down to just Nikki versus Aksana.  Aksana was able to hit Nikki in the mouth to re-aggravate a previous injury.  Aksana then took the winning pinfall.

After the match, Jerry Lawler mentioned that Mark Henry is going to be taken to a local health facility to be checked on after he was beat up by Brock Lesnar earlier.

In the GM office, Brad Maddox told Triple H he handled the ref situation from earlier with Great Khali's shoulders not being down for a pin by Damien Sandow.  He announced there's some all-time superstar legends coming to Old School Raw, confirming Ric Flair among them.

The announcers hyped up the gauntlet match featuring Daniel Bryan against the Wyatt Family.  Bryan's first opponent was Luke Harper.

Daniel Bryan defeated Luke Harper via pinfall.  The two fought in an impressive fifteen minute long match to kick off the gauntlet series.  About 14 minutes in, Bryan rallied behind a chant from his fans in the crowd.  He got up and was able to get the Yes! Lock onto Harper center ring, but Harper managed to break out of it.  Harper was able to gain some control hitting big boots and punches on Bryan.  Bryan was able to land on his feet after a suplex attempt, then did a big running knee to Harper's face to get the win.

Daniel Bryan defeated Erick Rowan via pinfall.  Rowan jumped Bryan outside the ring, smashing him into the announcers' table before a commercial break.  After the break, they were back in the ring with Rowan squeezing Bryan's skull.  Bryan attempted to fight back with Rowan cutting him off.  He hit an overhead slam on Bryan from the second rope.  Bryan appeared to hurt his knee and was down on the mat.  Rowan took some time before going for a move, and Bryan rolled him up for the three count.

Daniel Bryan defeated Bray Wyatt due to DQ.  The match never really happened, as Bryan was still banged up from the other two fights.  Bray got in the ring and hung upside down, before Bryan finally got to his feet.  The ref called for the bell, but Bray turned his back on Bryan, while Harper and Rowan got in the ring and started to beat down Bryan.  Post-match they kept up the attack, dumping Bryan out of the ring and throwing him into the guardrail.  Back in the ring, they hit a double chokeslam on Bryan.

Bray got on the mic talking about how this is the end.  "You're right," Bryan told him, with Bray asking him to repeat that.  Bryan took the mic and said "The Machine would never let me win, no matter how many matches I won, or how loud the people cheered for me in each building, but they don't care.  I am yours. Let me join The Family."  The crowd disapprovingly chanted No! No! No! at the statements.

Bray made Bryan crawl over to him.  Bryan did so and opened his arms to Bray, whi grabbed Bryan, kissed him on the forehead and hit Sister Abigail.  He put Bryan's hand on his heart telling him "this is forever."  Rowan and Harper pulled Bryan from the ring and walked him up the ramp about halfway, before letting him go.  Bryan stumbled a bit but locked eyes with Bray and started to walk towards him.  Bryan stopped once he was at the top of the stage as the crowd was chanting "No!" at him.  Bray told him to ignore the crowd.  Eventually, Bryan did so, looking down at the ground in sorrow before stumbling to follow Bray backstage as Raw signed off.

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