Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Main Event Results 12/18/13

Main Event Results from Austin, TX: 

Santa Claus Mick Foley came out from backstage to start the show as Josh Matthews and The Miz welcomed fans to show.  Santa Foley handed out presents to fans around the ring and gaves a few to Matthews and Miz as they talked over Miz's new Christmas movie now on DVD/Blu-ray.  Foley delivered some Christmas greetings in the ring, but was soon interrupted by Ryback's theme music.  Ryback and Axel appeared on stage with mics and started talking as they walked down to the ring.

The two made fat jokes to insult Santa before stealing his bag of gifts.  Ryback said Santa never gave him the weightlifting set he'd asked for, then he tried to pull off Santa's beard.  Miz stood up from his commentary spot and started his "Really?" routine. From there, he and Santa sang a Christmas carol mocking Ryback and Axel.  Santa set a match for later with Miz vs. Axel. Santa said he'd be in Miz's corner for the match.

R-Truth & Xavier Woods defeated 3MB.  Woods and Truth came down to the ring with Truth doing his "What's Up" intro rap.  For 3MB it was Drew and Mahal in action.  Early on, Mahal got knocked out of the ring so Drew went over to regroup with him as the show went to break.  After a return from commercial break, McIntyre grabbed Woods by the leg and distracted him, allowing his team to gain control.  He and Mahal kept wearing down Woods as they tagged in and out to work him over.  Woods eventually made a hot tag to bring Truth in, who cleaned house.  He eventually hit the Lie Detector on McIntyre for the pinfall win.

WWE Divas Champion A.J. Lee defeated Kaitlyn in a non-title match.  Tamina stood by at ringside for AJ. Early on, Kaitlyn had control of the match due to her power advantage.  AJ avoided Kaitlyn charging at her and tripped her into the turnbuckle.  AJ worked on Kaitlyn's neck and locked in a guillotine hold at one point which brought Kaitlyn down to the mat.  Kaitlyn  eventually recovered and fought back then went on the offense.  Later on, Tamina got up on the apron to distract Kaitlyn.  That allowed AJ to put the Black Widow hold onto Kaitlyn, forcing her to eventually tap out.

The Miz defeated Curtis Axel with help from Mick Foley. Miz tried to hand Axel a holiday gift to start things off, but Axel stomped on it.  He took control early working on Miz's neck.  Miz eventually gained control and went for his finisher but Axel escaped the move.  Miz went for a figure-four leglock but Axel kicked him away.  Axel was able to hit the running neckbreaker for a near fall, then went for a Perfect-Plex.  Miz fought Axel off and hit a DDT for a near fall.  Outside the ring, Foley got into it with Ryback and put the Mandible Claw in his mouth.  Axel was distracted by that outside chaos, allowing Miz to hit Skull-Crushing Finale to get the pin.

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