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SmackDown Results 12/20/13

SmackDown results from San Antonio, TX:

The opening segment had Orton in the ring talking about winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at TLC. He talked about beating Bryan the next night and Cena coming out to save him, but ending up getting put down as well.  Cena came out to interrupt and talked about how everyone should be jealous of what Orton has and that he'll be under a microscope now.  He asked what sort of champion he wanted to be known as, suggesting he would be seen as a coward for not giving Daniel Bryan a fair fight.  Orton said Bryan is not going to get another rematch, so out came Bryan.  He said it doesn't matter because when Cena gets his rematch and beats Orton, he'll finally get his fair shot at the title again.

The Shield's Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns came out to the ring as Orton left over the barricade.  Before they could get into the ring, CM Punk's music hit and he arrived down to the ring to make it a fair 3-on-3.  Vickie Guerrero came out with her "Excuse Me" and told them it would be The Shield vs. Cena, Bryan and Punk for Smackdown's main event match.

Big E. Langston defeated Jack Swagger in a non-title match via pinfall.  Zeb Colter was on commentary with Antonio Cesaro ringside as well as Mark Henry.  At one point, Cesaro tried to interfere, but Henry attacked him.  Big E hit the Big Ending for the win.

Brie Bella defeated Tamina via pinfall.  AJ Lee was on commentary while Nikki Bella was ringside.  Tamina dominated for the most part, with Brie finally getting some offense in.  Tamina went for her Superfly Splash at one point, but Brie got her knees up to block it and grab a pinfall.  Post-match, the Bellas attacked AJ.  Tamina went over to check on AJ outside the ring as the Bellas celebrated on the inside.

Wade "Bad News" Barrett did a promo about the holiday season saying kids are out of school, adults are out of work and everyone's happy, but he has bad news.  He said after they've opened all those gifts and stuffed themselves, they've left themselves in massive debt that will take 12 months to crawl out of until they do it all over again next holiday season.

Sin Cara defeated Drew McIntyre via pinfall.  Jinder Mahal was ringside for Drew.  McIntyre had control for a bit early on, but Sin Cara eventually started up the momentum with his move set.  He finished things with the Swanton Bomb.

Tensai defeated Brodus Clay via pinfall.  The two traded early offense with Tensai throwing strikes.  Clay did some of his dance moves in a mocking way after failing on a pinfall attempt.  His theme music hit and Xavier Woods came out.  The distraction allowed Tensai to get a quick roll-up pinfall.  Post-match, Brodus was upset over the loss and attacked Tensai, beating him up until Woods rushed in for the save.

Erick Rowan & Luke Harper defeated The Rhodes Bros. via pinfall in a non-title match.  Bray Wyatt was outside the ring watching.  Late in the match, the action broke down outside with everyone fighting.  Cody was in front of Bray who shoved him into the ringpost, then tossed him back into the ring.  Harper hit a spinning lariat on Cody to get the win.  Post-match, Harper and Rowan beat down Cody, but Daniel Bryan ran down to save him with a chair.  He took down Harper on the ramp and then Rowan up on the apron, before getting to Bray.  Bryan got in some punches on Bray, but Rowan distracted him allowing Bray to get out of the ring.

Damien Sandow came out to cut a promo denouncing the Christmas holiday.  He said it's people asking for gifts they don't deserve and decorating filthy houses with ugly ornaments.  He vowed to cancel it next week on Raw.  The Miz came out to interrupt saying Sandow is no Santa Claus and that he couldn't even carry Santa's sack.  This set up a match between the two right after.

Damien Sandow defeated The Miz via pinfall.  The match was quick and saw Miz eventually put the Figure Four leglock on.  Sandow escaped by grabbing the ropes as Miz argued with the referee.  The distraction allowed Sandow to get a quick rollup, grabbing Miz's tights to secure it.

Fandango defeated Kofi Kingston via pinfall.  Kofi made a big comeback at one point, hitting his double leg Boom Drop, and then setting up for Trouble in Paradise.  Fandango ducked the move and rolled to the outside.  Kofi teased a flying leap move, but caught himself and landed on the apron instead.  Fandango knocked Kofi off his feet to the mat, then hit the top rope leg drop to get the win.

Backstage, Renee Young was getting ready for an interview with Daniel Bryan, when Luke Harper was seen standing in the distance.  Rowan was then shown on Bryan's other side and Bray Wyatt showed up behind Bryan.  All of the Wyatts started to attack Bryan, beating him down.  As Harper and Rowan continued the attack, Bray fell to his knees and sang "Ashes, ashes, they all fall down."

After a commercial break, The Shield was shown in the ring for the main event.  Vickie Guerrero arrived out after Cena and Punk were introduced.  She said the attack on Daniel Bryan was unfortunate, but the show must go on.  She said it's now a 3-on-2 handicap match.

John Cena & CM Punk defeated The Shield via pinfall.  Punk had early control of things for a while and eventually tagged in Cena.  The Shield managed to isolate Cena, wearing him down and keeping him away from tagging.  Cena finally was able to fight out of a suplex attempt by Rollins, then hit a top-rope DDT on Ambrose who tagged in.  Punk and Reigns eventually got tagged in, with Punk delivering a mule kick to Reigns' stomach.  Punk kept up the attack and cleared the ring, then hit a suicide dive on Rollins outside the ring.  Punk ultimately hit a bunch of his moves on Rollins and the flying elbow for a pinfall attempt.  Reigns came in and broke up the pin, then all three members of Shield kept attacking Punk so the ref called for the bell.

Post-match, Cena came in to the ring to save Punk, throwing Reigns to the outside and whipping him into the guardrail.  Back in the ring, he got Rollins in the corner for some moves, but as Cena turned around, Reigns was back in and speared him down.  The Shield started to beat down both Punk and Cena more, throwing Punk outside, and hitting a Triple Powerbomb on Cena.  Big E Langston's music hit and he came rushing down to clear Ambrose and Rollins out of the ring.  Big E and Reigns squared off in the middle of the ring, with Punk coming into the ring with a steel chair.  The Shield were able to escape the scene as Langston's music hit to close the show.

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